September 14, 2021

This weekend marks 20 years since Islamic radical terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and would have flown a 4th plane into the Capitol or White House except that passengers on that plane wrestled the controls away from the hijackers and the plane went down in Shanksville, PA. 3000 innocent people were murdered in the space of a few minutes in a cowardly attack that shook the nation more powerfully than anything since Pearl Harbor. One of the reasons the events of that day are seared into the deepest recesses of our souls is that we saw it play out on live television. Some of the images, especially of desperate people jumping from the Towers to escape the fireball of the airliners exploding or the soot-covered people in business attire stumbling away from the collapsing buildings are images we can’t unsee.

We all remember exactly where we were that day and what we were doing when we saw the planes hit. Like the JFK assassination for those of us old enough to remember it, or the Challenger explosion, there are moments in our lives where an event so stunned us that time seemed to stand still and we had to catch our breath from the sheer shock of what our eyes had told us.

In the hours, days, and weeks following 9-11, America was united like I had never witnessed. Flags flew everywhere—on office buildings, residences, and cars. And no one took a knee. Members of Congress from both parties stood together on the Capitol steps and sang a hymn. Churches were filled with people praying. Young men and women put aside their studies or their lives to enlist in the military. America was at war. And we were united.

Here’s what didn’t happen. People didn’t divide among lines of race, gender, political party, or sexual identity. No sane person blamed America or systemic racism or white rage. If we really were a racist, imperialistic, evil country, surely we would have been told that by members of Congress. But we weren’t told that. Because we weren’t an evil country. And let me tell you, we aren’t an evil country now. Imperfect? Sure, but still the best place on God’s green earth.

We’ve allowed America-hating academics and outright Marxists to tell us we’re all racists. We’ve had frightened CEO’s down on their knees apologizing to total strangers for some symbolic repentance of sins they can’t even recall or name. And we’ve watched otherwise responsible corporate boards pretend to be “woke” and demand their employees get instruction in some nutty nonsense called Critical Race Theory that only serves to divide people when there is so much to unite us as people blessed by God to live in a nation where color isn’t what we’re about—character is. That’s the beautiful message from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and it’s never been more needed.

9-11 was a slap in our face and it was a rude awakening to the real evil in our world. An ideology that hates America, hates freedom, hates equality for women or people of color is the ideology that attacked us. It remains a threat to our freedom and our way of life. Ultimately, the battle we faced then and the one we still face now is a spiritual battle. Will the Judeo-Christian framework we were built upon remain our foundation, or will we surrender to a fanatic world-view that believes women are property who don’t deserve an education or identity and that killing innocent people for a political cause is okay? Instead of apologizing for America, we ought to unapologetically affirm our love for America. And no better day to do that than a day which reminds us who we really are.

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  • Dan Moses

    09/15/2021 10:31 AM

    Mike your article on 9/11 couldn’t have been more true.
    I’m a Veteran of the Air Force and Air National Guard. I’m very pleased and proud to have served my country! So many take for granted what luxuries our great country provides.
    Electricity to power our home’s, running water, education (if not perverted at times), freedom to come and go as we please, free from religious persecution ( hopefully this will not be taken away as well), I could count hundreds of things most people don’t even consider. One of the reasons I know this, is my first hand experience in the military.
    I was stationed in several countries that had very few of these promises. When they did it was very unreliable.
    Our way of life has been taken for granted and our children have been brainwashed to think there’s a better life out there.
    Basement mentality children!
    Parents have been duped into sending our future generations to indoctrination camps referred to as esteemed college camps.
    Keep up your good work, I’m in your corner on this fight to educate the sheeple fools.

  • Tammie Neace

    09/15/2021 10:25 AM

    Thank you for providing sound advice on the vaccine. I don't understand why so many people are not having a conversation with their doctors on this matter. Surely there can't be this many people who believe "everything you read online is true". I worked as a nurse for over 20 years and I knew that I was taking a chance when I entered a clients home I became exposed to whatever was in that home. I would never have considered not using the proper PPE when the situation required me to. This vaccine is just another tool in the PPE box. I had flu and HepC vaccines which protects myself and my clients knew that their home health nurse wouldn't be the carrier of what ever into there home's. Keep strongly urging people to please talk with their doctors they are the ones who have the true information on this vaccine. All of my doctor's and their staff volunteer to receive the vaccine before it was provided to the general public. Not a one have grown an extra head or turned green (LOL) I just wish people would start seeking advice from the proper people and stop thinking about conspiracy theories.

  • Kathleen Schmidt

    09/15/2021 09:27 AM

    Thank you for your emails daily. God bless you for all you do to keep my husband and I informed on what's going on in the world ??. Everything you say makes sense and your faith is evident in your message. Hoping Sarah wins in the election. We have a limited income so I can only support her in prayer ??.

  • Kris Hall

    09/15/2021 08:56 AM

    Please get us more information on NOVAVAX. From what I'm reading, we NEED this approved in the US. I have not been vaccinated and I'm holding out for a more traditional vaccine. I do not want MRNA. I think there is a lot of hesitancy with the "Vaccines" because of MRNA. NOVAVAX, made in Maryland, may be the answer to many including myself. thank you for listening.

  • Robert T. Beard

    09/15/2021 02:12 AM

    Right on Mike! I worked in One World Trade Center and I was one of the lucky ones.

  • Mark Beckstein

    09/14/2021 10:24 PM

    You are 100% right..hit the nail on the head..this is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE..and those of us that are children of God, know what's coming and who's coming..back!!

  • Matt Schalburg

    09/14/2021 10:13 PM

    Extremely Well said Sir, thank you for that. full of TRUTH

  • Carl T Smith

    09/14/2021 10:11 PM

    You just explained the Pandemic Scare! We have had episodes in my 83 years that were really bad BUT we used to have Journalist Not Talking heads filling Air Time, and by the time the facts were sorted out the Disaster wasn't as bad as first assumed and we moved on. Remember we were going to run out of food! The Pollution in the GOM Oils spill would ruin fishing and reproduction in the marshes for a hundred years! BTW this is the scare when the Ocean People discovered a petroleum-eating something that lessened the 100-year disaster to 3 years! Dr. Robert Malone had a great two-hour interview about the mRNA used to vaccinate and its drawbacks at the Epoch Times! I believe you have sourced the Epoch several times. It's My GO-TO for well-researched commentary outside the reach of Big Tech.

  • Betty G Stevens

    09/14/2021 09:09 PM

    I agree with you. Keep up the good work. Thank you

  • Mary Beth Spivey

    09/14/2021 09:03 PM

    Love, love your message! Praying daily for our Heavenly Father to forgive all who wish harm to our country and for His wisdom to intervene and change their evil hearts.