One of the big news stories of the week was the State of the Union address and President Trump presented a speech that was both inspirational and aspirational. Even some of his usual critics praised him for laying on the table specific proposals that Democrats have been asking for over many years. Paid family leave, infrastructure building, finding a legal and practical solution to the illegal immigrants known as the DACA kids or “dreamers,” and jobs for African-American and Hispanic workers. The President offered detailed proposals on those things and more. 75% of the people watching the speech gave it a thumbs up, but most of the Democrats in the House chamber were sitting on their thumbs the entire night. They have been roundly criticized for not even applauding when the President was offering the very things they have said were most important.

But I rise tonight in the spirit of real bi-partisanship to say our Democrat friends have been unfairly judged. While it may have appeared they were rudely ignoring the President’s olive branch, I beg to differ and tonight I’d like to put forward what could be logical explanations for what some saw as bizarre behavior. First Nancy Pelosi clearly was having some dental problems. It well could have been an abscess tooth or maybe it was a crumb from the tax cuts that stuck in her teeth. And Bernie Sanders looked clearly miserable, although he attempted to clap his hands once or twice, but we can now confirm that Bernie forgot to take his daily dose of Metamucil.

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When the President announced that unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics is at the lowest point in American history, everyone expected the reaction to be one of delight among the Congressional Black Caucus, but they sat eerily still and made not a sound. Now we can confirm that it was all a misunderstanding. They didn’t realize he was talking about unemployment. They thought the President said he was speaking for his enjoyment and they didn’t want to agree with that. Honest mistake.

As for them not applauding the President for saying we should stand for the National Anthem, I’m sure the sound system on that side of the House Chamber wasn’t working well and they thought he said something about the Nashville Action and they didn’t want to appear showing support for country music honky tonks for which Nashville is so famous.

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And why didn’t they jump for glee when the President proposed giving almost 3 times more on DACA kids than they even asked? Well, simple—they didn’t want to appear greedy, having been offered more than they hoped plus getting a proposal they had long championed regarding family leave not to mention a YUUUUGE infrastructure plan. Now as to why Congressman Luis Guiterez bolted from his seat and headed for the exit just as the members were chanting USA! USA!...please don’t think he was unpatriotic or that he would get a paycheck for serving as a representative for US taxpayers, but would actually rather be working for a different government. No, that’s unfair. He had to rush out suddenly because the Thai food he had for lunch was disagreeing with him, and the chant of USA sounded like “You Just ATE!” and that really brought the subject of his lunch, let’s just say, to the surface.

So I won’t be too hard on Ms. Pelosi, or her colleagues in Congress. Mainly because I don’t have to. I’m pretty sure that after witnessing their spectacle at the State of the Union, the voters will be hard enough on them in November!

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  • Melinda and Scott Lucas

    02/15/2018 01:08 PM

    In situations of stress, a lot of folks show the real stuff they are made of. The anti everything group, usually referred to as Democrats, must have been under a lot of stress during the State of the Union address---about as classy as the 3rd grade bully on the playground.

  • Linda Johnson

    02/09/2018 02:50 PM

    I enjoy reading your articles. I particularly enjoyed reading this one. I chuckle to think that the Democrats are upset with Trump because he's done everything that they've promised to do, but haven't. I was reared as a Democrat. My great grandfather, a Democrat, was a county commissioner in our area. We all towed the party line. Not any longer. I'm a conservative Republican, as most of my family, now. That being said, I'm sure my grandfather, JFK and MLK would all be conservatives, if they were in politics today.

  • Michael M. Guillory

    02/06/2018 11:24 PM

    That was great Mike, and very humorous.. Keep up the great work.??

  • D.L.Keilen

    02/06/2018 02:34 PM

    Totally Inspired explanation !

  • Connie Bellue

    02/06/2018 02:04 PM

    I love that, it was good!