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July 19, 2021

A reader wrote in to ask, “How are the Democrats/left controlling social media and news? I truly don’t understand how this is happening and would appreciate your thoughts.”

It did seem to happen almost overnight, didn’t it? It was as if all the chess pieces were in place to take over most popular methods of communication. But this has been at work in media for a long time, just as it has been on college campuses and in corporations that suddenly appear “woke,” arranged by people who want nothing less than to control us all. They plan to take down this country and establish what they want. They’re focused like a laser beam, and they’re well on their way to doing this.

It is 100 percent about power: they think that they, as the “virtuous,” the socially aware, are going to be on the winning side and get all the favors while the other half of the country, the “deplorables,” will be at their mercy. That, to them, is “justice.” The “reckoning.” And in order to stop this unraveling and repair the damage we first have to know what their mechanisms are.

Coincidentally, FOX NEWS weekend host Pete Hegseth was on LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN on Sunday to talk with Mark about the imminent threat. Levin has a new book called AMERICAN MARXISM, in which he writes, “Our challenge today is just as crucial and urgent [as it was in Revolutionary days], and in many ways, more complicated. We did not ask for this confrontation, but it is here. And, in truth, like the early days of the Revolutionary War, we are losing. Unfortunately, most of the country has been caught flat-footed and remains unengaged.”

“We’ve reached the point where we’re either going to live in a free society or we’re not,” he says.

The media now are essentially the mouthpiece for the movement to take down America. It wasn’t that long ago when anyone saying that would have been ridiculed. Levin says it was created through “hybridized” or “Americanized” forms of Marxism, “tailored to our country, tailored to our system.” Look at the original mission statement of Black Lives Matter, he says, and it’s easy to see that it’s full of Marxist theory. It’s completely anti-growth and anti-capitalist, using racism as a pretext. I would add that there are other pretexts for government control, such as “climate science” and COVID-19.

Levin finds it significant that the first action Joe Biden took as President was to shut down an oil pipeline. They attacked energy, he said, because energy “provides and serves the energy of our economic system and makes everything else possible in this country. [When ] you control energy, you control the so-called environment, you control the budget, you control the constitutional system, you control EVERYTHING.”

Right now, they control most of the media –- what we call the “mainstream media” or “legacy media” –- and this control goes against a core principle upon which our nation was established. Our founders knew we had to have a free press if the people were going to govern themselves. That doesn’t mean the press in 1800 could be counted on to bring “the facts” --- far from it. But it couldn’t be censored, either.

So, what has happened to the media? Levin traces it back to education, the way journalism schools have indoctrinated their students. “Journalism has changed completely,” he says. “It’s always been liberal, but now it’s out of the closet. People you see on CNN, MSNBC, even on the big networks, would never have made it 30-40 years ago. You would have had responsible executives who would have said, ‘Okay, look. Cut it out. I know we feel this, and I know this is our way, but we’re destroying our brand as a free press.”

Levin continues: “So we do not have a free press. We have a free opinion, if you’re a leftist, but we don’t have a press. We have propaganda mills.” Much of his book is apparently spent talking about THE NEW YORK TIMES.

For generations, journalism schools have been turning out indoctrinated “reporters” set on fundamentally transforming America. Colleges used to teach them how to inform Americans –- the individuals in their own households reading their papers at the kitchen table –- but the mission has changed. Any focus on the individual is gone. It’s now on government, indoctrination, identity groups, sharing approved content, centralized control. Anyone who dares to even question the official word on such issues as the election or the virus is tagged as a destabilizer or even insurrectionist.

Ironically, it’s those in control who are the real insurrectionists, as they’re trying to take all the power, and by whatever means at their disposal.

It became easy for them control news content once they were ensconced in editorial offices in New York and Los Angeles. Add social media to the mix –- with their current ability to censor anything deemed “misinformation” and to monitor and even ban us –- and their control is virtually complete. We’ll need reform legislation or a major Supreme Court decision to change that.

Levin has a section in his book on what I spoke about above; he calls this new agenda-driven reporting “public journalism.” He says that at one time, journalists at least tried to do the right thing, but now they have an agenda. “Look who they hire as news people,” he says, after mentioning ABC’s George Stefanopoulos, who leapfrogged right from the Clinton White House to the newsroom. “Mostly Democrats, but definitely leftists,” Levin notes. Donald Trump exposed this completely, he says. But they go right on; for example, covering for Biden while working for his radical agenda.

And now, as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki openly admitted, we’ve got the White House colluding with Big Tech to thwart the spread of “misinformation.” “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others” if you provide misinformation, she said. Really? Would that by any chance include the “misinformation” that COVID-19 might have come from a Chinese lab? That was misinformation, until it wasn’t.

The good news: most people no longer trust the media. That trust has eroded for decades, and now its level is downright pitiful, especially for TV news. In case you didn’t see it, here’s a poll we reported on yesterday. The media are distrusted only slightly less than Congress!

Still, to function as a republic, we must have sources for real information, not phony narratives. Reform of education is the long-term solution, but for now, just as we need to pull kids out of bad schools, we must also turn to uncensored alternative media, and the sooner the better.

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  • Julia

    04/02/2022 04:35 PM


  • Ann Smith

    08/13/2021 02:28 PM

    I too order Mark Levine's book, but still reading it. the media is playing a key role in shaping the future. I was so dismayed that none of the media covered Lindell's cyber symposium. It was also very apparent that they wanted to discredit him and tell lies about what was going on. The theory that if you repeat a lie enough times it will become true "no election fraud, most secure election ever, etc" . We know that is true but trying to get the word out without a true media outlet is hard. That is why I am so grateful that you had the courage to report on what was going on at the symposium. Here's something you might find interesting about how the media controlled Hitlers rise in power.

  • Ed Thompson

    07/26/2021 11:00 AM

    I’ve said from the outset of the election that if Joe got elected take a long look at what’s waiting in the wings for us! She was his token “person of color” just for votes. The two couldn’t stand each other during the debates but all of a sudden they were best buddies when he needed to show he had “diversity” in his way to run America. Sometimes picking the goofiest one in the litter leads to a fun time for everyone but not when you are trying to actually run a nation filled with humans who need a strong leader with a strong backup! She does remind me of a goofy pup who flops around whining and crying and then pants and jumps in your lap and licks your face bringing you a smile! I don’t smile when I see or hear either one of them! Everything they say is pure insanity or ignorance. Can’t house train them, put them outside and pen them up! At least you can do that with a pet! These people are less than! To bad we can’t return them as untrainable and unacceptable!

  • Robert Ray Hill Jr

    07/26/2021 09:13 AM

    You may have already posted this, but which new media sources can we go to that won't be too crazy to the right? Yes, the left controls the majority but there are some too far-right sources out there too. Who do you recommend to give accurate information? I would like a source that will even expose errors on the right-wing side. Truth, and nothing but the truth as accurately as they can. We all have biases. I am a Christian. But who comes closest, in your opinion, to the truth?

  • Ann Smith

    07/25/2021 09:00 PM

    First and foremost you need to quit depending on social media giants for information. They need to become obsolete! How to do that? Several ways . 1. State and local governments need to quit using Twitter/FB / Google to disseminate information. It has become free and easy. Maybe some laws can be created to ban the use of those platforms in government because of censorship. There are many other wAys to let people know what is going on in government, some may involve paid services . Notice I did not mention national government. That is too hard of a fight to handle right now but local and states have a better chance to enact laws. Social media should never be used by the government in my opinion.
    2. The new uncensored social media platforms need to advertise more and create more competition. They should run on no government censorship platform rather then a conservative platform to entice people to at least try them.
    3. Section 230 should be revisited but I don’t have much hope there. But perhaps they could treat the tech giants as a type of utility that would need to operate a strict set of laws. Maybe start charging to be a Twitter or FB member? That would certainly get rid of lots of users!
    4. Print and network media are out of control. That will be a hard fix but people are sort of tuning out the media Which is too bad in my opinion. People need to stay on top of things, good or bad, that’s how we ended up in this situation. Ok, the only work around I can think of and don’t laugh is billboards . You would reach tons of people without government interference. These billboards would have to be highly monitored and maintained. (Something the RNC should think about anyway for 2022 to remind people of the Dems behavior) think of them as a one shot sentence concept. IE: Biden’s Border Disaster Unfiltered , What Happened to Ashli Babbit? , infrastructure Puts More Taxes on Everyone, and Latest Covid Real Numbers. Underneath a short URL that is catchy and easy to remember, ie:,,
    When they go to that site they can get the full uncensored story. But again this would have to be a very coordinated endeavor and it is pricey.
    It took a us along time to get to this point and it will take time to improve the quality of media and get away from censorship! A very intense plan needs to be created to keep freedom free. My opinion is that this has been a very coordinated attack on democracy from many different sources and has been in the planning for several years starting with Obama. I pray for this country everyday and hope for a better tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us all informed to the best of your ability ! God Bless!

  • John Houseman

    07/25/2021 05:15 PM

    1st) How is that Hunter Biden is still not charged with anything? His Gun Owner application should be enough to put him in prison, especially considering what happened with the gun afterward. Hillary has never been charged, and no one denies that she erased thousands of Emails after they were subpoena'd. Then we get non violent Protesters from January 6th, that are held without bail and often without charges while their investigation takes place. One has already been sentenced. Why has no one pressed charges? What does it take?
    2nd) If our own Government will spy on a Journalist (Tucker Carlson) for contacting other government officials, why weren't they spying on Hunter Biden's Emails and texts many, many years ago? What does it take to file these charges? Why hasn't it happened?
    3rd) The Democrats Impeached President Trump twice, knowing they couldn't win, but he was charged nonetheless. Are the Republicans too weak to press charges? Do they not believe they can get a conviction? We can't win this fight to save America if no one's willing to stick their neck out. Do or Die, Justice is for all - and I'm just not seeing it. If those we elect won't actually stick their neck out and represent us, then won't fight for us when we stand up in protest for ourselves, we've already lost. We have to use the media, social media, the law, and our Law Makers to regain our Freedom. I don't like the idea of fighting dirty, but........ they are, and I won't give up my Freedom so easily.

    Hope this gets to someone who's not afraid to use it.

  • Joann Couton

    07/25/2021 03:18 PM

    Thank you for being a beacon of light and truth to those of us who are trying to decifer the media to determine how much, if any, of it is true. Can you direct us to actual statistics of how many of the Delta variant hospitalizations are actually non-vaccinated individuals and how many are breakthrough cases? Some of our local news channels and newspapers have used numbers like 70% or 97% are non-vaccinated people. I fear that could be narrative to intimidate people to get the shots. How can we tell? Keep doing what you are doing, kind sir. We love you.

  • Joanne Rabon

    07/25/2021 02:36 PM

    Do you know of a legit organization to donate money for Texas to help finish the wall?

  • Nancy

    07/25/2021 02:02 PM

    Would you have prison addresses for Capitol arrestees held in confinement so a picture postcard campaign could be waged to cheer them by receiving words of encouragement from across the country? Postcards v. letters would be preferred so as to eliminate the need for prison officials to screen and, thus, hold up receipt of mail. Thank you.

  • don wood

    07/25/2021 01:09 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I am a Canadian subscriber and enjoy your newsletters daily. Your article
    (Kamala Harris: Take Another Look As Biden Falters) made me realize when Kamala takes the reins in the USA that Canada and the US will have the same quality of leadership. Hopefully our electorates will correct this disaster at election time.