Bannon sloppy with facts and message

January 6, 2018

President Trump has the knack for packing a lot of commentary into just a few words, and his use of nicknames is one preferred tactic. “Crooked Hillary” is right on the money to anyone who’s been paying attention to her exploits over the years; the word “crooked” pretty much says it all. (Of course, now that investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the handling of Hillary’s email case have been opened by the Justice Department, he might want to simply refer to her by her case number.) And now, Steve Bannon has the distinct honor of being renamed “Sloppy Steve.”

“Sloppy” can mean a lot of things. It can mean tossing one’s clothes on the floor, as Trump himself has been accused of doing by trivial fiction writer Michael Wolff. But in calling Bannon “sloppy,” Trump is referring to something much more serious than not hanging up one’s clothes: sloppiness with the facts and the message. Perhaps “Grossly Negligent Steve” –- or at the very least “Extremely Careless Steve” –- would have been just as apt, though perhaps a bit confusing because when we think of gross negligence, we naturally think of Hillary.

Anyone who flaps his lips as much as Steve Bannon obviously does, and who has an ego the size of his enormous mouth, has got to be looked at as a possible source for many of the leaks –- shown to be wrong over and over –- that have come out of the White House. It was reported in the days before Bannon’s departure that Trump himself suspected him of being the leaker-in-chief. And Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that he, Rush, believes Bannon is responsible for over half of the leaks.

So why was Bannon there in the first place? Rush has an explanation for that, too. It has to do with big-time campaign money from the Mercer family, which once pushed for Bannon’s influence but now has had enough of him and wants him out. Maybe now, a year into the Trump administration, the current staff is getting the picture that the media --- not just the so-called journalists in the Press Room but the so-called writers taking notes for scurrilous books --- are pursuing their own twisted narrative and are not friends any more than a school of hungry piranhas would be. They instinctively swim in the direction of giant egos, towards the prey who's so full of himself he can't resist attracting attention. In this case, that appears to have been Bannon, but there will always be more like him near any seat of power.

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  • Don Tobias

    01/09/2018 12:17 PM

    I thought rather highly of Steve Bannon before this! To put it mildly, let's say my opinion has radically changed!

  • Oscar Williams

    01/08/2018 12:58 PM

    Sloppy Steve enjoys -- NEEDS -- the lime-light so much one would think he's been bitten by a TICK! He's publicly THREATENED many elected officials, just to hear applause. He's very insecure, spiritually, and needs approbation to "feel loved". He's really done stupid stuff to get attention, and this is one of the STUPIDEST. So long, Steve. Oh, I see the limelight is getting dimmer...and dimmer......and dimmer.......and....(and yes, I do know how the disease is spelled, but I just couldn't resist).

  • Charles M

    01/08/2018 08:33 AM

    What, no mention of any relationship between Bannon and Gen. Kelly? One can only imagine. ;-)
    Bannon, of all people, should have known what type of person that Wolf character is since seemingly he is a known item (pos) among Coastal Elites and the Swamp Dwellers. Did not Bannon get to read a draft copy before the book was published? If Bannon really is innocent of being a traitor, then he would have been squawking like a molested chicken - nobody signs off on such a book deal knowing the potential consequences, unless that is the purpose.

  • Dianna Huhn

    01/07/2018 11:48 PM

    P.S. You don't have to publish my previous comment.... it was just for you

  • Dianna Huhn

    01/07/2018 11:46 PM

    Could be a brilliant distraction from approaching "storm" The men are friends, Steven and the President... just sayin'