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May 2, 2023



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Speaker McCarthy on remaking Congress

Breitbart News has an in-depth interview with Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the night-and-day changes that have remade Congress since the dark days of Nancy Pelosi’s reign.

He talks about a number of major issues, like censorship, Big Tech and trying to force Democrats to stop spending us into the dank basement apartment underneath the Poor House. But he also gets into the return of transparency and accountability, with real investigations of actual crimes and abuses of power rather than just political differences (backed by real evidence released in full to the public), and the removal of corrupt liars and power abusers like Adam Schiff from plum committee assignments.

One thing he calls a “smaller issue,” but I consider it extremely important and too overlooked, is the reopening of the People’s House to the People. Considering what they were doing to the American people, I can kind of understand why the Democrats viewed average citizens with fear and paranoia.

Even though they claim to believe that walls don’t work at the border, they put up walls and barriers and tight security to keep American citizens out of Congress (which made the lack of same on January 6th extra suspicious.) The public thought, “This is our Congress and we pay for it, so surely we can walk through an open door of this public building and look around.” The Democrats’ attitude was “Those peasants, even the ones who did nothing violent at all, are insurrectionist trespassers who must be rushed off to prison for invading my sacred workspace!”

That arrogant attitude also extended to putting heavy restrictions on which Congress members were allowed to speak or propose legislation, and when. McCarthy explains that that process is now much more open, so that all ideas can be debated and the best win (attention, colleges: this is what you’re supposed to be teaching students!)  

In short, he’s applying to Congress the same thing he says about the exposure of government collusion with social media to censor free speech: “We believe in a free market and a free market of ideas. You’re going to find not only are we going to hold them accountable, we’re going to be able to use that basis to know legislatively what can we do that they can never do this again.”

Let’s just hope and pray that voters appreciate that enough not to let them do it to us again by voting them back into power.


WSJ investigates Jeffrey Epstein's papers, emails

Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported on the results of their investigation into “thousands of pages of emails and schedules” of the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. They ranged from 2013 to 2017, meaning after he was convicted of child prostitution up to when he died in prison, totally by his own hand, of course.

This article lists a number of prominent people in government, finance and academia who met with Epstein during this period. They include our current CIA director William Burns, liberal guru Noam Chomsky, and Kathryn Ruemmler, a deputy White House counsel for Obama and currently counsel at Goldman Sachs, who met with Epstein “dozens of times.”

To be fair, the Journal doesn’t know the subject of those meetings, and some who commented insisted that they were strictly professional. But even if that’s true, are their moral compasses so rusty that never occurred to them that, no matter what the topic, they shouldn’t have agreed to any meeting with a convicted child pornographer?

Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo, and it could lead to the biggest judicial decision since Roe v. Wade was overturned. You can read more about the particulars of the case here:

But the important thing about this is the Court could strike a major blow against the runaway powers of federal bureaucrats. The case will give them a chance to strike down or at least clarify the 1970s-era Chevron Decision. That’s where the SCOTUS ruled that if an administrative agency’s actions were not “unreasonable” (note the subjectivity of that word, it will be important later), and Congress did not explicitly ban it, then courts should show deference to the agency and not restrain it.

As Bonchie notes at the link above, that word “reasonable” has been stretched beyond its limits, with courts turning a blind eye to federal agencies that make up endless new rules, regulations, restrictions, fees and punishments on the flimsiest justifications to advance their political agendas. The Founders must be spinning in their graves at the thought of so many unelected bureaucrats acting like tinpot dictators whose policies have the force of law when they were never approved by the people’s elected representatives.

That kind of legislative power delegated to unelected officials was an idea that should never have been allowed to take root. But if we can’t spray Round-Up on it, it can at least be pruned back substantially with a Court ruling that eliminates Chevron -- or at least clarifies it so that “reasonable” is no longer defined as “activist liberal judge agrees with activist liberal bureaucrat that your rights don’t matter.”

You can tell how much the left fears this because the Biden Administration urged the SCOTUS not to take up the case. And here’s more good news: Biden appointee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson heard arguments on the case when she was on the DC Circuit Court, so she recused herself, leaving only two liberal Justices to hear it.  

The potential overturn of Chevron is the biggest danger to the unrestrained leftist administrative state that’s come along in years, so we should all be praying and cheering for it.

Thankfully, Biden doesn't put in a full day of work

It’s ironic that Democrats like to attack “the rich” so much, considering that a new report by Axios on President Biden’s work schedule suggests that he may be one of the most overpaid people in America.

The study found that Biden (whose staffers recently “called a press lid” on his day at 9 a.m.) works an average of 30 hours a week, which is five hours less than the average work week in France. His former spokeswoman Jenn Psaki claimed he’s a “night owl,” but records show he seldom works past 7 p.m., and that’s mostly dinners and receptions (to be fair, at his age, eating dinner at 7 does seem awfully late.)  Most of his engagements take place between 10 and 4 on weekdays.

For this very light work schedule, the taxpayers pay him around $400,000 a year, or more than six times the average US salary. And unlike Trump, he doesn’t donate it back to the government, he keeps every penny of it.

I know I should be upset about this, but when you consider how much damage he’s wrought in the few hours he does work, I’d be happy to give him a raise if he’d agree not to come to the office at all.

Nord Stream pipeline update

It’s been over seven months, and we still don’t know what or who blew up Russia’s undersea Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. The New York Times claimed it was a shadowy Ukrainian group. And we recently reported on a claim by journalist Seymour Hersh that the US was likely behind it, but he had no definitive proof. Now, according to a German news outlet and photos released by the Danish Navy, Russian vessels that could’ve done it were spotted in the area during that time.

The commentator Streiff at has far more details on all these stories at the link. This story still can’t come to any definitive conclusion, although it’s clear Streiff believes Hersh was wrong and it was most likely Russia. You won’t learn the answer by reading it, but you will probably learn more about the story so far than you will by reading anything else that’s floating around.

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Attention, parents everywhere, but especially in Virginia:

Thanks to a hot mic moment, we now know what Senate Democrats in Virginia think about Republican efforts to protect children and parents’ rights. For instance, requiring pornography sites to make sure users are over 18, or requiring parental permission for kids to open social media accounts or access sites that collect user data. Because they didn’t realize their mics were on, we know Virginia Democrats think bills like that are “stupid” and “parental garbage,” and the Dems must keep the Senate so they can “kill it all.”

Why am I not surprised to learn that they have no respect for parents or kids and think their #1 function is to abort things?  


Very telling

It's very telling about the current state of Democrat Party policies that the presidential challenger to Biden whom they’re trying to paint as a dangerous, out-of-control, science-denying wackjob sounds like he has more common sense than anyone else in the Party.

Interesting article

Interesting article in the Arizona Sun Times about the effort to recall Gov. Katie Hobbs, and how the laws have been stacked to make it incredibly expensive and difficult; and even if it did make it to the ballot, a third spoiler candidate could enter and draw off enough votes from Kari Lake to keep Hobbs in office.

On the other hand, I think the writer who assumes it would be very hard to get enough signatures in such a short time underestimates the level of anger that’s still simmering over the last election. However, the story does note a Morning Consult poll found Hobbs is America’s third least-popular Governor (that tends to happen when a large number of voters believe you cheated your way into office, and you go on to govern against the will of the majority of people.) They quote the Phoenix Sun-Times as saying that Hobbs’ first three months in office were marked by “rookie missteps you might not expect from a public official who’s held statewide office before.”

If I were one of those people who says, “I told you so,” this would be one of those times when I’d be saying it.

Must-Read Column

Derek Hunter at has a sharply funny column that echoes what I said about not believing anyone who claims to know why Tucker Carlson left Fox News, and certainly not clueless leftists at places like MSNBC who’ve never even met (or likely even watched) Tucker Carlson. Hunter knows him well and admits that even he doesn’t know what happened.

Remember, these are the people who give copious air time to anything that makes conservatives look bad, like an ex-Fox News producer who is suing Carlson for allegedly creating a toxic sexist workplace – even though she later admitted she’s never actually met him and never even saw him at Fox HQ in New York because he did his show from Maine and Florida and communicated with her only by text and email.

A good story to remember at a time when we’re hearing about so many lawsuits from various news outlets that seldom bother mentioning just how easy it is to sue somebody.  


Dangerous Chicago

Outgoing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stop sending illegal immigrants to Chicago, calling it “dangerous and inhumane.” Of course, under her “leadership,” it would be dangerous and inhumane to send anybody to Chicago.

I would have headlined this story more accurately: “Democrat pleads to avoid consequences of Democrat policies.”

Good job alienating the public

Climate change protesters had another busy week of alienating the public by smearing paint on the glass case of a priceless Degas sculpture at the National Gallery of Art in DC…

…and by blocking the GW Parkway in Washington, DC, during rush hour, causing drivers to miss work and important appointments, and also creating a traffic jam that generated a lot of unnecessary pollutants from cars that were running but not going anywhere.

The protesters refused to listen to complaints, pleas or attempts to reason with them, but maybe this will focus their tiny minds: the police informed them that they weren’t actually in DC, where leftist troublemakers are immediately released. They were in Virginia, where they faced a potential $2500 fine and up to a year in jail. And then they were arrested.


Speaking up

The “trans” bully cult has become so off-putting that even some celebrities are finally starting to speak up. The latest is Paul Stanley of the rock group KISS, who tweeted an eminently reasonable statement about how there’s a big difference between teaching acceptance and “normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification.” He also granted that some adults might choose to undergo gender altering procedures, but that’s not the same as normalizing it for kids who might just wear the other gender’s clothing as play.

Naturally, the leftist mob is calling Stanley a “transphobe” and trying to cancel him, while leftist media outlets like Rolling Stone and HuffPo are falsely accusing him of launching a “Twitter rant” “blasting” and “slamming” “parents who support trans kids.” Did you get that out of what I quoted above?

The funniest attack on him, though, came from people pointing out that KISS is famous for wearing makeup and elaborate costumes on stage. Yes, they did that...when they were adults. And they were playing. Stanley didn’t get radical surgery so he could actually become a “Starman.” So what’s their point, exactly?...

Hawking's warning

Add another voice to the rising chorus warning of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence to the human race. This one comes from someone who’s been dead since 2018, but he was smart enough to see it coming far in advance. It was theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who warned that not taking the risks of AI seriously could be “our worst mistake ever.”

“Security Ambassadors”

West Hollywood jumped on the “Defund the Police” idiot wagon by replacing cops with unarmed “security ambassadors” who would deal with violent criminals by using their social mediation skills. Someone caught cell phone video footage of how well that’s working out.


Just what we needed

Another reason to undermine the public’s faith that the CDC has any idea what it’s doing.

Dispatches From the Party of Love And Tolerance

In a masterful trolling, Republican Delaware County Councilman Ryan Webb illustrated the insanity of identity politics by announcing that henceforth, he identifies as a lesbian woman of color. He said he was honored to be the one shattering all those glass ceilings now that it’s possible for “ANYONE to be ANYTHING or ANYONE they want.”

If you’re guessing that the leftists failed to see the humor in him using their own ridiculous rhetoric and arguments against them and made violent threats against his family, then identify as a smoker and give yourself a cigar. 

Correction: The councilman who identified as a lesbian woman of color is from Delaware County, Indiana. I left out the state. Although who knows what state he's in, really? It's all so confusing...


Bottom Story of the Day

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s spokesperson announced that AOC is not planning to run for the Senate in 2024. Imagine my crushing disappointment.




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  • Errol Collins

    05/02/2023 08:17 PM

    If an unborn child is female, does she have the "right to choose" to live or die? One step further, what if the unborn child is male but identifies as female, does that human now have the "right to choose?" life or death?