February 4, 2018

One of the big news stories of the week was the State of the Union address and President Trump presented a speech that was both inspirational and aspirational. Even some of his usual critics praised him for laying on the table specific proposals that Democrats have been asking for over many years. Paid family leave, infrastructure building, finding a legal and practical solution to the illegal immigrants known as the DACA kids or “dreamers,” and jobs for African-American and Hispanic workers. The President offered detailed proposals on those things and more. 75% of the people watching the speech gave it a thumbs up, but most of the Democrats in the House chamber were sitting on their thumbs the entire night. They have been roundly criticized for not even applauding when the President was offering the very things they have said were most important.

But I rise tonight in the spirit of real bi-partisanship to say our Democrat friends have been unfairly judged. While it may have appeared they were rudely ignoring the President’s olive branch, I beg to differ and tonight I’d like to put forward what could be logical explanations for what some saw as bizarre behavior. First Nancy Pelosi clearly was having some dental problems. It well could have been an abscess tooth or maybe it was a crumb from the tax cuts that stuck in her teeth. And Bernie Sanders looked clearly miserable, although he attempted to clap his hands once or twice, but we can now confirm that Bernie forgot to take his daily dose of Metamucil.

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When the President announced that unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics is at the lowest point in American history, everyone expected the reaction to be one of delight among the Congressional Black Caucus, but they sat eerily still and made not a sound. Now we can confirm that it was all a misunderstanding. They didn’t realize he was talking about unemployment. They thought the President said he was speaking for his enjoyment and they didn’t want to agree with that. Honest mistake.

As for them not applauding the President for saying we should stand for the National Anthem, I’m sure the sound system on that side of the House Chamber wasn’t working well and they thought he said something about the Nashville Action and they didn’t want to appear showing support for country music honky tonks for which Nashville is so famous.

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And why didn’t they jump for glee when the President proposed giving almost 3 times more on DACA kids than they even asked? Well, simple—they didn’t want to appear greedy, having been offered more than they hoped plus getting a proposal they had long championed regarding family leave not to mention a YUUUUGE infrastructure plan. Now as to why Congressman Luis Guiterez bolted from his seat and headed for the exit just as the members were chanting USA! USA!...please don’t think he was unpatriotic or that he would get a paycheck for serving as a representative for US taxpayers, but would actually rather be working for a different government. No, that’s unfair. He had to rush out suddenly because the Thai food he had for lunch was disagreeing with him, and the chant of USA sounded like “You Just ATE!” and that really brought the subject of his lunch, let’s just say, to the surface.

So I won’t be too hard on Ms. Pelosi, or her colleagues in Congress. Mainly because I don’t have to. I’m pretty sure that after witnessing their spectacle at the State of the Union, the voters will be hard enough on them in November!

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  • Melinda and Scott Lucas

    02/15/2018 01:08 PM

    In situations of stress, a lot of folks show the real stuff they are made of. The anti everything group, usually referred to as Democrats, must have been under a lot of stress during the State of the Union address---about as classy as the 3rd grade bully on the playground.

  • Linda Johnson

    02/09/2018 02:50 PM

    I enjoy reading your articles. I particularly enjoyed reading this one. I chuckle to think that the Democrats are upset with Trump because he's done everything that they've promised to do, but haven't. I was reared as a Democrat. My great grandfather, a Democrat, was a county commissioner in our area. We all towed the party line. Not any longer. I'm a conservative Republican, as most of my family, now. That being said, I'm sure my grandfather, JFK and MLK would all be conservatives, if they were in politics today.

  • Michael M. Guillory

    02/06/2018 11:24 PM

    That was great Mike, and very humorous.. Keep up the great work.??

  • D.L.Keilen

    02/06/2018 02:34 PM

    Totally Inspired explanation !

  • Connie Bellue

    02/06/2018 02:04 PM

    I love that, it was good!

  • Chip Elmblad

    02/06/2018 01:40 PM

    I find it fascinating how our President Trump, aka the great negotiator, has outwitted the Democratic leadership with respect to the DACA proposal. What began as a huge Democratic party political weapon - i.e. close to a million hostile "victims" who were being leveraged to gain sympathy for their side - has now been transformed into an even larger Republican political weapon. The Dems unwittingly find themselves on the horns of a dilemma - rejecting Trumps proposal means they show their true colors - no concern for Dreamers beyond their votes if they become citizens and the PR they get from false tears about their future. Accepting Trumps proposal of a path to citizenship for twice as many people as the total number of Dreamers means political suicide with their base - plus the added horror that Trump gets credit (and possibly a LOT more votes) for the results. Trump's downside is that he alienates the far-right of his base, but gets better border security and immigration reform. He truly is brilliant.

  • Carlene Doan

    02/06/2018 12:45 AM

    AMAZIN! Totally unbelievable! These people just don't agree with anything put forth by any republican...even if it is something they have put forth in the past! They either are having a chemical imbalance in their brain, having memory lapses or just losing it. Could not possibly be that they will not agree with President Trump even if it concerns a topic with which they agreed yesterday!

  • Carlene Doan

    02/06/2018 12:44 AM

    AMAZIN! Totally unbelievable! These people just don't agree with anything put forth by any republican...even if it is something they have put forth in the past! They either are having a chemical imbalance in their brain, having memory lapses or just losing it. Could not possibly be that they will not agree with President Trump even if it concerns a topic with which they agreed yesterday!

  • Carlene Doan

    02/06/2018 12:44 AM

    AMAZIN! Totally unbelievable! These people just don't agree with anything put forth by any republican...even if it is something they have put forth in the past! They either are having a chemical imbalance in their brain, having memory lapses or just losing it. Could not possibly be that they will not agree with President Trump even if it concerns a topic with which they agreed yesterday!

  • Judith A. Watson

    02/05/2018 10:29 PM

    "There is none so blind as he who will not see".

  • Rolen L. Sell

    02/05/2018 10:05 PM

    With all the trashing going on, your humorous assessment of these very unpatriotic, high-paid do-nothings was refreshing. Thank you for all you do to keep us updated daily in an honest and informative manner. It is appreciated.

  • Charles M

    02/05/2018 09:07 PM

    Democrat representatives in Congress = GARBAGE. It is time to throw out the GARBAGE!!

  • Mary Losh

    02/05/2018 04:37 PM

    Good Job, Mike.
    Your humor is refreshing especially in these trying times.
    Thank you!

  • Sandy Thompson

    02/05/2018 04:17 PM

    Love your numerous assessment!, Personally, I thought they were just being rude and obnoxious.

    I’m hoping you can pass along something that is never mentioned by Republicans and is extremely concerning. One very, very important reason that we MUST repair our immigration system and vetting is that they carry diseases we’ve destroyed in the USA. Most of those illegals have never been vaccinated for diseases we’ve eradicated in our home land. This is terrifying! Yet, I never hear it mentioned, let alone stressed! Perhaps you could find a way to pass this on. It might make even liberals stop and think about the risks we’re taking. Thanks. Love your daughter!

  • Myra Richardson

    02/05/2018 03:01 PM

    I like your assessment. Made me smile.

  • Kalli Nelson

    02/05/2018 02:53 PM

    I think Nancy Pelosi threw a pre-bash Trump party with drinks and appetizers that didn't sit well with the democrats who looked terribly constipated, and probably why Luis had to make a run for the exit.

  • sandy buchanan

    02/05/2018 01:56 PM

    Sorry I do NOT agree with you that democrats have been unfairly criticized for their action during the State of the Union address. When they sit there on their hands during the pledge of allegiance, (Totally Unpatriotic) and then have the nerve to take our tax dollars for a paycheck ! Really, really !! If they don't show anymore respect for our country than that, they shouldn't even be allowed to live here, let alone be in our congress !! Then, when they showed no sympathy for the two sets of parents that lost their daughters in a gang murder, the democrats are a true National Disgrace ! They are following George Soros' orders very well, I can see that .

  • Paul M Rosol Jr

    02/05/2018 11:47 AM

    I agree whole heartily with you thoughts and opinions.

  • Gary L. Saunders

    02/05/2018 11:26 AM

    Nancy...surely, with her 30 million could "buy" a dentist to help restore her mouth! Bernie, on the other hand, looked as if he was looking for a comfortable stalag to settle into for his last least, until the ruler of the non believers gets that last log on the fire. Finally, get flights to Chad for those "tired" black caucus members and make sure good jobs await them. HIS and HIS, alone, G.L.S.

  • Jane Harrison

    02/05/2018 11:19 AM

    Hilarious! You made my day.

  • Josephine Beeler

    02/05/2018 11:13 AM

    Your kind judgment of the Democrat's reaction to the President's speech leads me to tell you how your sly sense of humor and seeing things "as they are" is a voice of reason in this biased media as reported every day. Keep up the good work - we need you. And greetings and good wishes to your daughter - she is another "gem".

  • Mildred Jeanette Brightwell

    02/05/2018 11:04 AM

    Your article was entertaining but seriously there is no excuse for their behavior. I agree that voters will remember the disrespect when their terms expire. Wearing African colors instead of red,white or blue for the USA Flag was inexcusable. The gross disrespect was upsetting.

  • S Bosley

    02/05/2018 10:35 AM

    Anyone taking a look at the markets this morning and pondering what took place between now and the panicking and the sell off that took place on Friday, read what I posted prior to this comeback on Friday.

    S Bosley

    02/02/2018 02:27 PM

    Outside of all the erroneous and down right despicable lies and means of trying to take down our most honorable and beyond helpful President what needs to be looked is what has been taking place over the past few days and even currently. And what I am referring to is the Left's attempt to distract the People's attention from the high marks and the good our President has done and the wrong they have done and is being revealed. They have done this through the stock market. If not sure what I am talking about, simply take a look at what has occurred to the market today, in anticipation of the release of and actually coming out of the memo, and the Left's attempt to distract from it. And earlier in the week, after the address from the President in the State of the Union, the next day the same thing occurred. He deserving of much praise, the market again had a large sell off, once again looking to distract from him on this day. And what happened the next day? Things in the market were right back to normal. And should I dare to look at this on a deeper level?
    The day the Republicans were to gather and do so in a praise worthy and high spirited manner. What occurred? An accident? Well not yet determined to be simply an accident, and in fact nothing has since been reported of this tragic incident at all. But what did it do? It certainly did distract from the praise and high emotions of the day before that the President and the Republican Party were to have. Thankfully it was not more tragic and horrible as it could have been. But perhaps that was an error on the part of those who plotted it and perhaps not to the best on what they attempted to do. But none the less, an awful event did occur when full focus and praise for this President and the Republicans was to be on them. And today, as mentioned, another distraction from the anticipation of and the releasing of the memo, is put forth in the form of the lowered market, to distract and take away from what should be front and center for all Americans.
    Is all of this coincidental and just too far out of the realm of what anyone would do to harm another and the progress they gained? To that I say just look at what we have seen over the past few years, weeks, and even learned more so today and we realize nothing is out of the realm of what one Party and the Individuals within and the evidence and even quotations directly from them in their hate and desire to destroy our President and those that stand with him.
    Let us not be blind to their games, plots, viciousness and the one sided way that has taken over. However, let us stand up and see the truth and put an end to this ridiculousness and let truth and common sense be our guide.

  • Kirsten Cameron

    02/05/2018 10:24 AM

    You My Dear Man , are Brilliant! Thanks for putting this is perspective for us Deplorables.

    God Bless you Mr. Huckabee

    Kirsten Cameron

  • Sherry Stone

    02/05/2018 10:19 AM

    Mike, I love your sense of humor all the while I enjoy it more knowing that in order to be really funny, one has to be really intelligent. I do believe you are one of the smartest out there in the media today and for that reason I listen when you speak.

  • Michael Egbert

    02/05/2018 09:53 AM

    I watched his speech and enjoyed every moment of it...what I didn't enjoy was the childish behavior of the democrats and Pelosi looking around each time the audience clapped their approval of President Trump, I imagine to make mental notes if any democrats were seen clapping too. The black caucus was abhorrent, sitting there with their african scarfs draped around their necks and their smug defiant looks glaring...they are the worse racists, as long as they continue to be militant and defiant the racism issue will never be laid to rest. Their behavior promotes that atmosphere. The opposition to President Trump by the democrats and the black caucus is monumental with their lies and accusations constantly spitting from their mouths...shameful conduct is hardly the description of their behavior. Its more akin to being an "Intergalactic Supreme Act of Idiocy", a more appropriate description.

  • Dianna Huhn

    02/05/2018 09:48 AM

    That is so funny. I am seriously laughing out loud ... Now it all makes sense! The poor sound system, the crumbs stuck in Nancy's teeth, the Thai food, and the honky tonk. Simple misunderstandings. The kinds of visuals that stick in voters' minds. Who can forget Ruth Bader Ginsburg sound asleep during the SOTU?

    Thank you. Well done!

  • Mary Diecidue

    02/05/2018 09:18 AM

    Love you Gov reading your true!!!!!!

  • Jim Squires

    02/05/2018 08:27 AM

    Mike, you are kinder in your words than I feel in my heart!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/05/2018 07:53 AM

    While agree with most that the president is doing, more jobs for the Black and Hispanics? If they are legal and speak English, (the language of the country), and Affirmative Action passes all the other qualified people to give the GOOD jobs to the Black...not to mention FREE education. STOP AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. REQUIRE ENGLISH.

  • Kathy Andrews

    02/05/2018 07:10 AM

    Mike Huckabee,
    You are just the absolute best! Your funny wit is just the best! And I still have to say, that although Trump is doing a bang-up job, and by that I mean a super job, I hope that God will rekindle the hope in your heart to be President. I still think you would be the best President we could ever hope for. I love your show! I can tell you are doing what you love. And it's so good to see you in your element, doing what you love, and being appreciated for it! Rock on! I still have your base guitar!
    Kathy (retired teacher from Iowa)

  • Hannah T.

    02/05/2018 02:08 AM

    ??????! You are too kind!

  • Leslie Greco

    02/05/2018 01:24 AM

    You handle these negative ingrates with such candor and humor. I never followed politics until 2015. Kind of late for an old gal like me, but the more I know, the more aggrevated it gets. Clearly can see how the dems are wanting a communist rule, and islamic takeover here. Their 8 yrs of their leader Obama who constantly lied has rubbed off very well. I trust none of them. I hope their summary of the MEMO doesn't come out (but the republicans will be cooperative again) It's only going to be more LIES on top of LIES. I would not trust a democrat to clean my cat's litter box! They are the party of hate and destruction, and I'd like to see the democrat party get demolished with the Obama "Blackwatergate" scandal that is unfolding!

  • Mary Ann Spade

    02/05/2018 12:52 AM

    My comment is on Sarah, I LOVE her. Wonder where she gets her sassy wit and I think she dresses classy, thanx Cher. Wish the gals on Fox would do likewise, especially outnumbered, all you see is legs. They should copy Melannia on dress length, they aren't teenagers.

  • james turner

    02/04/2018 11:10 PM

    very graciously funny, governor Huckaby..that Southern humor comes shining thru the damn swamp demizen coldness.

  • Janice Short

    02/04/2018 10:52 PM

    Well put!! It was rather funny to watch the Democrats act like the spoiled "children" that they are. Another reason for Ms. Pelosi's face acrobats, could have been that she had not taken some doses of her anti psychotic meds. Just saying!

  • Carlene Doan

    02/04/2018 10:40 PM

    AMAZIN! Totally unbelievable! These people just don't agree with anything put forth by any republican...even if it is something they have put forth in the past! They either are having a chemical imbalance in their brain, having memory lapses or just losing it. Could not possibly be that they will not agree with President Trump even if it concerns a topic with which they agreed yesterday!

  • Lee Anne Risk

    02/04/2018 10:20 PM

    I surely hope people were paying attention (although the Dems voting record doesn't lead me to believe very many actually know what is going on.) Praying that God prevail!

  • Anamaria A. Thomas

    02/04/2018 09:56 PM

    I liked your very elegant sarcasm!

  • Debbie Thomas

    02/04/2018 09:54 PM

    I think you explained this situation well. I can clearly see how we could have misunderstood the Dems. Lol. God bless them. Thanks for shedding light on this and keep up the good work.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    02/04/2018 09:43 PM

    Brilliant satire, Mike. The joke's on THEM!

  • James Robert Huffman

    02/04/2018 09:35 PM

    Amen and Amen!!!

  • john ritsema

    02/04/2018 09:19 PM

    Here's a question for President Trump and the un-American democrats ... how many $ in lost tax revenues are lost each year - from the 60,000,000 taxpayers who have been murdered - by Planned Parenthood and the other abortion clinics ? ... Would Social Security have more funding - if these Americans had lived ? How much of the national debt could have been paid each year - by these "missing taxpayers" ? ... This does not include the loss of growth in the USA GDP from increased demands for new homes, new cars, new factories.

  • Robin F. Bryant

    02/04/2018 09:16 PM

    There's that Huckabee wit I love so much !!! Keep it up Governor !!!

  • Shauna Dickerson

    02/04/2018 09:15 PM

    Thanks again governor Huckabee, The Dems were truly despicable, puerile, anti-American and inhuman in their actions. We need to laugh as much as we can whenever we can at them.

  • Greg A. White

    02/04/2018 09:14 PM

    Thank you Mike for your sense of humor! The Democrats All looked like someone licked the red off their candy. Keep up the good work!

  • Carol Kirchner

    02/04/2018 09:07 PM

    I thought how they behaved was just awful. Shame on them...they’re supposed to be working for “We the People “.
    All they did was sit on they’re hands...despicable.!

  • Suzanne A Gibbs

    02/04/2018 09:04 PM

    Mr Huckabee,
    I so enjoy your comments. Sometimes I have to laugh out loud! Your quick wit and sarcasm almost makes me forget what dopes the Democrats really are. Keep up the good work. We learn so much from you.......P.S. LOVE your daughter, too.

  • Carol Swinney

    02/04/2018 08:56 PM

    Hilarious! My biggest and best laugh of the day. Love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laughter??

  • Anita Barker

    02/04/2018 08:43 PM

    Love your humor and smarts........and, your daughter.