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September 28, 2022

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema not only won’t back the Democrats’ call to eliminate the Senate filibuster to shove their radical agenda down America’s throat with 51 votes, she recently voiced her support for bringing back the 60-vote threshold for executive and judicial nominees.

That was the original “nuclear option” that then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid exploded, which started this destruction of minority rights. Republicans warned him at the time that it would come back to bite the Democrats, and it did when Trump started making nominations.

One of the hallmarks of today’s far-left Democrats is that they never learn from experience or history or ponder the long-term consequences; they just adopt whatever position is necessary to increase or cement their power at that instant. Sinema is a practically extinct species of Democrat who is capable of thinking long-term, and who recognizes that it’s a bad idea to strip away all the minority’s power because someday, they will be the minority.  She also recognizes that control of Congress is “likely to change again in just a few weeks.”

Naturally, she’s getting vilified again by her own side for telling hard truths to leftists who don't want to hear them. They’re apparently incapable of recognizing that you might be able to intimidate people into not speaking the truth – temporarily – but you can’t outlaw the truth. Eventually, it will build up so high, it will come tumbling out and crush you, just as it did the Soviet Union.

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