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June 18, 2023

Message from Mike Huckabee: Help me fight back against Big Tech censorship. If you would like to subscribe to the advertisement-free version of my newsletter for $1.50 monthly or $18 annually, on Substack ( normally $5 monthly or $36 annually), go here.

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  • Ken O Bearse

    06/19/2023 10:06 AM

    Love the shows!!!!!

  • jack G macdonald

    06/18/2023 11:34 AM

    China is conducting a war with us and we respond by funding it. America is sleeping while China is buying up the world including us with OUR money. We are beyond compliant dupes. We need to immediately decouple totally from these evil thugs. We must emblazon the words "made in China" on every product made by them or their front companies (Like Tik Tok) so that patriotic Americans can boycott their products. I have bought products from Amazon that were complete junk and only lasted days of use. Wake up America. jack