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December 14, 2023

“I’ve never seen such a display of arrogance and entitlement as I saw today, when you had over a dozen members of Congress in a committee room waiting for Hunter Biden to appear, because he was lawfully subpoenaed, while we were there with staff who had spent countless hours preparing questions, substantive questions, at the same time Hunter Biden goes out and has a press conference and plays the victim card, defies a congressional subpoena, says he wants to tell his story, and then gets in the car and drives off.”

That was House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer of Kentucky, speaking on Wednesday’s HANNITY about Hunter’s latest move to thwart oversight and accountability in the Biden financial scandal.  We’d say Hunter’s statement has all the “classic earmarks” of something conjured up by his attorney Abbe Lowell.  And Hunter’s appearance was apparently orchestrated by none other than similarly-Chinese-compromised California Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Since Swalwell was arguably helping Hunter defy a subpoena, the GOP leadership may file an ethics complaint against him.  Come on GOP, “may” is too wishy-washy.  Do it!

Comer called Hunter’s press event “a publicity stunt that went bust.”  He said that “today, Hunter got into more trouble if that’s even possible, by defying our lawful subpoena.”  He’s sure Americans want to know what the Bidens were doing to generate “tens of millions from our enemies around the world.”

(SIDE NOTE:  I’ll be hosting Dick Morris on my TBN show this weekend, specifically to talk about this.  It’s the focus of his new book, “CORRUPT:  The Inside Story of Biden’s Dark Money.”)

Congress lamentably did not vote Wednesday to hold Hunter in contempt.  THEY SHOULD HAVE, if only to show us which Republicans wouldn’t vote to support it.  Recall that when Peter Navarro chose not to honor a congressional subpoena (Navarro’s strong argument, which doesn’t apply in Hunter’s case:  executive privilege), he was charged with contempt by Democrats, arrested and cuffed at the airport by FBI agents and put in leg irons.

We’ll never forget this, because it happened while he was boarding a plane to Nashville to appear on my TV show!  If Democrats are going to play rough, our choice to take the high road means they’ll just run us over.  Hunter should have been charged.

Here are must-see comments from the committee chairmen after Hunter failed to show…

Bonchie at REDSTATE was fed up with the GOP for not voting immediately to hold him in contempt of Congress…

By the way, did you know that in October 2021, President Biden said that people who defied subpoenas should be prosecuted by the DOJ?  Well, of course he did, because back then they were talking about people who were subpoenaed by Pelosi’s January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee.

But that was then; this is now.  And, wow, this time, Biden also has AOC in his corner…

Anyway, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said they’ll “do a report” and pass it through the committee and on to the full House.  (Might a vote still be held later on contempt charges for Hunter?  That wasn’t made clear.)  Jordan also noted that on Wednesday, every single Republican did vote to move ahead with the impeachment inquiry against President Biden.  The reason: “Anyone can see what’s going on here.”  Well, of course!  But that doesn’t necessarily translate into action, as we also saw that day.

A report from NEWSMAX noted “lingering concerns among some in the party [GOP] that the investigation has yet to produce evidence of misconduct by the President.”  I would like to know which members of the party still believe this and into what hole they have been sticking their heads.

Jordan pointed out that in his press statement, Hunter narrowed the claim of his father’s lack of involvement even further, saying there’s no evidence his father had FINANCIAL involvement.  (Actually, there is.)  He expounded on this on the floor of Congress after Hunter’s bit of theater…

(Incidentally, the New York Times was caught misquoting Hunter, apparently to try to cover for Joe. Their motto used to be “All the news that’s fit to print;” now, it’s “All the news that fits the Democrat narrative we print.”)

Here’s Hunter’s full statement, if you’d really like to see it.  If you’re a regular reader, you’re no doubt able to spot the distortions and catch the manipulation tactics.  Hunter’s theme is that he’s a victim of “the MAGA right.” Funny, I don’t recall forcing him to peddle influence to hostile nations, spend millions on drugs and prostitutes, and refuse to pay his taxes or child support.

Wednesday evening, speaking with Laura Ingraham, law professor Jonathan Turley picked up on the “shifting rhetoric.”  When Biden was campaigning for President, he stated flat-out that he had “no knowledge” of Hunter’s business dealings, which has been proven demonstrably false.  But now, Hunter says only that his father wasn’t “financially involved.”  What does that mean, exactly, especially when the payments made to his father from Jim and Sara Biden suggest otherwise?

“It’s really otherworldly to see these denials,” Turley said.  “But I gotta tell you, even though Washington is known as the ‘theatre of the absurd,’ I’ve never seen anything like what we saw with Hunter and his lawyers today.  I can’t come up with a legal rationale for what they did.  I mean, he effectively engaged in legal self-immolation.”  Hunter had two choices:  to go in and testify, or go in and not testify.  To put it in terms even Joe Biden would understand, Turley said, “There is no third flavor on this ice cream stand.”

Turley said it’s “nonsense” to say that Joe Biden didn’t benefit from this money.  He told Laura Ingraham, “There are federal cases on bribery and other crimes where the courts have said that payments to family members DO constitute benefits legally for those actual criminal charges.  And it also applies to impeachment…”

There are even Democrats in media, he said, who now accept that “this was a massive influence-peddling operation.  They’re just arguing that the President really didn’t know about it.”  (We can answer that in two words:  Viktor Shokin.)

Importantly, Turley pointed out that there was already a formal impeachment inquiry going on in the House committees, and because the subpoena to Hunter came from the Oversight Committee, which has “independent subpoena authority,” he believes that Hunter is “in flagrant contempt of Congress.”  In fact, Turley has “rarely seen such open contempt for Congress.”

Jordan wishes they’d had Hunter under oath, just to ask, “Who’s the Big Guy?”  Followed by, “When you were in Dubai on that call to the White House, what did you ask your father to do regarding the prosecution of Burisma?”

The committees have found over $24 million that went into the Bidens’ shell companies.  “We have no idea what the Bidens did to receive the money,” Comer said.  (Actually, I think we have a pretty good idea at this point, even without a single record of any product or service ever being provided.)  “[Hunter] can explain,” he added. “If I’m misunderstanding this, he can tell us exactly what these different companies did.”

Gee, why wouldn’t Hunter have wanted to take the opportunity to do that??  If his dad did nothing wrong, just clear it all up to pave the way for the election!


RELATED:  HANNITY guest Mark Levin had a strong response to the earlier segment with Comer, Jordan and Jason Smith.  “I think you really need to focus in,” he said.  “I have no opposition to focusing on the financial fraud and the selling of public office by the Biden family.”  But that’s not the primary impeachable offense for President Biden, he said.  His main transgression is violating the oath that both President and VP take: “I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  By failing to enforce the laws, he has made himself impeachable.

As Levin says, “We don’t need hearings, we don’t need depositions, we don’t need testimony, we don’t need text messages, we don’t need anything.  Joe Biden has violated every single federal immigration law that’s on the books...He is defying and undermining the law.”  In doing so, he has committed “multiple high crimes.”  (Note:  we would add that this is why Alejandro Mayorkas needed to be impeached as well.)

A second article of impeachment would be the student loan issue, in which Biden seized the power of the purse from the House after the Supreme Court had already ruled that he didn’t have it.  At any rate, Levin says Congress could just go for it.

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  • stan schmunk

    12/14/2023 03:36 PM

    Hypocrites all! Jordan ignored a subpoena, too. Why are they afraid to let Hunter testify publicly? They still are election deniers.