April 27, 2020

"Imagine that --- being framed by our own government and by political operatives who don’t like you. And I think that’s what we’re gonna find out.” That was Devin Nunes, speaking with Maria Bartiromo on this week’s SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, on the case of former national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

It’s highly doubtful that Nunes, ranking member and former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, would be saying something like this unless he already possessed knowledge that it was true. Recall that he was pilloried for his memo debunking the Russia hoax in 2018, though his conclusions were later verified. (It was Adam Schiff’s memo that was discredited.) Just watch --- Nunes will be right about this, too.

If you’ve read Lee Smith’s excellent book, THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, you know that Flynn was indeed targeted by operatives who didn’t like him, as far back as 2014-15. The Obama Department of Justice (“Justice”) didn’t like him because he wanted to lessen the military’s reliance on the CIA bureaucracy, which only slowed them down when minutes counted on the battlefield. He was calling for financial audits of the Pentagon/Defense Department (uh-oh), and he was a vocal opponent of one of President Obama’s most cherished, administration-defining plans: the Iran Deal. They wanted him compromised long before President-elect Trump announced that he would be coming to the White House to work at his side.

By the way, Nunes also told Bartiromo that, judging by information in the IG report that has recently been declassified, the person who needs to be questioned about the bogus “Russian” narrative is Sergei Millian, one of three Russian-Americans who were apparently involved to some extent. He was asked to come before the House Intel Committee, but according to Nunes, “he is hiding somewhere around the globe.” Nunes is still calling for him to come forward, because “either he was, you know, working for Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign and dirtying-up Trump people, or it’s quite possible he may have been framed.” If he’s afraid to come back to America, Nunes says, “we can guarantee his safety.”

If you are as far “into the weeds” as we are on the origin story of the dossier, we’ve found a detailed article that supports Nunes’ theory that Millian was indeed framed as the source for information that really came from Fusion GPS. One of my researchers just stumbled across this website and plans to check out the archives, as the information there looks really solid.

In the Bartiromo interview, Nunes says of this individual, “He is the source,” but then backs away from that just a bit, saying he’s “one of” the major sources for Steele and Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS. Millian is identified as “Person 1” in the IG report. Steele told the FBI that "Person 1" was a “boaster” and “egotist” but still used information credited to him in the “dossier.” He said that Millian was the source for his “Russian prostitutes” story and also for the claim that there was a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Millian, on the other hand, does indeed say he was framed by Steele and Fusion GPS and was not a source for the “dossier.” I think it’s likely we’re going to find that the main “dossier” stories came from Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS and that this Hillary-paid team just put it out with other people’s names on it.

Incredibly, Robert Mueller’s team never interviewed Millian.

As for Flynn, it’s logical to strongly suspect if not conclude from what we know that he was framed. If he was, then it’s also logical to expect the Obama DOJ to have hidden exculpatory evidence that would have put an end to his legal travails. But Christian Datoc at THE DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION is reporting that President Trump’s FBI Director Christopher Wray also kept that evidence under wraps. We’ve long expressed doubt of Wray’s effectiveness as FBI director; if this is true, it takes his role into a whole new realm. (In an update, FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs Brian Hale has issued a statement to the DAILY CALLER absolutely, positively denying this.) Whether Wray was directly involved or not, Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell has long maintained that the FBI and Justice Department were continuing to hide exculpatory evidence, or what’s known as “Brady material.”

But in breaking news, court documents have been filed (finally!) that contain important evidence Powell was seeking, and there might be more to come. This is happening after Attorney General Bill Barr assigned the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri to conduct a review of the Flynn investigation. The review “involved the analysis of reports related to the investigation along with communications and notes by [FBI] personnel associated with the investigation,” according to the cover letter sent to Powell and another attorney.

It had been reported by THE FEDERALIST that FBI general counsel Dana Boente was the one who blocked release of the Brady material, but Datoc’s source says Boente was acting “in coordination with Wray.” (Again, this has been strongly denied by Wray’s office, but it certainly would explain a lot.) This order to put a hold on Brady material should NEVER have been given, by anyone; the Justice Department has previously ruled that the government has no right to withhold exculpatory material. According to DOJ code, “government disclosure of material exculpatory and impeachment evidence [relevant information both helpful and hurtful] is part of the constitutional guarantee to a fair trial.”

This is just one of the reasons Flynn was treated shamefully. He deserves to have his guilty plea thrown out, all charges dropped (or a Presidential pardon), and restitution for the damages this travesty has caused to his reputation, career, financial condition and peace of mind.

More to come soon –- including, I think, some indictments.


Finally, here's an excellent lawyerly take from Andrew C. McCarthy, who has said all along that Flynn should never have been prosecuted. He sheds some light on what was going on with Flynn's original attorneys. This is another must-read for anyone who wants to understand what was done to Michael Flynn, which was a criminal abuse of power.

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  • John Gossett

    05/02/2020 08:07 PM

    As a retired Trooper and later an adjunct professor, I am appalled at the treatment General Flynn has received. I always believed American justice is blind; that the weight of an accusation must be proven. The Flynn case show a politicalization of our premier law enforcement agency. Flynn should be exonerated and this unlawful investigative behavior prosecuted.

  • marshall goldman

    04/29/2020 07:58 PM

    He should be reimbursed for his legal fees, loss of any income, and a value set on his home that he lost because of all this nonsense he was put thru. Plus He should get damages for pain, suffering and humiliation. Further the money should come out of the FBI budget!

  • Elizabeth Schneider

    04/28/2020 03:27 PM

    This should have never happened to Flynn, his position needs to be reinstated & all money confiscated from him, should be returned to him with an apology!

  • Kaye Baird

    04/28/2020 03:24 PM

    DC isn't a swamp. DC is a waste oxidation pond. It needs to be burned then razed. Very little from that oxidation pond can ever pass the smell test again.

  • Floyd Hale

    04/28/2020 02:31 PM

    Very informative !!!!!

  • Fred Sayin

    04/28/2020 01:21 PM

    In the game of American Football if I see the whole defense overeager to run right to stop a sweep it is time to fake the sweep right and run a reverse left. Next time there is a mystery fire unexplained pretend that You believe a Republican did it and see everyone's reaction, then about 20 minutes later You change your mind and say: " You believe a Democrat did it" See everyone's reaction especially the Democratic Party and the Democratic media. Before your little reverse tell President Trump about it.

  • James Evart

    04/28/2020 11:29 AM

    TRUTH is something round that Democrats, the media and people of the left play tennis with. Truth is more like a game to entertain those who put themselves above it. It's something to pull on and twist like taffy, something to dress up like a doll or a manakin. Truth to those who have no regard for it, is nothing but a vehicle for the immoral to manipulate, upholding their own immoral ends.
    Oh, I almost forgot the FDA and the media in dealing with the efficacy of using HCQ and the medical profession withholding it from those who are dying. It's hard to say which came first, liers or hypocrites, but it's safe to say that neither has a conscience.

  • Linda Olds

    04/28/2020 11:18 AM

    One of your commenters asked how the Democrats have been getting away with all of this. Two reasons:
    1) Democrats stick together and protect their wrongdoers, unless it's politically expedient to discard them.
    2) The fake news media is almost completely liberal; they are an arm of the DNC. Most of this information isn't reported by them. A large part of the country doesn't hear about it. I know this, from family and friends who are Democrats. They have never heard of most things I mention.

  • Carolyn Blue

    04/28/2020 09:54 AM

    This was a shameful crime committed against General Flynn and all involved need to be indicted and sent to prison. General Flynn needs to be fully exonerated.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    04/28/2020 08:30 AM

    Amen and Amen!

  • Sandra Weaver

    04/28/2020 05:18 AM

    The false accusers should be arrested and put in prison.

  • David Nielsen

    04/28/2020 05:10 AM

    Obama's hatred for anyone that disagreed with him, is enormous. Leftists will do anything to destroy those who try to keep America free. Truly, they are from the evil one.

  • Cathy

    04/28/2020 04:46 AM

    Definitely not a pardon, he needs cleared of all charges. A pardon implies guilt but being left off for political reasons.

  • Neil Harrington

    04/28/2020 03:11 AM

    Shocking treatment of Flynn!

  • Kaye Baird

    04/27/2020 10:09 PM

    The deep state "department" of our government needs a serious demotion. Lt. Gen. Flynn can NEVER be made whole again. The FBI can never be sufficiently rended.

  • Carol J Mathews

    04/27/2020 10:03 PM

    He should have everything restored with interest, public apology.
    I do not trust Christopher Wray any farther than I could throw him. He is a Comey trainee and maybe not as crocked or cocky but still concealing evidence.

  • Andrew E McManus Sr

    04/27/2020 08:17 PM

    Just when you thought everything has been brought to light, something else comes out. I sure hope indictments are on the horizon. Something about Christopher Wray I never trusted. Now I know why

  • Michael

    04/27/2020 07:53 PM

    I have thought for quite awhile that Christopher Wray is a snake, should not and cannot be trusted. I hope President Trump will come to be more than skeptical about Wray. I am just like many others who comment, if President Trump is not re-elected, all the information that you (Gov.Huckabee) have provided, all the other who have investigated and revealed the Deep State Swamp, will all be for nothing, if the crooked Democrats take control of the WH, House or Senate. I hope that General Flynn is pardoned by the President,right along with Roger Stone. Flynn was a definitely targeted by that fraud Obama and his administration. I hope there is true justice, but I remain skeptical about AG Barr and his team, but hope soon I will be proven wrong and many will be held accountable and prison sentences will be handed down to the many perpetrators and treasonous scum!!!

  • John and Laura Lee Dean

    04/27/2020 06:16 PM

    WOW! May God's grace abound and righteousness prevail on behalf of Michael Flynn! Praying!!

  • KeoniBoy

    04/27/2020 05:56 PM

    If you think the occupant of 1600 PA Ave DC from 2009-2017 didn't know full well what was going on with the deep state skulduggery, then there is a bridge in Flatbush available for sale, cheap.

  • Mary Kay Hamm

    04/27/2020 05:33 PM

    I just pray all of those involved in this whole mess are brought to justice.It is so frustrating to not see justice done.I see all the trouble Flynn and his family have gone through and hope and pray Sidney Powell can finally get his life restored.

  • Penny Negre

    04/27/2020 05:06 PM

    How can the Democrats continue to get away with breaking the law and destroying other people’s lives. So disappointing.

  • stephen mitchell

    04/27/2020 04:29 PM

    There is absolutely nothing going to happen with this . If President Trump is not reelected , then all of this information will be irrelevant . It'll be back to business as usual .

  • Marcia Mapes

    04/27/2020 04:10 PM

    Please, if you have any influence with President Trump, get him to take down the gif tweet of Biden with his tongue rolling around. It is in very poor taste, beneath our President, makes him look bad. I'm sure he is frustrated with the media bashing and lies he has to put up with, but he needs to resist stooping to this and take the high road.

  • Katie Bohne

    04/27/2020 04:04 PM

    WHY, WHY, WHY.....Isn't Barr doing something about all this corruption, lies, trumped up claims, etc. I think the American People deserve to see head's roll, people indicted, jailed, exterminated, and even bodily THROWN OUT OF OFFICE, LIKE THEY TRIED TO DO TO PRESIDENT TRUMP AND OTHERS. All we hear is verification of what these people did and NOTHING happening to them. Put your money where your mouth is.