March 26, 2018

At the end of last week, word was that with the exit of John Dowd, President Trump’s lead attorney in the special counsel investigation, Trump was bringing on the husband-and-wife legal team of Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing. It turns out, though, that conflicts of interest will prevent them from assuming those positions. Their firm already represents at least one client who will be testifying in the investigation.

One problem for Trump: Robert Mueller is fishing in such a huge lake that it’s hard to find a lawyer in Washington DC without an existing client who represents a conflict of interest. In general, though, such conflicts are a fact of life in the legal profession, at least among attorneys who still have enough integrity to avoid cases in which they HAVE conflicts of interest. Attorneys with that kind of integrity appear to be on the endangered species list –- in Washington, they must be nearly extinct. In fact, after many months of following the twists and turns of the Hillary Clinton email case as it was dealt with by friends and supporters at the DOJ, FBI and State Department, the term “conflict of interest” seems to have lost all meaning.

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Certainly Andrew McCabe didn’t let a huge conflict of interest --- namely, ridiculously huge Hillary-connected donations to his wife’s unsuccessful state senate campaign --- get in the way of his leading the investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified material. He and others at the FBI didn’t let their vicious anti-Trump bias lead to their recusal from investigating Trump, either. Bruce Ohr wasn’t about to let the fact that his wife was being paid by Fusion GPS create a conflict of interest at the Justice Department; he just kicked it under the rug.

Stunningly, Robert Mueller didn’t let the reality that his dear friend and protege, former FBI Director James Comey, would be a witness in his investigation and a key figure in the matter of obstruction of justice stop him from taking the job as special counsel. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was certainly aware of this conflict, but he appointed Mueller anyway. And Peter Strzok had no problem with taking a job on Mueller’s team despite his intense personal bias, and if those texts between him and Lisa Page hadn’t turned up, he’d no doubt still be feverishly investigating Trump.

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“Conflict of interest”? What’s that?

But, of course, this necessary about-face on the hiring of two lawyers is reported by the mainstream media as “disarray.” Two lawyers very much on Trump’s side in this case have actually taken an ethical stance, and the Washington Post lumps it in with what they call the “unraveling” of Trump’s legal team. (WaPo also reported that Trump became rather disappointed with diGenova after meeting with him personally; this comment, as is typical, came from one anonymous source, “a person who spoke to the President recently.” Ah, an expert.)

Gee, for people who obviously don’t like Trump and would love nothing more than to see him impeached, reporters sure seem concerned about the quality of his legal representation. Isn’t it nice of them to care so much about his ability to defend himself? That’s altruism, my friends.

I recall that back when Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in one scandal after another (and another and another and another), the White House had a revolving door just for lawyers. The long list of attorneys who had served for a time as part of Bill’s ever-changing legal team –- a huge roster of personal attorneys and White House counsel –- was a running joke in conservative circles. If the mainstream media noted any “disarray” then, it was no doubt with genuine, not feigned, concern for him and his administration and utter disdain for independent counsel Ken Starr and that “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Yes, it’s a challenge in this situation for President Trump to find suitable attorneys. If you’ve ever been involved in litigation, you know how sickeningly all-consuming that is. It can just sap the life out of you. Now, imagine being stuck as the subject of a ginned-up investigation into something you did not do while you’re trying to do the job of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. For the good of the country, this litigation needs to end, and end soon.


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  • Ann Rogers

    04/13/2018 02:40 PM

    This is no longer about mean-spirited, dishonest, cronies in high places. This is spiritual warfare. With the hatred and lies directed toward our President, please, Christians, pray a hedge of protection around President Trump, his family and friends, senior Cabinet officials, and our military leaders. How Obama, Clinton, Rice, Lerner and others get away with criminal behavior while innocent people are tormented is indicative of how corrupt our government institutions have become. Only Heaven can help us.

  • Elgonda Brunkhorst

    03/27/2018 08:35 PM

    This nessage has some answers too.

  • Cecil Bush

    03/27/2018 07:23 PM

    Only in the USA can one conduct a 20 million dollar criminal investigation based upon a fabricated allegation of a non-statute. I stand mesmerized. Justice? Hardly. Well maybe, but it is applied blatantly different for certain people. After years of teaching Civics, U. S. History including the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and U. S. Government, I'm sure my former students, now, think I was very stupid or a just plain lying. SIGH.

  • Barbara Besemann

    03/27/2018 07:49 AM

    Appreciate you delivering the “news,” the FACTS of government operation and corruption, and still manage to
    with delightful humor, let us end with a smile!! Yea!!! For Bolton!

  • Joe Wilkerson

    03/26/2018 04:31 PM

    Kudos Gov. Mike. The video was great and proves what I've said many times, " a lot of these anti-gunners are just plain ignorant, not stupid although some in their refusal to believe the true facts might be so. Love John Bolton. I expect great things from him. At last, someone with a spine. I applaud the law prof., but she should have seen it coming as most of our schools of higher learning are now being taught by liberals both domestic and foreign and should have never been given a lectern to speak from. The more I watch the news the closer the birth of the tribulation seem to be. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • Judith Miller

    03/26/2018 01:55 PM

    There are days when I just have to turn it all off. It is so distressing to see the division and corruption. Can't say I believe many politicians, etc. anymore.

  • John Donnelly

    03/26/2018 01:44 PM

    Larry Klayman is a lawyer who is unafraid of the ' deep state establishment.
    He already has a case ongoing to remove Mueller.
    Go to

    Kindly pass the Info on to the president

    His you tube channel is another place to go when you want a hard hitting lawyer to present the other side to the public rather than fake media lies we get daily .

    The president

  • Michael Egbert

    03/26/2018 01:40 PM

    If you "fish" long enough and hard enough nobody is immune to so called "investigations". There will always be a microscopic detail that gets singled out irregardless of what it may be, magnified and blown totally out of proportion and made to appear as the crime of the century. Even Jesus Himself fell to this problem with the Pharisee "investigation" . Mueller's investigation will find something they can and will spin into a modern day horror the mainstream media will use to create mass hysteria turning an innocent person into a monster...

  • Tonia Ellenson

    03/26/2018 01:25 PM

    So Unfortunately True, Thank You

  • April Allison-Garlow

    03/26/2018 01:17 PM

    Mueller should have recused himself--he's been involved in to many shady investigations. The news about the pulse nightclub shooters father working for the FBI for 11 years before the shooting, just shows how really incompetent, corrupt and screwed up the FBI has become. Time to get rid of the FBI. Fire everyone at the top --form a new security agency and vet the agents differently with discretion to decide who transfers over to the new agency! Mueller should be FIRED--today, while Congress is on vacation.

  • Mary Euler

    03/26/2018 12:29 PM

    Why is it always the NON Rhino Republicans that do the "ethical" thing? Don't stop the suing until we have sued all the unethical lawyers like Mueller. He needs to be investigated along with all the others for their behavior and actions in areas like the Uranium Deal along with any other thing they have done and serve time in jail for it.

    BTW regarding the "Stormy" individual that may or may not have had a relationship with Donald Trump 11 years before his presidency - why is that this is so horrible when President John F Kennedy DID do it with numerous women DURING his Presidency as well as President Clinton along with Bobby and Ed Kennedy. We need to tell her "who cares" and if she only got $150,000 to keep quiet from a multimillion/billionaire then it can't be true or she was really stupid.. Anyway if it is true then it is between Trump's wife and him like it was between Jackie and JFK!

  • David Colonna

    03/26/2018 12:17 PM

    Mike, Thank you for speaking the truth about the current witch hunt President Donald Trump continues to have to endure. I just wish all Americans would be honest with themselves of all the wasted money this is causing us hard working taxpayers. May God continue to protect our President and his whole family and may Gods wrath come upon all those liberal Democrats as God continues to expose the real truth.

  • Joseph Trokey

    03/26/2018 11:43 AM

    Any hope that I ever had of Washington, D.C. turning around and realizing what they were has finally diminished like a dust cloud in a rain storm. I know there are a few up there who are trying to do the right thing but that group keeps getting smaller and smaller. I do, however, know that all things are in Gods control and according to His word those that are in power right have been put there by Him, which doesn't say much for us. God wants the best for us and like the Hebrews just before the Babylon captivity, as a whole we are refusing His grace and mercy. It is a shame and very sad to see this nation turn its back on God the way it has. I pray and I still hope but my hope is for a great revival of turning to God and His word for our guidance. Our founding fathers had it and I hope we come back to it before it's too late.

  • John R. Piper

    03/26/2018 11:32 AM

    Do you think we will live to see the day when Hillary and/or Obama are indicted and put on trial? Is there anything we out here in mid-America can be doing to see that this happens?

  • Mary Koestner

    03/26/2018 11:03 AM

    Should not this have been discovered/ disclosed from the start? How could such a basic disqualfier gotten by the checkers? So sad, they would have been a huge advantage to Pres Trump.