June 6, 2019

We often hear that one leftist hobby horse or another is the “moral equivalent of war.”  Just this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren declared that combating climate change is a “bigger challenge than World War II.”  These are the kind of clueless pronouncements that are often made by people who have zero experience or understanding of what it took to fight World War II. 

At this link, Stephen Green takes a fascinating look at the seemingly impossible logistics of pulling off the D-Day Invasion, and keeping it a secret (today, it would be blared all over social media, giving the Germans plenty of advance warning.) 

As Green notes, just to prepare for D-Day required the equivalent of secretly moving every resident of a medium-sized city – along with all the food, beverages, fuel, vehicles and weapons needed for days of battle – anywhere from 30 to 125 miles in a few hours, by air and heavy seas in foul weather, under enemy fire.  And that was just to get them to the point where the battle would start.

That’s only the beginning of Green’s account of the overwhelming logistics nightmare that was necessary to overcome to launch the D-Day invasion, liberate Europe from the Nazis and stop Russia from taking over from the east.  Read it and think about it the next time someone claims that one liberal program or another is the “moral equivalent of World War II.” 

When you ponder the sheer enormity of the D-Day operation, it’s easy to lose sight of the individuals.  This is a must-read article that brings home what it was like from the standpoints of two soldiers.  Both willingly made great sacrifices to save the world from totalitarian evil.  One hero made it home; the other did not.


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  • Elizabeth Honaker

    06/11/2019 10:35 AM

    I am sick to DEATH of hearing these bozos compare this-or-that invented hobby horse to the awful tragedy of Hitler and Hirohito in WW II. Let me just give a brief comparison:
    WW II = train ride meant (a very real possible) death to a Jew
    Today = AOC thinks we can take a train to Hawaii
    WW II = chances of surviving the beaches on D-Day: 1 in 4
    Today = chances of surviving global warming: well, go inside to the air conditioning!
    WW II = separation from family members was a permanent situation for millions of people
    Today = separation from family (illegals at the border) means a hot shower, good food, and a comfortable place to sleep for all involved (except the Border Patrol)
    WW II = two monsters who put their own maniacal, murderous plans ahead of their people's welfare
    Today = one president who gave UP a private life of luxury to serve the American people and to give voice (and action) to their desperation over having to listen to bozos.
    Result? No comparison, Warren!!

  • William Schlumpf

    06/09/2019 03:13 PM

    Preparations for that day were mind bogglingly enoormous. But critically they included intercessory prayer to Almighty God. And He did provide with an opening in the cloud cover to permit the operation to be undertaken. The stormy seas also functioned to fool rommel into believing an invasion would not come until after the storm. Everything came together just in time to make the impossible possible. Sadly most of my friends from that invasion are gone now. My friend Merle who had been operating the then top secret radar at Pearl Harbor though off duty that Sunday morning, was tasked with his unit to parachute behind German defenses to cut the communications cable linking Normandy with Berlin. He was dropped 12 miles off course in a swamp and one of his men was suspended by his chute from the top of a church steeple (a German sighting him with his rifle was picked off just before he could pull the trigger). The stories I have heard of that war in both the European and Pacific theatres are inspirational and I can clearly see God's sovereign hand in bringing victory to the allies. God has clearly blessed America and I pray that He continue to do so.