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August 31, 2023

VP Kamala Harris tried stumping for more abortion access by reminding people that "[m]ost Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy." But all that did was remind people of how much Bidenomics is killing them financially. This article takes a closer look at that. Prepare to be shocked.

If you wonder why you can’t cover a $400 medical bill or are borrowing against your 401K or buying groceries with a credit card, you can thank Biden and the Democrats. When Biden took office, Americans had $2.3 trillion in personal savings. With the post-pandemic economy rebounding, that shot up to $5.7 trillion. But since the 2021 passage of Biden’s laughably-titled “American Rescue Plan,” personal savings have plummeted by nearly $5 trillion to only $862 billion. Just in the past year, the average US household has lost $33,000 in real wealth.

So what is Harris promising here? Reelect them and they’ll at least keep abortions cheap because you won’t be able to afford another child?

Related: If you’re one of the rare Americans who’s doing well enough to afford to put more money into your retirement account, the IRS is delaying a rule that would’ve prevented that. More info here:

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