December 3, 2018

French Riots

This link has some video of the damage from the worst rioting in Paris in decades:

If you listen to some media reports, you’d think that the French were burning down Paris because they’re ticked off over a little gas tax.  In fact, that’s what experts are calling “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Gas is already $6.25 a gallon in Paris, and even that’s not high enough for the elites because the working people are still finding ways to get to work.  That tax, designed to fight climate change, is just the latest in a long series of arrogant dictates loaded onto the people by out-of-touch politicians, cheered on by wealthy leftist celebrities.

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to blame the riots on right-wing agitators, but the participants seem to be a mix of right- and left-wing extremists, professional troublemakers, and people who are just fed up with being abused by their leaders.  Word is that Macron is planning a stronger police crackdown, but considering reports that police just stood by and let the rioters riot, that might not be very effective.  Worse, it might be like clamping down more tightly on a powder keg that’s ready to blow after years of high-handed policies from smug elitists who sit around thinking up ways to force everyday people to “save the planet” by making it harder for them to go to work, feed their families and pay their rent, while they live in mansions and take limos and private jets to environmental conferences. 

European leaders think that Americans are crazy because when they got fed up with out-of-touch elitists making their lives worse, they turned out in an orderly fashion and voted Donald Trump into office. They should remember that when the French people get fed up with pompous elitists saying “Let them eat carbon credits,” they have a history of making heads roll, literally.    

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Rutgers Safe Haven?

Nearly 120 Rutgers University faculty members signed an open letter protesting the university police for arresting an “undocumented immigrant” (i.e., an illegal alien who’s been in the US for ten years) for drunk driving and endangering passersby and turning him over to ICE.  He’s facing 10 charges, including allegedly driving drunk through a busy intersection, running a red light, failing to stay in his lane or use a turn signal, and giving the police a fraudulent Mexican driver’s license.

The RU professors demand that Rutgers be a “safe haven” and campus police be ordered not to inquire about immigration status of suspects or cooperate with ICE.  However, state law requires them to do so when an illegal immigrant is arrested for an indictable offense, DWI or other serious infraction.  The Rutgers profs seem to agree with an immigration activist who declared, "He deserves the opportunity to stay in this country, he did make a mistake, but it is a mistake that can be paid with a fine."

If the brain trust at Rutgers seriously believes that driving drunk through a red light in a busy intersection while in the US illegally and using a fake driver’s license is a widdle boo-boo that can be dismissed with a fine, then I shudder to think of the quality of education they’re dispensing to students.  I think what this really tells us is that neither they, nor anyone they care about, was in the crosswalk of that intersection when he came drunkenly careening through it.



"The Wizard of Oz"

If you turn to the movie page of your newspaper and find a long, mind-boggling screed on how “The Wizard of Oz” was a prescient parable about the coming horrors of Trump’s America, then you know you must’ve subscribed to the Guardian by mistake.

Another day, yet more proof that CNN’s John Acosta was wrong about absolutely everything in his arrogant lecture about the migrant caravans to President Trump that got him tossed out of that White House press conference.



"Ballot harvesting"

Are you still baffled as to how Democrats managed to win every contested race in California, some of which were declared GOP wins until they were reversed weeks after the election?  Then let me introduce you to the concept of “ballot harvesting.”  California liberals might be doing their best to destroy the state’s agriculture industry, but at least there’s one kind of harvesting they still believe in pursuing to the max.



Flaking out again

Outgoing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is continuing to block the confirmation of federal judges, in a last-ditch effort to force the Senate to pass a bill barring President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.  As Utah Sen. Mike Lee (my guess on this weekend’s edition of “Huckabee” on TBN) pointed out when he killed Flake’s last attempt to do this, the bill is blatantly unconstitutional.  Congress doesn’t have the power to tell the President that he’s not allowed to fire someone beneath him in the executive branch.  And even if they did, it would turn the special counsel into an unofficial fourth branch of government, unaccountable to any elected authority. 

Apparently, Sen. Flake was too busy ordering “Flake For President 2020” bumper stickers to listen because he’s still pushing his quixotic crusade, which is unconstitutional, a betrayal of his constituents and fellow Republicans, and a pointless waste of time.  If Trump’s judicial nominees aren’t confirmed by the Senate’s adjournment date of December 14th, then he’ll just renominate them in January when Flake is gone and the GOP will have an even larger Senate majority.  

As the spokesman for March For Live Action notes in the linked story, Flake might think that he’s making a stand for principles, but he’s just delaying the seating of judges his constituents want approved in favor of grandstanding over his personal wishes. This will become his final legacy, much like Custer's Last Stand became his.  Considering Flake is leaving the Senate because it looked unlikely that he could get reelected in his home state, that doesn’t seem like the kind of legacy you can run for President on.


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  • Michael Galloway

    12/05/2018 12:41 PM

    Governor Huckabee: I always read your newsletters and appreciate so much the work you are doing to keep us "conservative deplorable s" informed. I always want to read all that you write about so I can truly get the "rest of the story". I struggle to find answers to many questions I have or other readers have, if you don't respond. I also wonder if you truly do have get the opportunity to forward a summary of comments, etc. to the President himself or your daughter. (don't know how many others you could actually trust with the information or whether it would get to the President or Sarah)
    Here's some of my questions: Did President Trump stop funding to Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico for their role in the so called caravan of migrants, though they are truly invaders ? What is the current status on reducing or stopping funding to countries that hate America or who don't support America? It would be nice to see a list. It would be nice to see a list of the Obama era regulations that have been rescinded that were against America's businesses, corporations and jobs. What is the current status of the war on ISIS and terrorism?

    There are so many accomplishments and things done by our President and some of his cabinet, but sure is hard to get information of these positives. Would like to see the President tweet out more positives about accomplishments that truly are done to Making America Great. God knows, the mainstream media will never report anything positive about President Trump. God knows that the Democrats will never say or report anything good about Trump! So, we as conservatives, patriots and/or evangelicals really don't get to see or know all the good things that are happening for America and Americans. And the President is absolutely right to make America the top priority. He is absolutely right to want our southern border secured. He has been right on so many issues despite the constant barrage of negative coverage by the liberal mainstream media and the Democrats. The Democrats are truly the political party that are against America and Americans and they have proved it and will continue to prove it after they take control of the House in January.

    I know you are a very busy person with keeping us informed and updated, but sure would be nice to see a list of accomplishments and even more so seeing the President to take the time to report via twitter the positives on our economy, Making America Great Again and what he has done to make our country the top priority, cutting or eliminating funding to countries that hate us or work against us, funding cuts to the worthless United Nations, etc. Many of us would like to know. Thanks again for all you do.

  • Mary Embleton

    12/05/2018 11:20 AM

    I am so glad to read your comments. You tell the truth, something that is unique in this day and age. It is hard not to get really upset by what we are seeing and hearing on the left. Where will it all end?

  • Judy Wiggins

    12/04/2018 02:39 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, can you tell me anything about a tax law that takes away a church's tax-exempt status? I saw a brief news story about it, but no commentary or detail. It is supposedly part of the recently-passed tax plan and the government is giving churches time to implement. Thank you!

  • albert behrens

    12/04/2018 08:41 AM

    Pres. Trump should subpoena every democrat and RINO that subpoenas him. If there are already 64 subpoenas against our Pres. then there should be 64 against those filing.
    There is a lot to investigate on every single dimm That's how LBJ got things done!!

  • Command Sergeant Major Retired Gretchen G Evans

    12/04/2018 08:31 AM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    I am on the Board of Directors of America's VETDOGS the organization who trained and placed Sully with President George H. W. Bush. I also have a service dog trained by them to mitigate my injuries. We would love to bring Sully and his trainer Valerie Cramer to your show to talk about Sully's time with President Bush and Sully's future as a dog for the military members at Walter Reed.

  • Helen Greer

    12/04/2018 07:52 AM

    I still think I was born at a pretty good time have still seen things that I just can't believe but I have lived the most of my life where my grandchildren are coming along in this mess the world is in today. We pray for the everyday and four out of five are saved!!!! My husband retired 14 years ago we live on a very fixed income but we have all our needs met and most of our wants we give God the Glory. We are in a Bible Believing church but can see that one day that may not even be able to be. I love to read you comments. Your daughter Sara has the same name that my twin sister has your daughter is as smart as her dad love to watch her.

  • John R Courter

    12/04/2018 07:28 AM

    I have come to the conclusion that our government has become infested with many who are not working to make out country the place our forefathers dreamt of. They have other agendas that I do not really understand, except that it seems to be tied to Socialism, and one world order. Perhaps even keeping power in the hands of a few who think they are better than everyone else. I sense a growing uneasiness in the minds of many who feel we ( the people of the USA, citizens and Patriots) are under attack by those who will do anything to get what they want. I think that President Trump is on the right track, but still has many posing as friend that are not. (a Trojan Horse kind of thing)

  • Ellen Porter

    12/04/2018 03:49 AM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee; Thank you for a very comprehensive and interesting report. I do appreciate your newsletters.
    Please take the time to read this report from Judicial Watch, penned and documented by JW Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell. I'm sure that President Trump is not aware that the U.S. Government is funding George Soros's affiliated organizations. Please read this important document and find a way to inform President Trump about it. The Special Report fully documents the hundreds of millions of dollars Soros-affiliated organizations have received from the United States government to implement their radical agenda. And, if you have any doubts as to the authenticity of the Report, please examine the 154 meticulous footnotes – most with clickable hyperlinks. You can read the report by clicking on view and then open with browse and then choose what venue to use as your viewer.
    Thank you very much for your help in this matter. Respectfully, Ellen Porter

  • Jim sharpe

    12/04/2018 12:02 AM

    Thanks for staying involved with countering the corruption and bigotry from our national “news media”. May God protect our nation!

  • Bob Ernst

    12/03/2018 11:19 PM

    I'm curious about what the French are hoping to accomplish by their recent rioting. But I do give them appears that they at least don't burn each others' businesses the way American rioters do. But what do they gain by destroying others' vehicles? Yes, it's apparent they're super angry, but leaving the streets littered with automobile carcasses just doesn't do much, in my opinion, except give the street cleanup people something to do. Now, storming the Bastille...

  • Gladys Hizer

    12/03/2018 11:11 PM

    Driving home and listening to Rush, I got a similar take on the French gasoline prices only he said it was over $7 a gallon. I have a relative who has lived in Germany, whose German wife never wanted to leave her home country and has paid high prices for gasoline and wished for our prices. Interestingly, they have a daughter who lives in the U.S. My former employment ( I am retired 10 years) sends me voting info and it constantly tells to vote Democrat. Republicans are the enemy. I'm sure you can guess my general employment which I loved by the way but don't believe it should be political.

  • Deanne Smith

    12/03/2018 10:40 PM

    Jeff Flake was raised in the rural community of Snowflake, Arizona where his mother still resides. I feel so bad for her because she is a very nice person. Anyway, at a hometown parade in July, Jeff was there and in the parade and the people booed him. He should be really proud of what he is doing to his parents and the good legacy they were leaving for their progenitors. He sure soiled it just because he wanted to be noticed. Pretty self centered if him!

  • Dusty Hickey

    12/03/2018 10:27 PM

    President needs strong backing now? Liberal person I know who hates him says he is up for impeachment and will be out of office. He is a constant liar and no one seems to care. His trade program was to hurt top business companies . Now the SWAMP may not pass his new trade no kidding. Like to see the President go beyond the SWAMP and come up with a single pay health care plan . One way he would win and not possibly be impeached. People are tired of the high premiums and high bills should they need surgery Etc. The SWAMP is backed by the rich lobbyist of the medical companies and do not want to change the system. If they do not wave bye bye President . So do the Affordable and then no way they will impeach you sir.

  • Bob Topp

    12/03/2018 09:32 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I am very thankful that I can read an intelligent, unbiased, conservative viewpoint on today's headlines in your daily emails. I was reading my local paper, the Annapolis Capital tonight. The summary of a letter to the editor and of a guest column was that our president is a liar, does not respect the rule of law, the Justice Department, the courts and the press, encourages white supremacy and bullies leaders of other countries. I know you have addressed all these things in previous columns. Would you be willing to summarize how such claims can be refuted? It would be a helpful to have a concise way to refute the liberals.

  • Roy Houseman

    12/03/2018 08:44 PM

    Thanks for your daily briefing! I read them with earnest. Nothing better for my 65th birthday than reading about how my President ticked off the liberal elites again. My prayers are with and for my country and hopefully the repubs have learned something(maybe, just maybe) from losing the house. If not then we will lose the Senate and POTUS! I am prepping for a total looney controlled country by 2022!

  • Anne turner

    12/03/2018 08:21 PM

    Oh my. Can we not possibly let some things that have become entertainment icons be just fun. Must everything have a heavy meaning, of course coinciding with the progressive agenda. Every word spoken, every film made, every song written, etc. etc., does not have some deep political meaning. Sometimes .i despair. I have a circle of eight conservative lady friends. Five are Christian, two are Jewish. At least seven have undergraduate degrees and I have an MBA. Most had careers at one time. All married. All have grown children. All are financially secure through hard work and saving. None are right wing zealots. All understand that Mr. Trump can be an obnoxious boor at times. All understand that we need to measure hi on what he actually does and he’s doing well. None thought mr. Obama was was a good President, but none are disrespectful. I am sick and tired of conservatives being characterized as uneducated, gun toting, mean and nasty creatures. The true nastiness comes from the progressives. They are also the most racist. When you single out people because of their race for special treatment, or any other group for that matter, you are racist. A true non racist treats all the same, but the “content of their character”, not their race or sexual identity, or religion.
    Anyone who thinks the libs aren’t playing fast and loose with the elections in some areas is not fully corpus mentis. Anyone who thinks that these huge caravans do not have some degree of liberal influence urging them to do this, may even involve dollars, is a fool. It may not havecstarted pit that way, but as a person of fame said never let a crisis go to waste.

    PS: how about Haley as our first minority woman President?

  • Katherine Wickins

    12/03/2018 07:43 PM

    I am convinced Sen. Flake has been appropriately named. He is a disgrace to the Republican Party!

  • Stephen Russell

    12/03/2018 07:42 PM

    Paris riots: Lose tourism BIG time.
    Ballot harvesting: GOP should do same?? Or change laws & or enforce laws on books now?
    End this CA VoterBS

  • Rebecca Holstine

    12/03/2018 07:33 PM

    I saw The Wizard of Oz back when I was a kid. Then my hubby and I watched it with our kids each time it came on the television. And not once did we realize we were watching a political movie with all kinds of hidden meanings. We as dumb Midwesterners thought it was just a movie, that had become a yearly tradition at our house. Silly Us! Thank goodness, there is a line of Elitist ready to step in and tell us what to think and how they want us to do it. Otherwise, we would have gone through life thinking The Wizard of Oz was just a movie.

  • Bonnie Ullom

    12/03/2018 07:32 PM

    Dear Governor, we watch your show on TBN; I read your newsletters most days. Enjoy both. Re: ballot harvesting. Republicans are going to lose in the future because of savvy election methods. Far more than they expect. Six Republicans lost in CA because of this technique. Republicans better get smart and quick. And Sen. Flake has an appropriate last name. Y’a’ think? I also watched Mark Levin this weekend. Guest was Heather McDonald. At the end he asked her this open-ended question: “What do you see happening in the next 5-10 years.” She said, “Civil War”. She is not the only one who says this. I have been telling Harry that for a couple years. I am, by nature, an optimist. But I am also a realist. Harry and I are glad we are at the end of our lives not young adults. And we met you at Fort Benning way back. You would have made a wonderful President! Love you; love Sarah. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and entertained.


    12/03/2018 07:21 PM

    Just saw the remarks made by Cortez. I hope you come up with some of "your best" and tell her what is what. You are not in office, but you are still "Governor Huckabee". Get her, and get her good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Ochs

    12/03/2018 07:01 PM

    Paris looks bad, but what do you think this country would look like if the government tried to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and confiscate all legal guns from citizens? I hope Democrats realize the problem that would ensue with an action like that.

    God bless America.

  • Jacinto Chang

    12/03/2018 06:43 PM

    Love your comments, right to the point.

  • maggie McCaul

    12/03/2018 06:38 PM

    Jeff Flake is desperately seeking his "15 minutes of fame" any way he can. It wasn't enough to team with Senator Coons during the Kavanaugh hearing, now he believes he can single-handedly rescue Robert Mueller. I enjoy your program, Governor Huckabee. Bless you.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    12/03/2018 06:33 PM

    Senator (soon to be, thank God ex-senator) Flake seems to have a Martin O'Malley ciomplex. O'Malley was such a disaster as governor maryland, one of the bluest of the blue states, elected a Republican governor - twice! A poll of Maryland denocrats after O'Malley left office showed he had little support for funning for dog catcher in Maryland. Because he was linked to the O'Malley disaster, O'Malleys Lieutenant Governor, who ran to replaceO'Malley, was rejected by Maryland voters.

    And O'Malley still had the Chutzpah to run for President in 2016! Flake may run for President, but it will be fun to watch him go down in flames. Unless, of course, he shows his true colors, and runs as a democrat, in which case he will probably still go down in flames.