January 7, 2022

Yesterday, we had one word to say about President Biden’s “Jan. 6” commemorative speech: DISGRACEFUL. (Well, it was the one printable word we had.) Honestly, it was just too nauseating to write about right then, but perhaps it’ll be a bit less gag-inducing now, with a little distance put between us and it.

Biden repeatedly lied in his roughly 25-minute speech from the hallowed Statuary Hall inside the Capitol complex.

“For the first time in our history,” he lied, “a President had not just lost an election, but tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.” Trump did no such thing and, in fact, was working within the process laid out in the Constitution. His rally was peaceful –- he TOLD participants to be peaceful –- and as such it was an expression of his constitutional right to peacefully protest. Biden implied in his speech that Trump had wanted his supporters to breach the Capitol, to physically prevent the vote from being certified, and had even personally engineered this. That is a lie.

He said Trump had sat in the White House dining room, “doing nothing for hours” with “the nation’s Capitol under siege” and the mob “hunted down members of Congress.” A timeline has been established that shows this, too, is a detestable lie.

Biden went on to lie about the election, too, and its aftermath. As Sophie Mann reports in Just The News, “Biden said there is no evidence, anywhere, to suggest that the results of the election were altered, flawed or in any way untrustworthy.” That claim is false, and recent polling shows most Americans don’t believe it. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest interference in a variety of creative ways. Was the election stolen outright, by strategically rigging the outcome in carefully targeted locations? We can’t say until enormous questions are answered and essential materials are provided to auditors. The lack of transparency is in itself suspect.

Biden didn’t hesitate to get personal about his predecessor, either, and that’s when the speech became shamefully unpresidential. Trump, he said, is someone who “values power over principle.” By refusing to accept the results of the election, he said, Trump is rejecting “the will of the people.” On the contrary, Trump believes the will of the people has been thwarted by those who would get into the White House by hook or by crook.

This pathetic speech was Biden’s own attempt to hold onto power as his presidency is clearly failing. A new Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that only 28 percent think Biden will be re-elected. Another 21 percent think he’ll resign before the next election. And a plurality of 38 percent think he’ll lose to the Republican candidate. As The New York Times wrote in December, “On top of concerns about Biden’s age and general unpopularity, there is an overarching fear among Democrats of the possibility of a Trump comeback --- and a determination that the party must run a strong candidate to head it off.” Could there BE a weaker candidate for re-election than Joe Biden?

Though the histrionics we saw yesterday seem ridiculously out of proportion to what actually happened (especially when that is compared to many months of BLM/Antifa violence), Glenn Greenwald warns that the Democrat Party and “the dominant wing of the U.S. corporate media” will play this for all it’s worth. “The orgy of psychodrama today was so much worse and more pathetic than I expected --- and I expected it to be extremely bad and pathetic,” he writes. And later, “Far too many centers of political and economic power benefit from an exaggerated and even false narrative about January 6 to expect it ever to end.”

The only thing I can think of that might cause this, if not to end, to at least recede a bit, is the revelation that protesters were “helped” past the barricades and into the Capitol that day, a scenario that seems more plausible all the time. We’ve brought you the excellent National File reporting on that, and here’s another report from Red State that raises more questions...

If that’s what happened, it doesn’t excuse Trump supporters for playing along on an extremely ill-advised adventure, but it certainly adds a whole new dimension to the story. One thing Biden never mentioned in his speech was the fact that Trump offered thousands of National Guard troops to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that day –- you know, to keep things peaceful and under control –- and Pelosi, who was in charge of security, turned him down. No, he never said a word about that.

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  • Michael Moran

    01/09/2022 07:48 AM

    The ramblings coming from President Biden are sounding more like the tripe published by “Pravda” through the dark days of the Cold War…with the notable exception being that Pravda at least did their best to make their fabrications believable. This administration & its handmaidens make no effort to knit facts into their fairy tales…they just repeat the lie over and over…and over…
    Who said “If you speak a lie repeatedly and loudly, it will soon enough be accepted as truth”?

  • Teresa Byas

    01/08/2022 07:30 PM

    I’m sorry to say, but the “halls of Congress” are not “Hallowed” they are “demon possessed”!!!

  • Kathryn Turner

    01/08/2022 09:24 AM

    President Biden and most of the Democrats seem to be led or controlled by Satan. Prayer is our hope for change.

  • Don Wirth

    01/08/2022 08:57 AM

    Yes Joe, you are all of those things that you said,"disgraceful, dishonest and disgusting" and America deserves far better. We have no "Leadership" and are suffering for it.

  • Charles Hammill

    01/08/2022 07:20 AM

    No one believed a word Biden said. It's painfully clear that Biden and Harris are outright lying to the public. And what the hell is this about Jan. 6th being the same as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, only the gullible believe these two manure shoveling con-artists.

  • Carol J Mathews

    01/08/2022 01:15 AM

    Governor, If anyone has any influence over President Trump, please tell him that constantly nagging about the stolen election is going to hurt him in the poles and others. America well understands much of what happened except the CNN stupids but those in the middle and the Dems that are on the fence understanding Biden is a lost cause are turned away when he sounds like a spoiled child and even worse,Hillary Clinton claiming the election was stolen from him. It is time to look to the future and warn people to be viligent that 2020 is not repeated but stay away from the stolen remarks. Better phrasing, and I know he is not a real good orator, needs to happen. Many want to vote for him if he, himself does not turn them away. Except for the stupids, we all know that 2020 was not right and we were asleep not knowing the planning that was going on but it is over and the future is at stake. He is playing into their hands with the whinning like Hillary. Man up, set the goal, and run the course, eyes focused on how things were rigged and let it not happen again. Consentrate on getting the laws right and followed. I personally wish we were in person voting only and no more than 3 voting days. Every district across the country should provide enough voting places so that long lines will not happen and people will come out,in person, signature varified, and vote. There should be a voting place for every 5000 people in any given district. Fast, and accurate counting with no time to "find" lost ballots in the middle of the night.

  • Jean Kempema

    01/07/2022 07:52 PM

    I also noticed on a film that a capital policeman was at the top of the stairs and as the group came up, he led them. Doesn’t sound like he was protecting the building. Go thru all the films - you will see it. I thought that was strange!