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July 18, 2022

The January 6 committee has taken another break, no doubt because members are exhausted from bending the truth so hard, in their insistence that any talk of 2020 election fraud was a lie. The real lie is the one the committee stands by: that the election was flawless.

As John Solomon says in his latest column, “From Phoenix to Detroit, and Madison to Austin, there are now nearly two dozen credible confirmations of problems that undercut the claims of bureaucrats, journalists and Democrats that the November 2020 election was perfect. In fact, it was quite imperfect.”

Solomon goes on to list 21 examples of these problems, uncovered by JUST THE NEWS during 18 months of reporting. From the Zuckerberg-funded drop boxes recently ruled illegal in Wisconsin, to the alleged violation of state anti-bribery laws (also connected to Zuckerberg and the Center for Tech and Civic Life), to the suppression by the FBI and media of evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, to illegal ballot harvesting from nursing homes, to “dirty” voter rolls, to many thousands of questionable signatures, to faulty chains of custody and (yes) election machine vulnerabilities and more, the election of 2020 was a hot mess. This is true when in some states the margin of victory was only a few thousand votes.

Read it and weep, Democrats. As you try again to use COVID reports (new variants!!) to scare voters away from the polls and provide cover for mass mail-in voting, be warned: we will do whatever we have to do to make sure you don’t give us an encore this fall, and again in 2024. The system has got to be cleaned up and made transparent and verifiable, no matter how much you want it not to be. The way the rules were bent in 2020 –- thanks, Marc Elias –- you were given a license to cheat. And it looks as though there was plenty of it.

Republicans, you know this is the take-no-prisoners strategy we have to have now. Get involved at the state and local level. Encourage in-person voting. Volunteer to be a poll worker or watcher, and be ready for every kind of funny business, especially where races are close. Because THAT’S the only way to protect “our democracy.”

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Comments 1-10 of 24

  • Colette Wagner

    07/23/2022 12:14 PM

    How were we so blind that our country is at this place? How did we allow the Dems to become untouchable? How did we get to a place where Dems , like Hunter Biden and his father are allowed to sell themselves to foreign players and get away with it with no repercussions, but the Jan. 6 commission is spending countless taxpayer dollars trying to persecute anyone associated with Donald Trump. Where elderly cancer patients are locked up Kamala Harris is still our 2nd in command? How do we reverse this or is it too late. Conservative Christians I know are so complacent they are sitting back telling me that God is coming and he will fix it with no effort from them. Where are God’s warriors? They sure aren’t in Idaho right now.

  • Ron Clark

    07/20/2022 11:29 AM

    It amazes me how blatant and obvious these irregularities occurred and yet the media thumbs their collective noses at the evidence. The amazing part is that the public sits back and falls for all of the scare tactics that make this possible.

  • Valerie Langston

    07/19/2022 04:25 PM

    Thank you for acknowledging the obvious about the 2020 election. No where in the MSM or even Fox is this even hinted at. Unless more people hear and learn about this nothing will be done. Republicans in Washington need to also acknowledge it when the mid terms come around or I am afraid they will do it again. If they can spend 4 years yelling and whining about 2016 then we should be able to whine about 2020.....I know stupid to suggest it but one has to have fantasies.

  • John Odekirk

    07/19/2022 12:29 PM

    Again, I say, Pelosi needs to be investigated! I believe she knew what the outcome of the election was going to be before the election took place. How and why?! Rigged, pre-programmed voting machines, etc., fraudulent ballots, etc. all previously planned out before the election!

    How do "We the People" go about bringing about an investigation?

    Thank you, Governor, for your tireless work.


  • Ed Thompson

    07/19/2022 09:02 AM

    In Pennsylvania we have a Governor who is doing everything he can to make sure the election process will continue as bad as it was in 2020! He has vetoed every attempt to make elections as transparent as possible and his hand picked Lt Governor, Lurch, aka, Fetterman, running to be a representative , is even worse in his own incompetence and lack of moral values. Then we have an “ambulance chasing” guy who only reacts after something happens, has done nothing or promoted anything that will help the people, running for the office of Governor, Shapiro, who will be as bad if not worse than Wolf! Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly FOR President Trump, everyone saw it, and the powers that be, shut it down and when they opened it up there it was— losing—- right out of the gate— how??? If you stop a baseball game at 3 to 4 then start it again it’s still 3 to 4!! If you say all the counting will stop and then restart it again how did all the extra votes get counted? Sorry but lies lies and more lies in just Pennsylvania backed up by dirty elected people,should make everyone go vote to get these people out! Never thought I would ever see so much corruption here in America. We make some third world countries look better than us. And some communist countries too! Vote Trump—AGAIN!!

  • Ann Faudree

    07/19/2022 12:04 AM

    Hello! I totally agree with all you have stated except one part… we are NOT a democracy!!!! We are a republic and we need to reiterate that to the American people! To the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS!
    Democracy is what they want. No more I’ll they have what they are want.

  • Robert Janovick

    07/18/2022 11:55 PM

    Every cabinet level post has a leader - appointed by President Biden - who has done something incompetent, illegal, or both. Congress is powerless to do their duty; the president's party has control of both houses of Congress. Included, are the chairs of the various committees. They are united in following their president's agenda.

    If it were not for the dismal polling approval of the vice president, Biden would have been gone by the 25th Amendment. And, nobody wants Pelosi to move up.

    The Constitution needs a new amendment. It is plain that voters have "Buyer's Remorse". They do not have the option of Wisconsin - and others - to recall. Recall solves the problems of the first paragraph; the 25th does not.

    A recall would be activated by 2/3 of the legislative bodies of the states in order to overcome any resistance in the national bodies (second paragraph). Why shouldn't the wining party be answerable to the voters and democracy; not be allowed to be insulated in four year cocoons?

    We are governed by our consent; we see and feel what is around us. Gwen Ifill said in a promotion for her PBS show, "We'll tell you what you need to know to make a decision." Well, American media failed us on that in 2020; they actively promoted a sequestered candidate using erroneous narrative.

  • Michael Venaccio

    07/18/2022 09:39 PM

    Hi Gov H.
    OK., if there is all this information and evidence of election manipulation why not class action lawsuits to at least get all this in court? Seems that no one wants to listen to the evidence. They may have to do something.

  • John Stewart

    07/18/2022 08:36 PM

    My comment is I like your attitude on this we must do as you have said. The other side is not to be trusted at all.

  • Derry Pumphrey

    07/18/2022 07:51 PM

    Why it so rare hear about any type of corruption in 2020 election. Even if they would not have changed out come. They should be exposed.