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January 21, 2022

The NCAA has reacted to the angry backlash by female athletes and their parents against allowing “transgender” athletes to compete in women’s sports. This has long been a serious issue that’s destroying women’s sports, but because the media and certain politicians are so afraid of the trans lobby, anyone who dares state obvious biological facts is smeared as a transphobic hater. But it finally broke through thanks to collegiate swimmer “Lia Thomas,” who was a male swimmer through three years of college, then “transitioned” and is now mowing down all of Penn’s women’s swimming records.

The obvious, ridiculous unfairness of this finally emboldened parents and athletes to speak up, and the NCAA has responded by changing its policy on transgender athletes.

After the usual PC boilerplate about being " steadfast in our support of transgender student-athletes and the fostering of fairness across college sports" (which is blatantly untrue, since there’s nothing fair about a biological male competing against females half “her” size and strength), the NCAA announced that from now on, they will follow a sport-by-sport model similar to the US and international Olympic Committees.

The IOC’s rules state, "Trans female athletes must demonstrate a total testosterone level in serum below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 consecutive months prior to competition and must remain below this threshold throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category in any event."

Again, this is not fairness or equality or even biological science. The fact that testosterone levels have been artificially suppressed does nothing to reverse the size and upper body strength advantages that a male athlete who’s gone through puberty has before “transitioning.” Real fairness would mean either having everyone compete under their biological sex, or if you want to recognize trans athletes, giving them their own competitions.

All this does is sprinkle a thin veneer of “fairness” rhetoric over the problem. But it does nothing to ensure fairness for female athletes whose rights are being shattered just as surely as their hard-won athletic records are.

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I think the real reason why Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire is always getting banned by social media may be because he’s too good at dropping truth bombs that the language torturers and common-sense molesters of the left cannot refute and look ridiculous trying.

Megan Fox at PJ Media has a great write-up of his recent appearance on “Dr. Phil” with some transgender activists who were blindsided when he asked them to define the word “woman.” Walsh defined it easily and correctly, pointed out the fatal flaw in their “it’s a subjective concept” claim, and then in one lethal sentence, summed up how they’re trying to appropriate “womanhood” from women.

As Ms. Fox goes on to discuss, the left insists that “appropriating” someone else’s culture, truth or lived experience is one of the worst crimes you can commit. So why is it okay when this group does it to women? Why is appropriating someone’s race bad but appropriating their gender is courageous and praiseworthy? Why is putting on blackface makeup offensive but putting on Maybelline is to be celebrated?

By the way, I also loved Walsh’s point that if you’re allowed to choose your own pronouns and demand that other people use them, why can’t we force people to use our own preferred adjectives, his being “handsome” and “brilliant”?

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  • Amelia Little

    01/26/2022 06:07 AM

    Putting a bandaid on a huge surgical scar--just do the right thing and do not let trans people (males) participate in womens' sports, regardless of suppression of testosterone levels, etc. I have thougt, also--womens' sports, mens' sports and trans sports if these men don't want to compete against men.

    Oh, and strike all the wins and medals that have been accumulated under false pretenses. Go back and redo wins and records counting women only.

  • Sharon Holmes

    01/24/2022 12:22 PM

    I follow Matt Walsh and I thought he was great on Dr. Phil. They say truth hurts.

  • Roberto Lesley

    01/23/2022 11:21 PM

    May I speak as a fool? Why do we have separate gendered sports. If equality is the goal then let all people compete for one team. If we’re going to do away with women’s sports teams vicariously by filling those teams with biological males.

  • Marci Burnett

    01/23/2022 07:42 PM

    I agree with you 100%. Only biological women should compete in women's sports. Suppressing testosterone doesn't diminish biological men's size and muscle mass. Women fought for so many years for equal rights and now the trans community, through a campaign of guilt and shame, are killing women's sports. Where are our strong women's rights people who should be opposing this?

  • Patrick Gaffney

    01/23/2022 05:35 PM

    I guess I was too long winded in my comment it said I timed out . keep up the good work Mike

  • Jim Egan

    01/23/2022 04:05 PM

    I have the perfect pronoun for the transgender populace "it". Given that, it would be simple the colleges and Olympics could allow them have an "it" class in sports.

  • Katherine Urquidi

    01/23/2022 04:02 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, even when I don't agree with you I love your newsletter and your frankness. It is the one newsletter I read from top to bottom and I share the Bible verses with everyone. God bless you and your staff.

  • James Evart

    01/23/2022 03:41 PM

    Is it not interesting how a young MAN can identify as a female, enter a GIRL's locker room, rape the GIRL and still, throughout the rape, identify as a "girl" while raping her with his BOY's equipment? What would you want to bet that if this "girl's" life, (Capital Punishment?), depended upon identifying correctly with "her" biological birth sex that "she" would not instantly "wake up" in front of a firing squad? Since when is B--- SH-- not a matter of convenience? Is it not the same thing to rape women of their hard fought for records in sports by these deviants? Ban them from normal sports and let them compete against other liars of their SAME ilk and see how long it takes them to drop out of FAIR competition. Since when does one's stated perception of reality become actual, factual reality? Does your perception that the ground that you are standing on does not exist make it so? Your actions await reconciliation by the One who created you.

  • Merle Douglas

    01/23/2022 03:17 PM

    I believe if a boy wants to transition from male to female...especially to compete in women's sports...they should besides taking female hormones also be required to have the penis and testicles removed. This, perhaps, would stop the nonsense of competing in female sports so they can win. If you're born with Y chromosomes, a penis and testicles, you're a male, not female.

  • Tom Qualman

    01/23/2022 02:34 PM

    Why do we let a group that comprises .0002 of the population tell us what to do and think? Total BS