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September 29, 2022



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Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida’s southwest coast yesterday as a category 4 hurricane, causing extensive damage from high winds, torrential rain and storm swells so high that some houses were knocked off their foundations and floated away. After crossing the state, Ian weakened to a tropical storm early this morning. But it could strengthen again as it passes back over the Atlantic and heads toward Georgia and the Carolinas. Here’s a link to Fox News’ continuous feed of the latest hurricane news:

Over two million people are without electricity, and it’s still too early to assess all the damage, but it’s expected to be unprecedented. President Biden has declared Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota Counties disaster areas. Despite millions evacuating, others stayed behind, either out of necessity or because they thought they could ride it out or were new arrivals to Florida and didn’t realize how bad it could be. The sheriff of Lee County couldn’t confirm the number of fatalities, but he said he fears they’re in the hundreds (let’s all pray that turns out to be incorrect.)

I hope you’ll join me in saying prayers for those who were in the storm’s path and those who are in its future path, and in saluting the many first responders, volunteers and good neighbors who have acted with outstanding courage to save both people and animals who were threatened by the high winds and water. Also for those from faith-based charities who are rushing aid and supplies to storm victims. If you’d like to help, a donation to Samaritan’s Purse will ensure that almost every cent goes directly to help disaster victims as soon as possible:

The Left attacks Ron DeSantis

As I mentioned yesterday, some leftist media figures were unconscionably hoping for massive hurricane damage and already attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for allegedly botching the response to a hurricane that hadn’t even arrived yet. But they’re obviously not used to dealing with competent leaders because DeSantis disappointed them by having an extraordinary response set up and ready to go.

Paula Bolyard at PJ Media outlines some of the extensive measures in place, from releasing food stamp benefits early to let people stock up to ensuring that 100% of senior homes had generators. If you are in Florida, this is also a useful list, since it includes which agencies are responsible for which duties, such as where to find out what schools are closed.

Kristen Clarke

A lot of people are demanding to know why the Biden DOJ decided that a local assault case against pro-life activist Mark Houck that was so shaky it was thrown out of court was used as the basis of a federal charge worthy of a massive, guns-drawn arrest raid. Well, we might now know:

According to this report by Victoria Taft at PJ Media, the case against Houck was pulled out of mothballs by Kristen Clarke, the Biden Administration’s chief of the civil rights division of the DOJ. In opposing her appointment, several Republican Senators warned that she was rabidly political, with a history of celebrating criminals and calling for defunding police, and she would abuse her office to settle scores against people whose views she disagreed with. Sen. Ted Cruz called her “one of the most radical nominees ever put forward for any position in the federal government” and “completely unfit to serve;” but that not being a disqualifier for this Administration, she got the position anyway.

Ms Taft writes, “A former DOJ prosecutor told me the other day, ‘It’s not just Merrick Garland, Victoria. There’s a boss that makes these calls before Merrick Garland ever hears of a case. Name the names.’ So let’s name her name: Kristen Clarke.”

I have a feeling it’s a name we’ll unfortunately be hearing a lot more often before 2025 blessedly arrives.

YouTube works to suppress new Italian PM

After an inspiring speech by Italy’s conservative, soon-to-be Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni went viral, Google-owned YouTube, of course, deleted it. She and her surprise victory have the leftist globalists so terrified, they’re resorting to their kneejerk response to anyone who threatens them: call them “fascists” and try to censor them so nobody can hear what they actually have to say.

Fortunately, that speech is still accessible in other places, and Meloni gave another one that’s just as terrific. As one commenter put it, watch this and you’ll quickly realize why the establishment is afraid of her.

And speaking of YouTube censorship of “wrongthink,” they just did it to conservative Laura Loomer…

And even to iconoclastic British comedian Russel Brand, who is, not surprisingly, not going along quietly with being censored. He admitted that he got a small detail wrong in a commentary on COVID treatments, but to illustrate YouTube’s bias, he pointed out all the leftwing media reports from soutvrd like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that got things wildly wrong, but are still up on YouTube.

Brand is also the latest content creator to start posting all his videos on the competing free speech platform, Rumble, which recently went public on the stock exchange. I don’t give stock tips, but if YouTube is going to keep censoring content that at least half the country agrees with, it sounds like Rumble has a better business model.

Jacinda Ardern: "The face of authoritarianism

 New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is best known in the US for instituting one of the most iron-fisted, rights-crushing COVID lockdowns in the world. Recently, she spoke at the UN, where she called for creating a new Internet with “rules and transparency” to prevent people from voicing “misinformation.” She described freedom of speech on the Internet as a “weapon of war.”

I like journalist Glenn Greenwald’s analysis: “This is the face of authoritarianism - even though it looks different than you were taught to expect. And it's the mindset of tyrants everywhere. This is someone so inebriated by her sense of righteousness and superiority that she views dissent as an evil too dangerous to allow.”

I will just add this: I may not agree with her idiotic attack on freedom of speech…but I will defend to the death her right to say it.


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Bob Janovick

    09/30/2022 12:41 AM

    The Left attacks Ron DeSantis
    Two words: Macabre glee.

  • larry rippere

    09/29/2022 08:15 PM

    Uh-oh, Mike! Arr ewe foloainge in Mr. Biden's futstepps?
    Wot didd ewe mien wen ewe rote "reports from soutvrd like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow..."
    My computer dictionary has EVEN redlined it...

  • Patrick Canan

    09/29/2022 06:08 PM

    I so want to be able to vote for Republicans again, but I can't while President Trump holds such power in the party. You must know that he publicly accused the FBI of planting documents, but when given a complete list of what was taken, and asked by his own chosen Special Master to identify which were planted, he refused. I think that means that, should this go to criminal trial, all the documents will be considered to have been in his possession with his knowledge. Does that make sense to you?
    I wish DJT would return to being a Democrat making donations to Hillary et. al. That would make it lot easier to be a Republican again.

  • Jerry

    09/29/2022 03:33 PM

    What’s with this quack Biden the pandemic is over he still wants people in a hurricane situation to get Covid shots . Like they might have other concerns then getting a Covid shot did Biden just come out of another coma? The FBI does anyone remember when the the Italian mafias members said the FBI is so much more dishonest than the FBI well maybe the boys had a point the FBI track record hasn’t been very honest the last of couple decades had it? Thanks

  • Anne Turner

    09/29/2022 02:28 PM

    I never thought I would laud Italy for a great PM choice but looks like a light in the tunnel. As for NZ, I have always thought of them and Australia as a rather pioneering people. I wonder how long it will be until they understand what is going on. I guess people don’t understand that there are many opinions about political matters. There ARE deliberate lies and misinformation but that exists over a large spectrum. Most of it comes from the left. It is an incredibly effective technique, however. Control information and you control people who can only act on the best info they have. It’s how you take relatively successful societies with free people and make them slaves of a government.

    Do you really think that DeSantis will get any credit in the mass media for his prep? No more than Trump did for his supply and hospital initiatives as well as speeding through vaccines for which Biden took credit. It’s all insidious but boy does it work. I see it all around me. Consequences be da…….d. DUh, whoever heard of those?

    I was in numerous raging Typhoons while living on Okinawa in the fifties. No pollution there to speak of but in todays world they would be blamed on climate change. Trump would have been a child but they were somehow his fault, no doubt.

  • pat green

    09/29/2022 01:35 PM

    Not wishing anyone bad time with a hurricane. I do know what it's like to get on the road to get away from a storm. But I was just wondering about the folks who have taken this electric car stuff all the way what happens when you run out of electricity

  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/29/2022 11:59 AM

    If we don't boot the Blue Reich out in November we may have to die to defend any rights starting with our own