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September 8, 2022

We now have the first poll taken after President Biden went full-Mussolini and denounced “MAGA Republicans” (or anyone who disagrees with him, really) as a threat to democracy and extremists who threaten “the very foundations of our republic.” I think it’s safe to say that this was not a smart strategy.

In the new Trafalgar poll, 56.8% of likely voters agreed that Biden’s divisive attack on Trump voters is “a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans.” Only 35.5 said it was “acceptable” campaign rhetoric that’s expected in an election year. Most of those were Democrats, who have been so marinated in hateful rhetoric about Trump supporters that they can’t even see how horrifying Biden’s mini-Nuremburg rally was to anyone remotely objective.

Among Independents whom the Democrats need to attract to win elections, 62.4% thought it was a dangerous escalation of rhetoric. The latest YouGov poll also shows Biden’s approval rating among Independents sinking to an abysmal 26.7%, with 64.1% disapproving.

And if you think that sounds bad, note that the Trafalgar poll sample was Democrats +4, so it actually oversampled people who approve of it.

Sounds like there are even more enemies of democracy out there than Biden thought!

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  • Ken Yeager

    09/08/2022 05:56 PM

    He has ZERO credibility??