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February 25, 2023

Author and “spiritual thought leader” Marianne Williamson just became the first Democrat to announce that she will run for President in 2024, challenging Joe Biden if he runs for reelection. Williamson ran in 2020 and endured a lot of mockery for her spacey new age beliefs. But despite that, she still managed to come across as the second-sanest Democrat in the field behind Tulsi Gabbard. Unfortunately for both of them, sanity is now a detriment to winning the Democratic nomination, not a qualification.

As for Biden, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows that he got a boost from the State of the Union Address, scoring his highest approval ratings since early in his term, 46% among adults and 49% among registered voters.

They watched the same speech I did, so I assume they’re just not aware that Biden served up more whoppers than a Burger King at lunch hour. I doubt that rating will last very long because rhetoric doesn’t tend to hold up well when it’s getting pounded by reality. For instance, how long with his assurances that inflation is coming down stand up as Americans continue seeing their paychecks erode more and more? Just like they did in January, at a higher rate than economists predicted.

December’s inflation was also revised upward from 0.1% to 0.2%. Pardon my ignorance, but if inflation is coming down, shouldn’t those numbers be getting smaller instead of larger?

Oh, and to all the folks who think Joe is finally getting the hang of this job: Redfin reports that since June, US homeowners have lost a combined $2.3 trillion in home value. When you hear the Democrats chanting “Four more years,” imagine what your home will be worth after that.

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