February 5, 2018

Originally I planned to open the show with a review of the President’s State of the Union address this past week, in which he recited a litany of accomplishments of the first year, such as the lowest unemployment levels ever of black and Hispanic workers, and the increase in pay, bonuses, and 401K retirement plans resulting from a rapidly rebounding economy. The President also placed major proposals on the table, many policy issues that Democrats have demanded and begged for, such as paid family leave, funding for infrastructure, and a generous plan for allowing children brought here illegally would stay here and even have a path to citizenship—in numbers 3 times greater than even the Democrats asked for.

Throughout the speech, the Democrats sat and remained silent. They failed to even applaud for statements in support of the National Anthem, the national motto “In God We Trust” or to salute the families of young people murdered by the gang MS-13. At one point, as member chanted USA, Congressman Luis Gutierrez bolted from the chamber, apparently triggered by such an outward celebration of America. But despite so much to talk about from the SOTU, the release on Friday of the long-awaited memo from the House Intel committee demands that we explain its significance.

Now that the memo is released, we clearly know that at the highest levels of the FBI and Dept of Justice, officials used a document that was created by a former British spy and paid for by the Democrat party and the Hillary campaign to obtain FISA warrants that allowed them to conduct surveillance on officials in the Donald Trump campaign. The material itself was manufactured and bogus, and was nothing more than $10 million worth of political opposition research created by Fusion GPS, a political research company. One of the employees of Fusion GPS was Anita Ohr, the wife of Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr. At the highest levels in what should be our premiere and most trusted law enforcement agencies, paid-for-political propaganda was used to conduct surveillance on a candidate for President who in fact became President.

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This matters so much I may not be able to fully impress upon you how vital this should be to EVERY American. For over a year, we’ve been told that the Russians tried to interfere in our election of 2016, even though not one scintilla of evidence has surfaced that they were able to change even one vote. But what we now know and which should make us sick in our stomachs, is that it was our OWN government that was trying to interfere with and change the outcome of the election. Let that sink in. People who have badges and guns and the power to take away your very life and liberty abused the law and your liberty and colluded with political operatives to discredit and destroy President Trump.

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican—this should enrage every American. The fact that a warrant was obtained by using false information should result in criminal prosecution for those in our government who knowingly lied or omitted crucial information to a FISA Court judge.  Because this is the equivalent of a local cop planting a gun or drugs on an innocent citizen and sending them to prison.

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If you can be targeted and prosecuted or persecuted and deprived of your life and liberty by dirty cops, this isn’t about losing an election—it’s about losing our Constitutional protections and losing our very Republic. This makes Watergate look like a fraternity prank. I’m disgusted, I’m disappointed, and I’m frankly seething with rage that people that we paid and trusted used their power to play out their personal politics and tramped the Constitution doing it.

We cannot and must not sit still for it. I feel bad for the men and women of the FBI who are overwhelmingly honest and honorable. I feel pure contempt for the dirty and sleazy officials who rose to the top of federal agencies, but who decided to crawl to the bottom of human decency.

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  • Arlene Rasile

    02/18/2018 03:32 PM

    Agreed; one bad apple spoils the entire bunch. Let's hope they go after the Clinton's; the foundation; Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Obama for their illegal participation in all of this as well. Giving the orders as well as those doing the deeds are equally responsible.

  • Nellie Williams

    02/12/2018 02:29 PM

    I am a 75 year old great grandmother and I am enraged, but I really don't know which way to turn. As you have noticed our "new" Democratic Senator from Alabama did nothing about draining the swamp just added to it. He has already proven his true colors by voting for abortion and also by not respecting our President's speech. I know people were afraid to vote for Judge Roy Moore. But I tried to tell them that abortion was such a horrible thing. I do know that God is in control but I just cannot understand the audacity if some people like the so called movie star calling for a civil war this morning. Why can't they be charged with inciting a riot, treason or something. This has to stop!

  • Wade Novin

    02/11/2018 04:14 PM

    These accomplishment you cite, "such as the lowest unemployment levels ever of black and Hispanic workers, and the increase in pay, bonuses, and 401K retirement plans resulting from a rapidly rebounding economy," are almost entirely the result of President Barack Obama's policies...

  • George Cooper

    02/09/2018 03:17 PM

    I don't believe "liberty" means as much as it once did. People are now willing to give up their liberty for government programs and excuses to rely on the government to do for them. Our people today don't realize that our forefathers didn't fight for freedom. They were already free as British subjects; they could decide on their education, careers, where to go, what to do, etc..... What they didn't have, and what they fought for, was liberty: freedom from government control over their lives and the right to choose and operate that government. We should fight for the same rights today; however, we relinquish that right when we fail to stand up to legislative judges and a Democratic Party which violate those rights at every turn. I stand with you Mike!!!!!

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    02/08/2018 07:11 PM

    It seems to me that as certain people who lust for power continue to advance their agenda towards tyranny, they will not stop until they are stopped by the People themselves. That is precisely why Donald Trump won the 2016 election in the first place. The "Swamp" does not want to be drained (as though nobody thought that would happen?). Donald Trump is a fighter, and conservatives are more and more sick and tired of Republicans who refuse to act like conservatives. The Founders understood that the time might come when evil people might try to enforce tyranny on the People. That's why the Second Amendment was placed in the Bill or Rights, right after the Rights to Free Speech and Religion. I guess I'm just a "Clinger" to use Obama's term. So be it!

  • kay kunter

    02/07/2018 02:33 PM

    I agree with you. I am so angry and what else makes me angry is that the mainstream media just does not even acknowledge the criminality of this situation. Mark Levin was on Hannity this week and said he thinks it goes all the way to the Obama Whitehouse and now we have even more lproof of that with the lastest email from Peter Strozk and his girlfriend who stated in an email POTUS wants to know what we are doing. How the Democrats can continue with this charade and the media ignoring the whole scandal is beyond me. Corruption to the end. I am so disgusted and how many in our country can still believe Hilary is just wonderful is beyond me.

  • Janet Day

    02/07/2018 12:10 PM

    Thank you, Mike Huckabee. I greatly appreciate your newsletters. The obstruction of justice that prevailed against the Trump campaign enrages me to the core. Now that it has been rightfully exposed, may all those involved be prosecuted to the extent of the law. Abuse of power happens frequently, but let's prosecute these criminals, making others possibly think twice about abusing their authority.

  • Claudia J Young

    02/07/2018 03:17 AM

    What is frightening is the officials in office we can trust to feret out the truth are quitting....I'm frightened by that! Tells me that there is a real a present danger in DC. We see the trail of death behind Hillary of those that try or may speak the truth!

  • Glen Mitchell

    02/06/2018 11:43 PM

    I just wish that people could show respect for anyone that has an view of things different than their own. I see in a lot of the comments on hatred and judgement of people with no facts. I have read the facebook page and If it was mine I would remove as it is full of hatred. We are not a 50/ 60/70 society . We are multi culture society and hopefully we can except that and work with it to make the country better

  • Robertson McGavock

    02/06/2018 11:15 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee

    Thank you for continuing your services for our country.
    Question: Does FISA Court require an affidavit be presented when petitioning for a warrant? If so, why are both the Republicans and the Democrats bringing forth “Memos” instead of citing the actual information ( and how it was obtained) that would be in such an affidavit. In fact I have not heard the word “Affidavit” mentioned since the “Nunes Memo” came out. If there is an affidavit and if it were to be published, would that not be a better way to pluck the chicken?
    Even the “obstructionist party” would have a problem defending the warrant, how it was obtained and value of information gathered.

  • Bill Gannon

    02/06/2018 09:02 PM

    It is sad and disheartening to see so-called Christians judging a president that is trying very hard in the face of such adversity to bring America back to where it once was; a land to be proud of, run by people with honor and dignity. The left has led so many astray with blatant lies and falsehoods, empty promises, self-absorbed greed, and treasonous acts and yet so many refuse to see it. All they see is what the MSM wants them to see and that is as far as they are willing to look. They cannot accept that there is a legal system that allows individuals to immigrate and become legal citizens. They turn their heads and look the other way at the statistics regarding the crimes against Americans, the rapes, murders, beatings, and robberies. They would rather make themselves feel good about themselves by taking the easy route, standing up for illegal immigrants, than getting out and helping our vets or the homeless because that requires work on their part. As for the un-leaders that sat through the SOTU, every one of them should be removed from office immediately. If you hate the company that you work for and act in an asinine manner you are terminated. It's very apparent that they hate America and the people they work for (for the people that don't understand, that's the American people) so the should not receive compensation or benefits. It is time for them to go.

  • Rob Jensen

    02/06/2018 04:05 PM

    Hello Mary Ann Schwittek and folks who live Left. How can we be so blind to the truth? Why have we become such and angrily divided nation? I'm thankful that God has appointed President Trump for this day to give us a chance to sort out the Truth by having ability to see the swampy issues pouring out of the cracks in this country, revealing the truth to what is going wrong. In these days, with open eyes we have the ability to see the black and white of evil and Truth. We've seen the "Slow Fade" since the 60's and now we see clearly where it's brought us; into the 'swamp'. America, unite on your knees and humbly pray and shun evil, that God will continue revealing the ugly works of the 'evil one'. I do not take personally the slams, false accusations, and fake news that are being manufactured by the Left (and some RINO's); because it's obvious these are not the works of the Leftists themselves but the works of Satan himself; so I'm not angry at anyone; Satan will see his just reward in the end. As we get on our knees we need to make sure we know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, each of us personally repenting, and only then asking for God to hear, intervene, and HEAL THIS LAND! This is a promise from God's Word in the Bible (2 Chronicles 7:14). My eyes were opened in 1981 at age 31; I thank the Lord I can now see Truth in this messy world and that I personally have power to overcome the 'evil one' and look forward, but only by the power of Jesus Christ. I pray this for you and the country as a whole, because when you come to grips with this, ie. come to love Jesus, you receive power and freedom like you've never know before!!! God's blessings on you! And thank you Governor for speaking out on the truth behind the issues.

  • Mary Ann Schwittek

    02/06/2018 12:00 PM

    What enraged me are the constant lies coming from the Right. Trump is doing NOTHING for the Dreamers, except holding them hostage until he gets his wall. The SOTU was a farce. “In God We Trust” first started being printed on currency during the Cold War, as a message to Russia and Communists. Today, we have a POTUS in the back pocket of the Communists. Stop lauding the tax-plan. It is nothing more than a ruse to give billionaires more money. Yes, some people have gotten bonuses, but it’s only temporary. Over the next ten years, the tax rate will increase substantially for the middle class. While we speak, thousands are still losing their jobs and companies are closing. Yesterday the stock market was down 1000+ points, after a 600 Point loss a few days prior. Investors are already losing faith as to how the government is going to finance the 1 trillion it needs for these ‘tax cuts’. No one loves America more than I, but we can do better. Dems sat silent because Trump has removed the thin veil of civility and the mask of American exceptionalism. I am disgusted. You support a man who mocks the handicapped, insults a decorated POW, and brags about sexual assault...yet you call yourself a Christian. Just stop.

  • Christy Morton

    02/06/2018 11:49 AM

    I am appalled at the Democrats (liberals) behavior in congress and especially in California! Nancy Pelosi is a pig! What an insult and embarrassment they are to this country. They've been running wild way too long and need to be harnessed. Shameful behavior. No wonder other countries and foreigners have laughed at us! Greedy money mongers must be ousted! Stop sanctuary states and get Republicans in California with strong moral fiber and concern for the needs of American citizens! No more greed!

  • John Brian Malott

    02/06/2018 09:56 AM

    I am as enraged as you concerning the memo and the constant attacks on President Trump. The actions of the Dems against Trump infuriates me. I live in Florida and would like to know if you have any suggestions on what I as an Individual can do to fight what the Dems and others are doing to our President? He actually cares about us and that is refreshing. I enjoy your articles very much.
    Thank you,
    John B Malott

  • Wendell Dean Rose

    02/06/2018 09:56 AM

    Governor/ Pastor Mike ;

    Wow! Once again you have hit your commentary out of
    the ballpark.
    I can only add, why can't Congress step up and do something about all this anti-America stuff.
    You would think that they would be able to impeach and dismiss all those associated with this and strip them of all benefits, just as a Military person that is Dis Honorably discharged.
    Thanks again for your openess.

    Pastor Wendell D Rose

  • Ferris Brown

    02/06/2018 09:03 AM

    I guess we now know why “Progressives” want to take all the guns.

  • Terry Barr

    02/06/2018 08:43 AM

    Great article! Keep posting these messages so that we can get the facts and stay informed.

  • Susie VanderBush

    02/06/2018 08:14 AM

    What else is disappointing is that nothing will be done to those that were involved. NOTHING! Very sad where our country is today politically.

  • James H Burns

    02/06/2018 12:14 AM

    I really pray that "The People" see the long arm of the law seek true justice for all those involved.

  • Patti Greene

    02/05/2018 11:26 PM

    A minor issue perhaps, but I've always wondered about Luis Gutierrez' legal status, due to his behavior when it comes to his beloved criminal illegals.
    I truly hope that President Trump does NOT allow the DACA people or any other illegals to stay here. If they wanted to be Americans, they would have found a way to get legalized long before now.

  • william (Bill) Bernal

    02/05/2018 11:17 PM

    I also am so disgusted with what has happened and what is happening to this country. I tell my self that I know why then contradict myself by thinking, how, how could this have happened? This question to myself, just adds fuel to my anger. As President Truman said when he became president, God help us.

  • Christine Kerekffy

    02/05/2018 10:52 PM

    I agree Mike. But what can we do? It seems like most of congress is corrupt also. How do we fight all of this crap that is going on. With so much corruption, it seems like good people are afraid or can't afford to run for govt. positions. Help us Mike, please.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    02/05/2018 10:22 PM

    OK, Mike, so what do we DO about this? -- please tell us that!!! I am SICK of signing petitions and sending letters. That amounts to a fly bothering a hippopotamus; it simply submerges into the swamp until the "fly" goes home to its family and job.

  • Dusty Hickey

    02/05/2018 09:44 PM

    Sad statement on our Congress and the people who we have elected and how they are not willing to try to work together for us the people who put them there? No real reason for them to act like they have. President Trump is working very hard for our good jobs, to stop this illegal immigration and stop the terrible drug problem that also comes across our borders? Yet he is fought day in and day out by a very biased media that distorts so much of what is the true story? Now we see this whole FISA mess and our FBI a few bad people who used the system to try to destroy this President WHY? If this is totally proven what these men have done and lied this is going to be worse then Watergate that was a break in by a few stupid men? President Nixon who tried to protect them and he was never the one behind this break in. Bad mistake on his part to try to cover it up for these men and what they did. Not needed what they tried. Why these men also had to do what is now known is scary and so wrong for all of us? Of course we know it is not the whole FBI group, but this small group has brought about a terrible distrust? This has to cleared up on what has happened. Russia mess has to end soon per it is taking down our country also. Not the Russians who lost the campaign for Hillary but her own campaign and as even Donna Brazile has said it was RIGGED? The media has paid little attention to what she has said. WHY NOT.

  • Peter piazza

    02/05/2018 09:26 PM

    My wife and I are totally discussed that were in her 60s. So we seen the Watergate Shenanigans. I'm agree with you 100% Mike the this criminal activity makes Watergate look like a journey praying. We want to see people prosecuted and put in jail and example set for anybody in this High positions.

  • John Riegel

    02/05/2018 08:20 PM

    Younger people (like my descendants) pay little or no attention to an old timer like me. I read your messages, please read mine!

  • Bill Murray

    02/05/2018 08:12 PM

    I am a UNITED STATES MARINE (69-71) I love my country very much , and I think all guilty of this should face the death penalty . They are guilty of one of the worse crimes I believe there is . Treason against our great country , and all the citizens of the UNITED STATES . They have tried to criminally change our whole way of life here in the UNITED STATES . Death to these low down rats !

  • Nellie Williams

    02/05/2018 08:03 PM

    Thank you Governon for standing up for what is right and keeping us informed. I'm a 75 year old great grandmother and I am appalled. But I am so afraid that they are going to sweep this under the carpet. To me it is a much bigger deal than Watergate and yet the media is ignoring it completed. Help, Wake up America before it is too late,!

  • Janice Rodgers

    02/05/2018 07:45 PM

    I have never seen our wonderful country so divided and I feel the fault is with the last president. My prayer is that more and more conservatives get elected and president Trump can really get things done without so much resistance. Surely people will see the truth soon!

  • Connie Bellue

    02/05/2018 07:27 PM

    That was the rudest and most disrespectful. I am not sure they realize they made complete fools of themselves. Who would want to vote or put in office anyone like that because obviously they will not work with the opposite side of the isle to resolve anything!

  • don plugge

    02/05/2018 07:24 PM

    As christian's we need to pray for our president and show love to others because we never know when we'll go to our real home....pray for are soldier's and leader and those who los their homes to fires or lives by evil people...don

  • Kathy Wingate

    02/05/2018 07:14 PM

    It is sad to see the values being demonstrated by those in whom we have placed trust, and whose salaries we pay...A reminder from Romans 13, that God chooses our leaders, and expects us to show them respect. " Romans 13 New International Version (NIV)
    Submission to Governing Authorities
    "13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." Perhaps our Executives in the FBI and DOJ haven't picked up a Bible in a while.

  • George Curl

    02/05/2018 07:07 PM

    I'm disappointed in the entire bunch. I don't like the games that Congress is playing, but truly disappointed that Americans at the highest level have taken part in this sham. Just disappointed.

  • Kathy Linehan

    02/05/2018 07:07 PM

    This document shows the deceit we all know is in our government. A small part of the SWAMP. Our government no longer serves or represents the people. It is not for the people by the people. This is why the American people voted for Donald Trump for President. Ten of the top republican politicians ran against him. He beat them. Why? People did not want a politician. Why? We are not stupid. We know abut the corruption, the lies, making deals to keep their ass in the seat. Why? It 's the best job in town. Our problem is how do we stop this and get it back to what it was created to be. The media bias certainly does not help. I hope that the American people will demand TERM LIMITS. We will lose some of the good ones who run to serve but we will get rid of the bottom feeders. (bottom-feeder - an opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune). ??

  • Don Crumbley

    02/05/2018 07:03 PM

    Gov. Huckabee. I have read all of the comments in your article today and they are "overwhelmingly" of the same value. The "folks" are upset with its Government", which we now have in this country, starting with the Congress, the Courts and the Executive Branch. All of which, over the past several years, have been gradually infiltrated and permeated with greed, power and elitist ideologues, at the highest levels in our Government, which is now known collectively, for lack of a better term, as "Deep State". Those same evils are now attempting to subvert the Constitution of the United States of America, at all levels of Government, down to its lowest levels, including the individual legitimate voters that make up this great country. At every level, where ever you look, where ever you read and where ever you listen, the message is the same. We are in serious danger of losing our freedoms, our values and our right to "liberty and justice for all". There is a time to stand, a time to bend and the trick is knowing when. A fair and reasonable election has been held, a candidate has been declared the rightful representatives of the people's will and yet, one year later, there is serious resistance within "Deep State" to the will of the people and the requirements to make government work for the good of the people. This country has reached a crossroads and it is time to take actions to correct this infirmity within our midst and reestablish the "rule of law", which this country was founded on. The current status quo of resisting the "will of the people" cannot continue to go on, as a house divided, cannot and will not stand. It is time to move forward and put our house in order at all levels!

  • Julia Smethurst

    02/05/2018 06:51 PM

    Dear Sir

    The Democrats are like a man drowning. First he fights like h—l to get back up to the top..once he’s there his mind says ‘he’ll be fine!’ But, as he starts to sink again, he takes the biggest gulp of air he can to stay alive, then tries to swim to the top again. Fighting, gasping, over & over...refusing to accept the inevitable. At some point, acceptance sets in and he allows fate to continue its course. But, in the case of the Democrats, to admit they’re wrong would be the death of them..and as they’re not in water and sinking physically, they’re stuck in the ‘fighting-gasping’ state. This produces adrenaline... like a drug..which in turn creates, addiction. It’s a type of addictive mania spiralling ‘out of control!’ No matter what our President Trump does, they’re stuck in a viscous cycle..and have become addicted to Trump. He’s their drug! They need to hate him. Otherwise, they really will drown. So President Trump needs to keep doing what he’s doing. Ignore the hate & find strength in knowing there are millions who adore & support him. Like drug addicts, you should never enable them. An addict needs to ‘bottom out’ on their own. Then, maybe they’ll get help ie...restructure the Democratic Party..clean up the swamp & stop the corruption.

    You Sir are also doing a fantastic job! We love you & our President.

    You do not stand alone. We’re right in the fight with you to ‘ Make America Great Again!’


  • Elaine M. Liming

    02/05/2018 06:48 PM

    I am very angry. I think it is time to Prune all our government agencies. We cut off the corrupt , and encourage and remind those left at their jobs that theirs is a sacred trust, paid for and supported by real people. Those cut off should be jailed. Treason of any kind is the consequences of selfish, self-centered, Un-Patriotic thoughts and actions. We need to teach the next generation the ideals of a Democratic Republic and in doing so teach about the ideals of good Character. Integrity, honesty, responsibility, compassion, kindness, prudence, humility and fortitude. Parents need to teach this at home and stop letting the secular events and Hollywood do they teaching for them.

  • Julia Smethurst

    02/05/2018 06:47 PM

    Dear Sir

    The Democrats are like a man drowning. First he fights like h—l to get back up to the top..once he’s there his mind says ‘he’ll be fine!’ But, as he starts to sink again, he takes the biggest gulp of air he can to stay alive, then tries to swim to the top again. Fighting, gasping, over & over...refusing to accept the inevitable. At some point, acceptance sets in and he allows fate to continue its course. But, in the case of the Democrats, to admit they’re wrong would be the death of them..and as they’re not in water and sinking physically into water, they’re stuck in the ‘fighting-gasping’ state. This produces adrenaline... like a drug..which in turn creates, addiction. It’s a type of addictive mania spiralling ‘out of control!’ No matter what our President Trump does, they’re stuck in a vid IOU’s cycle..and have become addicted to Trump. He’s their drug! They need to hate him. Otherwise, they really will drown. So President Trump needs to keep doing what he’s doing. Ignore the hate & find strength in knowing there are millions who adore & support him. Like drug addicts, you should never enable them. An addict needs to ‘bottom out’ on their own. Then, maybe they’ll get help ie...restructure the Democratic Party..clean up the swamp & stop the corruption.

    You Sir are also doing a fantastic job! We love you & our President.

    You do not stand alone. We’re right in the fight with you to ‘ Make America Great Again!’


  • Dr. Emelda Williams

    02/05/2018 06:29 PM

    Thank you for coming to Arkansas State University while you were Governor just to ask us (the faculty) what we think about our university and the struggles we might have. I don't remember the outcome but I do remember you asking us for our comments and I totally appreciated that. Now, I also voted for Donald Trump because (1) He was/is a successful business man and (2) His pick of Pence as VP because Pence is a believer in Jesus and I believe that the # 2 person can be successful in influencing the government to seek guidance from God in all governing matters. As you know there are many people mentioned in the Bible that did just that from Joseph and others.
    Question: How or when can I get a repeat of your Huckabee show on TBN if I miss the Sat. night program. BTW: I did happen to catch you and Sarah's discussion on "The View". Way to go, you two-- you all had great responses and you raised a fine daughter.

  • Tami Sparby

    02/05/2018 06:15 PM

    Yes, this is an Outrage!! They need to definitely get punished for this but will they? We've waited how long now for Hiliary to be convicted of the Benghazi attacks and nothing. I pray all this coruption will be stopped. President Trump truly will not let this go under the table. He said he was going to "Drain the Swamp" and I believe he will do that.

  • Stephen Lentz

    02/05/2018 06:00 PM

    "I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican—this should enrage every American." The problem is this will do nothing to half the people in this country who are liberals except embolden them because they did AND got away with it. And then you have the rinos who also want to use this against the President and will do nothing to the people that broke any laws IF that happened. Until the corrupt politicians, rino and jackass are held accountable, they will continue on their merry way and GET WORSE!!! Politicians spouting their constant bullshit rhetoric from their pie holes is worth NOTHING if they don't follow up and charge people and put people in jail IF any laws were broken. According to the media and the lib tards, nothing that was done broke any laws. And again, half the people in this country believe that!!! THAT is the real sad part!!

  • Monique reyes

    02/05/2018 05:48 PM

    Sad to say that American major problem is that we are no longer getting immigrants who love America and are patriotic. Many seek it's benefits and act above the law as if the world owes them or more specifically America owes them for the state of their beloved country. Many of their children loath anything American. Many who run for government positions to change America into what they came from and promote their own gain. No wonder patriotism enranged such a congressman.

  • Tony Hinton

    02/05/2018 05:41 PM

    The Democratic Party Are CLEARLY ARE the COMMUNIST PARTY & MUST Be Dealt with to Save America .

  • Richard Zoia

    02/05/2018 05:38 PM

    Now we know who are the real deplorables.
    LOCK THEM UP in a very public way.

  • Beverly R Miller

    02/05/2018 05:37 PM

    It doesn't surprise me in the least. I wouldn't expect anything less from those pushing a socialist/communistic agenda.

  • Janice Short

    02/05/2018 05:34 PM

    I can remember when the FBI was above reproach. Nothing bad was ever said about them. Even the Mafia couldn't infiltrate them. Now look at them. And I know, as you said, there are a lot of good, honest men & women in the FBI. But the leadership has given a bad name to all of them. I say this is treason & the leaders should be sent to prison, along with Hilary & anyone else found guilty.

  • Wanda Barrett

    02/05/2018 04:56 PM

    Agree totally. As well as making me angry, it also breaks my heart that our country has fallen this low. Where are checks and balances that should be in place to keep these things from happening?
    Not that it will ever happen, but I hope they put all those guilty parties in prison especially Hillary.

  • Barbara Helm

    02/05/2018 04:52 PM

    Our blood bought freedom that was fought for and defended by our forefathers is in jeopardy! When those who are placed in the highest offices by the people and for the people degrade the fundamentals of our constitution through deception, lies and blatant criminal activities, they need to receive their due justice! If America is to stand, then we who hold fast to the truth that our great nation was founded upon, must rise and stand for that which is right and true! Our nation was built with the cornerstone of its foundation being the Word of God. I am thankful for a president and for those who acknowledge that God is sovereign and will once again exalt Him to His rightful place. Christians it is past time to stand. There is no room for complacency. Accountability needs to be held by all! Those very things which we hold dear are ours to defend and protect or to lose!

  • Laurie Giesler

    02/05/2018 04:45 PM

    So now what? Will they go Scott free as did Hillary Clinton?