June 5, 2017

Even for liberal icons, virtue-signaling on social media can be a treacherous business, especially when you do it in the midst of a fast-breaking crisis. Bette Midler discovered that when she responded to Saturday’s ISIS-inspired deadly attacks in London by tweeting, “Men and religion are worthless.” While that sentiment might play with a very narrow subset of her fans (feminist atheists), it enraged and offended many others.

First of all, gender has nothing to do with terrorism. Women have been known to strap bombs to themselves and even to their children. Second, many brave men ran toward the attackers to stop them and help their victims, from the police and paramedics to the civilians who threw bottles and chairs to deter the murderers (sadly, unlike in America, there were no good guys with concealed carry permits nearby, since the UK government disarmed them all so that mass killings would be eradicated. That worked out well, didn’t it? The police rightly earned praise for responding in just eight minutes and shooting the killers dead, but that eight-minute wait for any good guys with guns to show up was still long enough for seven people to die and 48 to be injured, 21 of them critically.)

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As for Bette’s slam on religion, her lack of specificity also drew criticism. What religion is she calling worthless? All of them? What did Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism have to do with this? Or is one specific religion (radical Islam) responsible for most recent terrorist attacks? (Here’s a hint: the killers in London were shouting, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed people to death.) That’s the great conundrum facing all virtue-signaling “progressives”: it’s considered politically-correct to slam religion in general, even if it unfairly tars billions of innocent people of faith; but horribly un-PC to name the twisted religious strain actually responsible. Bette must’ve been shocked at the negative reaction to her tweet, since she was just following one of the cardinal rules of modern liberalism: You can slander the innocent all you like, but there’s hell to pay if you apply any value judgments to the guilty.


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  • Myrtis Jordan (Cissy)

    06/07/2017 12:00 AM

    Come on Bette your better than that it's not right to KILL that is not what God wants . Just sing you were blessed with a beautiful voice remember God was a man and he was a good and very religious JUST SING

  • Rich Friedman

    06/06/2017 06:16 PM

    and don't forget about the white supremacist in Portland who killed two people (including a veteran). terrorists come in all colors and religions. Is that really such a difficult concept to grasp?

  • Rich Friedman

    06/06/2017 05:49 PM

    and don't forget about the white supremacist in Portland who killed two people (including a veteran). terrorists come in all colors and religions. Is that really such a difficult concept to grasp?

  • Amanda Lethco

    06/06/2017 04:37 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,

    I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I am a fellow Christian and conservative, and I appreciate the work you do to protect religious liberty in America. You are correct that Bette Midler's statements were hateful, unfair, and offensive. However, I must take issue with the statement, "Bette Midler is worthless." That is not what the Bible teaches. Every human being was created by God, and in His image. Therefore, every human being has worth, even those who disagree with us. I understand the desire to lash out at those who criticize the values that define your very existence, but as Christians, shouldn't we point out the errors in her statements, but refrain from degrading her humanity? I promise, I say this as lovingly as possible because I am on YOUR side! May God bless you, and guide you in your future path.

  • Ralph Dobbins

    06/06/2017 03:31 PM

    @ Rosemarie Hay - The difference is that Midler painted whole groups of people with the same brush with her statement. Governor Huckabee simply called out one loud mouth bully with his. No stooping when you call an ace and ace.

  • Craig Smith

    06/06/2017 02:36 PM

    Yet another member of the "Why is everybody so easily offended these days" crowd is clearly whining because he's offended by something. We just keep seeing this behavior over and over...

  • Anthony K LoBaugh

    06/06/2017 01:39 PM


    Ms. Midler's tweet is based in fact. Terrorism has and is being carried out by a vast majority of men that are tied to a religious belief. It is simply known and verifiable. If one is worthless because the speak the truth, then you are correct Sir, Ms. Midler is indeed worthless. Or is she? One comment and it wipes out a lifetime of good work? Please, get real!

    Mr. HUCKABEE thank you for your opinion. Free speech is America. There are way more important issues and people you should focus your writings on than a tweet from an entertainer, Divine and a National treasure as she might be.

    P. S. Your daughter is worthless at her White House job.

  • Riley Venable

    06/06/2017 12:38 PM

    Rev. Gov. Huckabee,
    Don't punch down. It doesn't help you, and helps Midler.
    Give your daughter some advice. She should get while the getting is good. No good can come from working for President Trump.

  • Shane Kai Glenn

    06/06/2017 11:06 AM

    While there have been female terrorist, they are by-in-large male. This is also the case for most mass murderers. To pretend otherwise is laughable.

    Incidents of mass violence have far more to do with gender than it has to do with religion. Afterall, the majority of mass murders in the United States aren't perpetrated in the name of religion, but the vast majority are perpetrated by frustrated young males.

    The real profile for a mass killer, whether they be a terrorist a gang member or just some kook, is that of a young, lost, frustrated man who expresses the pain they have within by inflicting terror on innocent people.


  • Jenese Miller

    06/06/2017 10:01 AM

    I greatly enjoy your commentary, but I must disagree with the heading on this one. Ms. Midler may be 100% wrong, but no one is worthless. I pray for her and all of the other souls who seem compelled to spew hatred and lies during a time when our nation needs to be united. I believe you feel the same way. While so many are living under such deception, and I truly believe that we need to fight this deception with the truth, we must always remember that it is more important to remember the eternal souls that reside inside these people, and to pray and show love whenever and wherever possible. Kathy Griffin, Ken Jennings, Bette Midler, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Stephen Colbert.....they are unhappy souls who resort to vile speech and actions to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that their candidate lost the election. One can no longer disagree respectfully with someone in this country. We must hate, libel, bully and threaten. How sad. I do not believe there are many people who believe Donald Trump is perfect, in fact he may be far from it. But his love for America, his courage to stand for what he believes is right, and his tireless work to fulfill the promises he made are encouraging and give me hope. Blessings to you Governor.

  • Stacia Richards

    06/06/2017 09:39 AM

    Dearest Mike, I sincerely hope someone else wrote that title for you. You are a better Christian man that that. We all God's creation and have worth. I'm saddened and disappointed.

  • Stacia Richards

    06/06/2017 09:35 AM

    Dearest Mike, I sincerely hope someone else wrote the title for that article. You are a better Christian man than that. All people have worth in God's eyes. I'm saddened and disappointed in your words.

  • Rosemarie Hay

    06/06/2017 07:10 AM

    What do you hope to gain by falling to her level and titling this article "Bette Midler is worthless "?
    All you've done is put yourself in her category and lose credibility.

  • Cloy McWilliams

    06/06/2017 05:55 AM

    I have keep telling myself don't judge them, but it's geeing harder each day. I'm old woman and never before have I seen so much hate in our country. It takes a lot of praying not to become starting hating all the people that put our God and country down. I have rember they are God's created them.
    Ephesians 4:32
    Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.
    I really enjoyed watching your daughter at the press conference yesterday, she got some of her daddy's spirit
    Cloy McWilliams

  • Shari Joy

    06/06/2017 02:27 AM

    Thank you Mr Huckabee for everything you do. I also applaud your daughter--she has a thankless nightmare of a job having to deal with the idiot/lying press. They are so unbelievably stupid! We need someone to mobilize us. To direct us how to stand up and fight against liberalism--tell us what we need to do. We need a site specifically set up to direct us to different rallies for our President so we know where/when they are. We need help. We also MUST start to go after the vote of those in the middle-THEY will be the deciding factor. Please help us figure this all out. Thank you sir.

  • Kevin Ryan

    06/06/2017 02:21 AM

    Hi Mike, enjoy reading your commentaries on current events in our country's political evolution. I too find Ms. Midler's rantings off base and generally tasteless. She has had her moments as a comedic talent (Down and Out in Beverly Hills was funny) but her dislike of President Trump has revealed a very dark side to her public persona. President Trump's ability to work thru distractions is legendary and will serve him and the country well as the likes of Ms. Midler try to derail his efforts with their reactionary attacks. She like many of her liberal supporters are giving new meaning to sore losers but in the end will not amount to a footnote history. Ms. Midler does not really stand for anything otherwise I'd be more than happy to hear her views.

  • Donna Magnuson

    06/06/2017 12:48 AM

    Dear Mr Huckabee...
    As atrocious as Bette Midler's behaviour is and Kathy Griffin's behaviour(horrific)...I am reminded that they are created by the most high God, who desires all to be saved and none to be lost. JESUS gave the robbers on the cross the opportunity to go to choose him. Can either of these two women be judged worthless? Judge not lest ye be judged..We need to pray for their salvation.

  • Connie Riggs

    06/05/2017 10:47 PM

    It seems more wind is found in her head than beneath her wings. Atheism is also a religion and, dare I say, requires more faith than Christianity, in my opinion.

  • Laura McKenzie

    06/05/2017 10:23 PM

    You are SO right on, Mike Huckabee! Bette is like all Liberals, she's too dumb & too confused to be speaking in public! These silly women get together & try to outdo each other with their blah-blah-blah nothing speeches & giggle & scream & pat each other on the back! Disgusting to civilized people! (Keep up your great work, Mike!)

  • Kathy Wendel

    06/05/2017 10:03 PM

    Wonder who Bette will call for when she is close to the fire...being lost can prove fatal.

  • Margaret Blackwood

    06/05/2017 09:28 PM

    Thank you for
    The stand you take for our Lord and savior. If we don't take a stand against evil we deserve the outcome!