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February 9, 2021

If you have a strong stomach and want to watch the Senate impeachment "trial" that starts Tuesday, THE RIGHT SCOOP is carrying it live, starting at 12 noon EST.

This gigantic embarrassment to our country will likely stretch into next week, with one break. Since one of Trump’s lawyers, David Shoen, is Jewish, he has requested that the “trial” be suspended by 5PM on Friday and re-convene on Sunday.

As laid out by the NEW YORK POST, the sham proceedings on the first day will go on for up to four hours, with the time divided equally between House impeachment managers and Trump’s attorneys. This is when they’re going to argue for and against the constitutionality of the proceedings before the trial begins, so be prepared for a lot of lies and false accusations about Trump.

Yesterday, we talked about what Jonathan Turley and other legal experts have had to say about this “trial” --- notably, its lack of constitutionality. Trump’s lawyers will be making those same points today. Since the Democrats don’t have the law on their side, and they know it, be prepared for a hate-filled, Jake Tapper-like focus on Trump the man. Realize that the House managers can say anything they want about Trump (and his supporters) on the Senate floor, and no one can do a thing about it.

The tone of their argument will be like this: Who needs to follow legal standards and precedent and offer even the most basic rights when it’s the evil Trump who stands accused? Why, this was a “coup” staged by him and a pack of domestic terrorists to overturn a “perfect” election and the will of the American people. We HAVE to circumvent the Constitution in this case to protect our democracy!

And Biden talks about “unity.” It occurs to me that there are actions we could have impeached President Obama for --- when he was still in office --- but we didn’t. I suppose that if it’s okay to impeach a President after he’s left office, Republicans in Congress could put together a list of charges against Obama, including things we learned about after he was out, and simply wait for a House majority. So far, we haven’t let Democrats drag us down to that level, and we shouldn't, but if they insist on treating Republican leaders this way, “revenge politics” could become the norm and the whole system would crash.

But Trump’s lawyers released a very positive statement, expressing appreciation that “Senate Republican leadership stood strong for due process and secured a structure that is consistent with past precedent. This process provides us with an opportunity to explain to Senators why it’s absurd and unconstitutional to hold an impeachment trial against a private citizen.”

Trump IS a private citizen. And with everything they’ve thrown at him, and even a bout with coronavirus, he seems as energetic as ever. When I think of them impeaching Trump NOW, when he's gone, and how ludicrous and surreal that is, I imagine him grooving to that song by the Eagles…

"And I’m al---ready gone

And I’m fee—eeelin’ strong

I will sing --- this vict’ry song


Anyway, the Senate will end their first day with a simple-majority vote on constitutionality, which will probably come out the same as the 55-45 vote they’ve already taken. As Sen. Rand Paul has pointed out, this vote already tells Democrats that they don’t have the votes to convict, even with those ten "Republican" senators who voted to let this farce go forward.

Since this vote will really be just a formality, we assume that starting at noon on Wednesday, each side will present its case in up to 16 hours of “trial” spread out over two days. Neither side can go over eight hours total. After the opening statements, senators will have up to four hours to ask questions. If the House managers want to subpoena witnesses and documents, up to four hours will be allowed for arguments. Or, if they decide not to go that way, the “trial” will shift to four hours of closing arguments, additional time for deliberations as requested, and a vote.

Again, Democrats can say anything they want about Trump during opening and closing arguments. They don't need evidence to back it up. This might be their last big opportunity to trash him in such a formal setting, with TV cameras, so they'll pull out all the stops. Imagine the worst lies ever told by Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Chuck Schumer, combined, and make that to the tenth power.

(It occurs to me that you really might not want to watch this. You know what we say here: "We watch the you don't have to!")

Speaking of Sen. Shumer, he said of this process that “if the former President is convicted, we will proceed to a vote on whether he is qualified to enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.” Schumer is talking about whether or not Trump is to be disqualified from running for President again, but constitutional scholars have said that the presidency is not an “office of honor, trust or profit.” Those are APPOINTED positions. The writers of the Constitution did not want senators to be able to override voters on their choice for elective office.

So --- hypothetically speaking, as the necessary 2/3 vote to convict seems unachievable --- if they did convict Trump and “disqualify” him from holding elected office again, the Supreme Court would have to decide if that was constitutional, and it almost certainly would not be. Most likely, in the end, the House and Senate will have wasted a week (and much more prep time) on this stagecraft, just to enjoy railing at an empty chair where their collective hallucination of Trump is sitting, and then they’ll vote, their vote will fall short, and it will be over.

Until somebody tries some other way to get Trump.

Does this whole thing sound psychotic to you? We agree with Roger L. Simon: it's pathological.


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Comments 1-25 of 112

  • Sam Boulis

    02/11/2021 11:47 AM

    Oh, all I can say is that the democrats are full of hate, they couldn't digest his achievements, they went against their destructive socialist/communist programs, Trump worked hard to make America great again and that he did for NO CHARGE, unlike most of the life long career bums that lived off the tax payers for doing nothing..oh wait..they are there to protect their failed ways of doing the people's business, and to to forget their big achievements of trying to impeach the best president in our life time, it is time for the venomous bunch to find themselves a different job, they will not make it anywhere else!

  • John Bannan

    02/10/2021 04:12 PM

    Hello Mike;
    I heard your Daughter is running for Governor. I really hope she wins, she's a class act !!
    We are really having a tough time in the USA now. Biden and Company, they are testing our commitment to our Constitution, the 1st and 2nd amendments and freedom of Religion for starters. Now they are blocking our access to freedom of speech, but for me, it won't work.
    Don't give up the good fight.

  • Teresa Primo

    02/10/2021 03:19 PM

    Those rioters are bein paid for by the democrats the rioters where not Trump supporters. The democrats did not want them jailed when they were destroying those cities when Trump wanted to send help to stop them. Also they knew that this was planned so they could blame Trump to bring up these so call charges. They didn't want the police there to stop them because they already paid them to come to the Capitol while Trump supporters were coming to put the blame elsewhere.

  • Brenda Smith

    02/10/2021 01:53 PM

    How many Hollywood writers came in to write this movie for them .Lie after lie hopefully the American people aren't that stupid.Im thinking I turned my TV to a movie channel.

  • Patience Willey

    02/10/2021 12:34 PM

    I grew up in Republican Vermont. I believed in Government. Now I am going to be 80 years old tomorrow. I have a hard time accepting what I see happening today. If elections at the highest level were merely popularity contests, I could forgive the idiocy of the left, but this is all about control. Not equal rights! Things were improving so much under Donald Trump, I felt that another Four years of his leadership would help our beloved country become strong and healthy again. Instead we have this Socialist oriented mob that seems to be trying to capture Barak Obama’s Globalist agenda which President Trump had been able to prove unworkable for a Democratic Republic. Sigh!

  • Ray E Agenbroad

    02/10/2021 11:48 AM

    The Democrats are pathological liars and quite a few of them should be serving time. I am nervous that we have gone to far down the road to socialism to come back, especially with the weak leadership in the Republican Party.

  • Doris bickers

    02/10/2021 11:40 AM

    God bless you and all you do to keep us informed. From scripture to facts you are appreciated

  • Marian Luette

    02/10/2021 11:24 AM

    This is what hate and greed looks like. A sad commentary on our society. If the Democrats had only worked with President Trump he would have cleaned up a lot of our problems instead of having to fight hard for everything he wanted to accomplish. As for Biden and Pelosi being Catholic I would no it is only for show. A true Catholic would never be for what these two individuals believe in.

  • Sterling Pennington

    02/10/2021 11:22 AM

    A news report quoting former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says that Trump offered to deploy 10,000 troops to DC ahead of January 6. The offer was declined. Why would a President trying to foment insurrection want troops present to prevent it? Doesn't this make the "impeachment" moot?

  • Lois Frank

    02/10/2021 11:07 AM

    This trial is ludicrous!!! President Trump has done nothing wrong! How about the real people on the left that are trying to destroy our country!!!

  • Annie Richardson

    02/10/2021 10:55 AM

    Enough is Enough! Don’t waste Taxpayers money. President Trump is innocent. My President voluntarily did not get paid the entire 4 yrs and stop the fleecing of America all because he loves this country and wanted to save America.

  • Nitha Vos

    02/10/2021 10:20 AM

    You state that the Republicans should not go the way of the democrats and impeach or try to impeach a former president who is now a private citizen. We, the Republicans, are better than that. My problem with statements like this is that the Republicans "look the other way" or "turn the other cheek" and let it drop. We need to fight them and let them know that when they act like this, there will be consequences. So far there have been no consequences for any of their actions. I believe that on the outside republicans and democrats are o different sides, generally speaking. While, in truth, when away from the public or microphones, they are just one big happy family. Mcconnel and pelosi come to mind. We no longer need a national party to pick a candidate for the American people. We no longer need the party organization they just muddy the waters. I know I'm rambling, but I am really angry about this whole farce. No mater the time we are wasting, but the money, and the hurt we cause to innocent families. Enough is enough. Republicans need to grow a spine and act. Some of those in Congress are there because they switched parties to ensure a victory--those people need to be thrown out of the party.

  • Richard James Burge

    02/10/2021 09:56 AM

    I'm gonna make the same comment I always make.

    Stop moaning and complaining about the things Biden does. He told US what he's gonna do during the corrupt election process.

    Those that claim that they are Republican representatives should do something BEFORE America descends into socialism.

  • Elizabeth crouse

    02/10/2021 09:49 AM

    It is evil but President Trump is covered with prayers. Love Newsmax because they are honest and don’t believe it is honest. One thing this has done is bring news channels down. God is in control.

  • Curt VandePolder

    02/10/2021 09:45 AM

    So now that they voted that impeaching a former president after he or she (to keep it PC) leaves the office...does that now open up Obama to now be impeached...should be able to get him for at least 3 impeachments...Clinton who knows how many!!

  • Margaret Blanton

    02/10/2021 09:04 AM

    My cardiologist recently discovered a new heart problem for me... She is optimistic; personally, I think I will be dead within 4 years and I just pray somebody finds a way for my dead body to vote for Trump. Five or six years ago I thought he was just a playboy, albeit a hardworking one. Now, the important thing I know about him is that he loves America - and presumably raised his children to love us as well. I voted for him twice. God bless Trump. God bless America.

  • Linda Olds

    02/10/2021 08:24 AM

    As I was reading the other comments, I saw that some people are saying that the Dems and RINOs have to watch out for the next election. I don't know if that's even true anymore. If Congress and the courts don't do anything about election reform, the Dems will put in office whomever they please.
    The voters in California are finally getting close to the petition numbers needed to have a vote on ousting Governor Newsom. But now the White House imposter is being asked to step in and support Newsom. And who knows if the voting for this will be safe from fraud? I don't trust any Dems.

  • Linda Olds

    02/10/2021 08:10 AM

    Every move made by the illegitimate White House, everything done by the Dems in Congress, makes me depressed.
    The White House is gleefully stopping the Keystone pipeline, taking away jobs from Americans (including Blacks, whose lives apparently don't matter). They are insisting that it's necessary to keep using masks, distancing, and shutdowns even when we are vaccinated against covid, throwing more people out of work unnecessarily.
    They are ignoring laws and the Constitution.
    We need to stop this process or America will be destroyed.

  • Joan Chambers

    02/10/2021 07:23 AM

    Mike if you are truly a good guy - listen to this commentary - it is long but very interesting and scary.
    I am glad that you are not in office - great show - keep up the good work
    You probably know the people involved. - Thank you and God Bless
    Please take care of Sarah - she is truly a good person.

  • Ron Ostrander

    02/09/2021 11:46 PM

    This impeachment trial is constitutional: it does not have a prayer.

  • Karen Vick

    02/09/2021 11:37 PM

    I’m so excited for your daughter! You’re both true blessings! I stopped watching the news but look forward to your daily verses & readings.
    I minored in political science and loving volunteering for a State Representative in Ohio. Today, I’m so disheartened with politics and so much in the world. I am grateful for so many blessings, including my wonderful parents whom taught me and my 4 siblings to work hard, be respectful & put others God and others first. Thus, today when things don’t go our way we don’t burn down buildings, steal from others, or scream or post hateful words at people or Presidents we don’t agree with.
    I’m additionally disheartened because my 16 year nephew whom was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and my other 8 nieces and nephews, my former students and all children deserve a wonderful life filled with kindness, love & respect.
    My nephew Drew Vick despite the horrible suffering from cancer has an incredible attitude & he never complains. He thanked God that God gave him the cancer instead of others. He was the guy that left his football & baseball friends to go sit by kids that had no friend. He thanked his teachers and coaches each day. Instead of all the money spent on Trump investigations and trials this money could be spent on things like cancer research as my nephew has twice gone into anaphylactic shock & needed rescue drugs from a chemo drug that was essential to his treatment.
    We need to do better for Drew and all children in the world.
    Thank you Mike for all you do for our country! God bless you and your family,
    Karen Vick

  • Linda Royer

    02/09/2021 11:31 PM

    I decided not to watch the trial. We have been accused of being in a cult and mentally ill. I chose not to listen to this garbage. I chose to keep my focus on God and praying.

  • roger d brailer

    02/09/2021 10:40 PM


  • Ed Hodgkins

    02/09/2021 10:07 PM

    Let me start with I am a life long Democrat, not a lib but a moderate. Of course this past year, well decade maybe, the party has run off the tracks. This shame of an impeachment, I agree, is totally unconstitutional. But I have to ask seriously, why is it going on anyhow. Where are the constitutional lawyers? Where is the Supreme Court? The Chief Justice refused to preside but made no comment.
    I hear the Republicans in Congress rattling swords a lot over the past year and yet what have they accomplished? And the courts of the nation refuse to hear evidence of election fraud. I am at a point where nothing makes sense and I trust NO ONE. The Democrat leaders are sly as a pack of foxes; and I can sum up everything that I believe rIght now with "the Dems are in the hen house and the Republicans are barking on the back porch".

  • Diana Sneddon

    02/09/2021 09:17 PM

    The bold unconstitutionality of this sham impeachment makes it completely unworthy of my attention. The Dems have a preloaded outcome, the truthful evidence be damned! This is nothing more than a major rouse and distraction to watch the Dems' kangaroo theater while the Biden administration continues to enact strangling executive orders and erase everything Trump enacted that made America Great Again. It is made for TV acting so Biden can exploit the week to make his "Dark Winter" come to fruition.