July 5, 2018

For all the people who moaned and screamed at the sky because Hillary Clinton didn’t become President, it’s worth considering where she would have taken America if she had won.  If more of the young “progressives” who backed Bernie Sanders had put her over the top, they would have expected more of what they’ve been misled to think is great: socialism.  Hillary is too smart to believe that socialism is anything other than a recipe for disaster.  But during the campaign, she claimed that she strongly identified with the early 20th century progressives, and they made no secret of how they wanted to fundamentally transform America.


Remind me again why we haven't replaced the IRS with the Fair Tax

These were people like Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood and wanted to use birth control and abortion to reduce the population of groups she considered inferior.  President Woodrow Wilson, who wanted to make America subservient to a League of Nations. The Fabian Socialists, who wanted to advance socialism gradually, so that like frogs in a slowly heating pot, Americans wouldn’t realize their freedom had been boiled away until it was too late.  And of course, the backers of the 16th Amendment, which created the income tax, which led to the IRS, now America’s only officially-sanctioned criminal enterprise. 


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In fact, the creation of the income tax was the linchpin for the whole progressive movement. Up until then, Americans were free citizens of a republic, and the government was our servant. But from that point on, Americans became subjects, and the federal government became our ruler.  The government could now show up at your door, demand to know what you make, and force you to prove it. No right to privacy, no right against self-incrimination. You're guilty until you can prove your innocence to the IRS. And even then, they can still find you guilty, because they are the DA, the judge, the jury and the executioner.


The income tax turned the whole relationship between a free people and their government upside down. They need to know what you make so they can force you to spend it on things they think you should spend it on, for your own good (as determined by them.)  Why do we need a 73,000-page tax code?  Because that’s how many rules and loopholes and deductions and incentives and subsidies and penalties it takes to turn a free people into puppets.  Without all those strings on us, leftists would have no way to control every aspect of our lives.  


That would stop if we replaced the income tax with a fair tax and did away with the IRS. There's no reason Americans should have to fear their own government. You wouldn't tell your neighbors or co-workers what you make, and you probably wouldn't even tell your relatives. It's sure as heck none of the government's business. If you think the economy is doing well now, just imagine how it would soar if we finally stopped taxing productivity and punishing success, and let business people make decisions based on what’s good for their businesses instead of on avoiding taxes and penalties.


Americans voted as they did in 2016 because they refused to accept that slow growth and a crippling bureaucracy and tax code were the new normal.  We are Americans; we are not European socialists.  We don’t look into the distance and see the end of the world.  We see a limitless horizon.  Young people need to be taught what socialism really is and how it destroys once-free and vibrant nations (replacing Spring Break with a week in Venezuela might have the same housebreaking effect on young fans of socialism that rubbing a puppy’s nose in its own mess does.)  


While the media try to slander Trump voters as being motivated by racism or xenophobia, the truth is that they responded to finally hearing someone remind them that there is nothing they can’t do if the government nannies will just get off their backs, out of their wallets, and out of their way.  The Fair Tax would be a great step in doing just that.


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  • Arthur R Krohnert

    07/16/2018 07:25 PM

    Used to be able to make $70k overseas before claiming anything but now Obama changed it to only $10k. There is no culmulative control over the percentage of taxes taken by Federal, Stae, City/County! My Urantia book talks of tax enslavement on, "Govt on a Neighboring Planet," an eye opener! Cities usually win out over State and Federal because they hold you hostage with property and school taxes for unsave drug/shooting schools. Big Pharm got all the shooters on behavioral drugs that are behind 90% of all shootings! They pass out Opiods like candy when there are synthetic Demoral drugs with no additive side affects! They are not interested in cures only big money treatments and chemo made from Agent Orange. Flat culmative tax, cures, no more Afhganistan troops guarding opium fields! Democrates, Swampers and Fake News are the, "TEMPLE MONEY CHANGERS!" Drive them out of congress and all over! Bring back the Death Penalty for "Pushers!" Take America back and protect us from invaders!

  • Ann Thompson

    07/08/2018 04:23 PM

    Incredibly well stated! This message needs to be spread far and wide!! It's about so much more than just money - it's all about control. I've long supported the idea of a national sales tax or a flat tax (but if a flat tax is tiered to income, that puts us back in the problem of someone with the power to intrude into our lives). A sales tax could be tweaked to not over burden the poor, but also include everyone. Every person needs to pay at least a small amount - pride of ownership is important!
    Just think of all the hours of lost productivity, not to mention frustration, that would be recovered if the current method of tax extraction was no more! Talk about giving out country a jump start!
    Oh, and I love the idea of field trips to Venezuela!

  • Donald LaFlamme

    07/07/2018 07:28 PM

    I've been paying income tax all my life and never considered that it was a string from which i was being controlled--your point is absolutely correct--we get upset when we work overtime, not because we'll miss time from home (although that sucks too) but because the government will take 40%! Businesses should not have that worry either! What do we need to do to get that ball rolling? I remember Herman Cain came up with a 9% tax idea years ago, but it never took off--can he do that again? Should we write a letter or start a petition? How cool would that be to do away with the IRS and just pay a fair tax? How would you regulate that, make sure people didn't claim a lesser income, etc?

  • tricia myrdal

    07/07/2018 07:26 PM

    I agree with you about a fair tax but how can one get implemented? Even Donald Trump hasn't gone that far unless this first tax cut is a step in that direction.

  • Amelia Little

    07/07/2018 05:20 PM

    There are young people (25-30ish) in my world who certainly thought bernie was the cat's meow!!! They didn't think any more of hilary than they did of Donald Trump. IF they had voted, most seemed to lean toward maybe Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, since bernie was out of the running. None of them bothered to register, let alone to vote, so I don't know if they would have done so to be able to vote for bernie. First off, I do think tuitions are ridiculous. It did take me 6 years to pay off my student loans, a doctor friend took 10 years. But, we were under the impression that paying back those loans was next to rent (on a modest apartment,) food, electricity, etc. Even back then, we had people who didn't bother to even TRY to pay off their loans, but, say open their own office instead of starting with an established company, buying the biggest house in town, the newest car, etc. Tuition seems to be kind of like pharmaceuticals--they get away with outrageous prices--because they can. Anyway, the young ones think that education and health care should just plain be free. They shrug their shoulders when being reminded that, once they get that 6 figure job (if any are available) they will be paying through the nose in taxes in order to pay for their free health care and the tuition for those now going to school. Their 6 figure salary (if they are lucky enough to get that) will be maybe $30-$40 K after taxes. Doesn't seem to bother them. And, trying to explain that the government will get to decide what actual medical care they would get is like spitting in the wind. They seem to think--they could just go to a doctor, get whatever procedures/medication needed. Well, you think insurance companies deciding what they will pay for is bad, when it's the government and it's paying for EVERYBODY I'm thinking they will be deciding there's a lot that isn't going to be paid for--or there's a waiting period for indeterminate number of years. Perhaps going to a country with universal health care for a few years and seeing exactly HOW that works would be an eye opener!!! Talking to actual citizens, not people marketing such healthcare. As for the 73,000 pages of tax code (do they ever remove those laws that are replaced with new ones?) if they make so complicated even the best CPA can't keep track, there's always some little glitch that the IRS can up with to make your life miserable as they charge more taxes--and penalties!!!!

  • Cheryl Crane

    07/07/2018 04:21 PM

    I read your article and fair tax is a good idea but then how do we deal with the over abundant military spending that we the people pay for? Or on paying outrageous retirement packages to all the Congress now and until death. Or the money for golf trips for our FoxNews consuming President?

    And as far as “the end is near,” the evangelicals say it’s end of times so it doesn’t matter. Well that kinda defies the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are stewards of the earth, of each other, we don’t know strangers, and we don’t judge. We do follow the 10 commandments though.

    Just saying.

  • Alice I Claar

    07/07/2018 01:17 PM

    I thank Father God that you are out there looking out for all of us. Thanks

  • Arlene Dwyer

    07/07/2018 12:49 PM

    I would truly vote for a fair tax

  • Michael Hutch

    07/07/2018 08:40 AM

    Here is a more basic question, why is John Andrew Koskinen, IRS Director still in office??????????????????????????????? If it is contractual, Civil Service etc. More reason to start to change the laws. If not, Then Why?????

  • Debbie

    07/07/2018 08:11 AM

    Thanks for your common sense! I agree wholeheartedly with you. And I think Sarah is awesome! You"raised her right"??

  • Mike Thick

    07/07/2018 01:19 AM

    I agree with the fair tax suggestion, I have 3 businesses, home inspector , general contractor and real estate agent , but have not had the incentive to develop them fully as adding employees would require another full time job of managing the paperwork , submitting forms , paying taxes on every little thing they wish to .
    Weather is ok in California , but the business climate is not ! Mike T

  • Leon Jones

    07/06/2018 09:05 PM

    Gov. no where in your article do you define "Fair Tax" or explain how it would be better, you just leave the implication that it would be because its called "Fair". I read you daily, and have come to expect better. I'm a retired CPA, prepared income tax returns for over 40 years and I'm still looking for something else that will support our national budget.

  • Matt Hunyadi

    07/06/2018 08:39 PM

    Thanks for reminding everyone on what you proposed when you ran for President.
    I think this is one of the pillars for national stability. The other two are: a coherent immigration policy and three term limits for the House of Representatives.

  • Raymond C. Hundley

    07/06/2018 07:52 PM

    I agree. Abolishing the IRS and income tax and taxing spending would close loopholes and be fair for all!

  • Felicity Hines

    07/06/2018 07:37 PM

    We wouldn't be the laughing stock of the entire world if she was president.

  • Ron Wilcoxson

    07/06/2018 06:05 PM

    Mike: I backed you as my pick for our next President when we were choosing a Republican candidate. There were numerous reasons, but one was your Fair Tax proposal. Like many others, I believe our country would be far better off without the manipulations of Congress via the income tax code. Do you have a concrete and viable plan for how we get this change accomplished? If so, please lay it out for us. Better yet, how about leading us to that change yourself?

  • Lauri Norris

    07/06/2018 04:08 PM

    This sounds like a great plan. The government elitists are paid way too much (our tax dollars) for doing so little for the people, and too much fir themselves. Tax reform means tax reality! Where is all the overspending taking place? The politicians don’t seem to be for the people...except in their election speeches! The people are the ones being taxed and sent up the river! Fair tax would maybe bring the government down to a fair level!
    I love your commentaries Mike! You are a welcome (and rare) voice of reason!

  • Diane Niford

    07/06/2018 03:21 PM

    AMEN! I vote for the fair tax.
    Thank you!

  • William Taylor

    07/06/2018 03:09 PM

    That is why I supported you against McCain, Mike. You ran on the premise of consumer tax. Just think , I buy a $70,000 sports car
    I pay 20% consumer tax of $14,000 . Or I buy a $ 10 pair of pants, I pay $2. tax, but before consumer tax, the manufacturer
    had to charge Wall-mart $15 for the pants because of taxes, and they have to ask for $18 for the pants.I pay my grass cutter $100
    a months cash a month, he doesn't report it, but he spends it, with consumer tax he would pay taxes on it. I buy the brake shoes
    for my car, get a neighbor to replace my old ones, pay him $50 cash, he doesn't report it , but he buys a tire, has to spend it
    and more.Think of how much under the table cash is received never reported. drug pushers. tips, on and on.
    Bill Taylor

  • Gary Don Madden

    07/06/2018 02:41 PM

    Nothing would make America greater that to start the fair tax and do away with the irs!!! Let’s make this happen while we have Trump!!

  • William Mills

    07/06/2018 02:31 PM

    You are right on. Just look at the attack by the IRS on conservative oriented organizations during the Obama administration. I just wonder how the progressives would feel if the tables were turned on them. But then would true conservatives really do the same things as progressives, since conservatives really believe in law and order. By the way, do you think there are any true Democrats left? It appears that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists.

  • Rick Stanley

    07/06/2018 01:41 PM

    This is my 2d comment. I recommend our forefathers Constitutional tax of excise, imposts and duties. The problems that will solve are TREMENDOUS. Think about it. we get to decide what we purchase to pay a tax in the future for the federal government to use. WE DECIDE, no one else. Freedom and Liberty for We The People, once again. Make America Great Again.

  • sue

    07/06/2018 01:39 PM

    I'm so worried about SCOTUS pick because Trump has hired pathetic people for his Cabinet and his AG pick,assistant AG pick and FBI pick
    have been terrible!
    Can you help him out? You could give him some names that would be good.
    Trump needs true Conservatives to help him with his hires. He has been listening to the wrong people.
    He still listens to all the deep staters.
    Hope my comment is not posted on your site. Thanks.

  • Anthony Dyer

    07/06/2018 01:33 PM

    Well said Mike!
    Income tax is wrong. We have taxes on cigarettes and alcohol to discourage those products. Therefore income tax discourages and punishes employment. I would like to see income tax repeals occur at a state level also. There are too many beautiful states in this country with an income tax. This repeal would never happen in NY, NJ, and CA, but those states are lost causes!

  • Tonjia Miller

    07/06/2018 01:28 PM

    I am all for the "Fair Tax"! How do we go about accomplishing it?