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August 8, 2022



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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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Olivia Newton-John RIP

I was shocked and saddened to hear that Olivia Newton-John died Monday morning of breast cancer at 73.

If anyone could beat breast cancer, she seemed to be that person. She was first diagnosed with it in 1993, but was in remission for 25 years before it returned in 2017. She did so much to help and inspire others with the disease, and preferred to be called a “cancer thriver” rather than a cancer survivor. She established a charity foundation to research natural plant-based medicines, and her family asked that donations be made to that in lieu of flowers.

I won’t recount in full her amazing career here, since I’m sure there will be countless tributes all over TV and the Internet, covering her many hit songs (she was a four-time Grammy winner, and her hit “Physical” spent 10 weeks at #1, the longest chart topping run of the 1980s) and her movie appearances (“Grease” cost $6 million to make and earned $375 million, or $1.7 billion in today’s dollars, making it the most successful American musical of the 20th century.)

I will just add my warm personal memory of when she and her daughter Chloe appeared via satellite on “Huckabee” during the pandemic.

I had such a fun interview with her.  The only thing I regretted was that it was remote.  I would have loved to have met her in person.  Chris Christian, who has been on the show several times, produced her early recordings, and they were very close.  He told me she was one of the most kind and humble people, and that sure came across.

From all of us, I offer our prayers and sincere condolences to her husband, daughter and the rest of her family.



Liz Cheney lights herself on fire...AGAIN

Tomorrow marks just one week until the Republican Primary voters of Wyoming tell Liz Cheney precisely what they think of her endless grandstanding, Constitution-shredding and Trump-bashing. Wyoming allows same-day registration for some reason, so Cheney has been urging Democrats to vote for her in the GOP primary, which should tell you how much she really values ethics. Fortunately, in Wyoming, Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 4-1, so that’s not likely to save her. And while there aren’t many polls on that race, one fairly respectable one last month showed her trailing her Trump-endorsed challenger Harriet Hageman by 22 points.

Now, Cheney has taken the ashes of her credibility, poured on some lighter fluid and burned them a second time. After claiming she only turned on fellow Republican Trump because he was such a unique threat to democracy, she told the New York Times that she would almost certainly not support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for President, either.

She claims that DeSantis has “lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump.” But as Bonchie at points out, DeSantis hardly ever mentions Trump, and has his own way of governing, which is effective, popular and resolutely conservative. I suspect that’s really her problem with him, since, as Bonchie writes, “It’s almost as if Cheney isn’t principled at all,” but just a disgruntled Democrat chasing a CNN gig.  

Incidentally, as for the claim that people who vote against her are just mindnumbed, MAGA Trump bots, the Casper Star-Tribune asked Republicans about that. One summed up the consensus that Trump has little to do with her unpopularity: “This race is more about Liz Cheney than it is about Donald Trump. Anybody who’s credible, who ran to the right of Liz Cheney would probably win this race — with or without Donald Trump.”

Hageman said Cheney seldom even visits Wyoming, except to occasionally come in on a private jet to meet with a handful of donors at a private home. Hageman’s been campaigning hard in the district, and her first ad was about federal encroachment on water rights, land rights, irrigation policies, forestry, wildlife, livestock, and other issues of importance to Wyoming residents. Cheney’s most high profile ad was of her dad, Dick Cheney, painting Donald Trump as the biggest threat in the history of America.

Somehow, I doubt that Wyoming residents who are dealing with this Administration’s war on ranching, farming and affordable energy really believe that.


Purple Heart Day

Sunday, August 7, was national Purple Heart Day, a day established to show gratitude to US military veterans who were wounded or killed defending our freedoms.

If you missed this segment on this weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN, we marked National Purple Heart Day by interviewing CreatiVets’ founder Richard Casper, who is doing something truly remarkable and inspiring to help wounded veterans.

This is a must-see, and you can find links on how to help their mission, or to get involved if you need help, at



Today's Must Read

John Hinderaker on the left’s war on agriculture, the next front in their “Save the planet by destroying the world’s economy” unholy crusade that started with their war on energy.

The green radicals and billionaire elites envision a world in which they live in mansions, eat gourmet cuisine and fly in private jets while the rest of us own nothing, go nowhere and thank the government for giving us ground-up crickets and kale, or else we eat nothing. They’re pushing this in the name of “fighting climate change.”

You might have noticed that the solution to “climate change” is always some radical left policy that they’ve already been pushing for years (“More spending on our green cronies/voters! Ban gas-powered cars! Etc.), just as every weather event or trend is the fault of “climate change.”

Just as they nearly destroyed Germany and other European nations with their idiotic energy policies of replacing reliable sources with insufficient and unreliable ones, leaving parts of Europe half in the dark and dependent on Russian oil, now they’re coming for the farmers, with their cries to ban nitrogen fertilizers (without which many people will starve) and end livestock farming because cows emit gas, although not nearly as much as green leftists do.

Sri Lanka tried following their edicts. It destroyed their economy and the people revolted and drove their leader out of his house. They’re pushing it now in the Netherlands, where farmers are in revolt. The government is refusing to yield, but I suspect the farmers can survive a lot longer without arrogant leftist politicians than vice versa. And Canada’s kinderdictator Justin Trudeau is so impressed, he’s thinking of doing the same thing to Canadian farmers. After all, who needs food when he crushed the truckers for daring to demand human rights, so how would it be transported anyway?

All these would-be masters of the universe have egos far larger than their talents or abilities (example: John Kerry), and they really believe people are just going to go along with this. They obviously weren’t paying attention in history class during the part about how the people not having bread led to the French Revolution. I’d also remind them that despite a federal law in the 1970s, Americans flatly refused even to convert to the metric system, and the law had to be revoked. We certainly are not about to convert to eating 100 grams of powdered grasshoppers instead of a 20-ounce steak.

Proof: Even with a major advertising campaign, McDonald’s couldn’t get customers to eat their “McPlant” burger with a veggie-based fake meat patty, so it’s been yanked. The fake meat company Beyond Meat’s stock plunged 6% on the news.

McDonald’s claimed that the test period had "concluded as planned,” but we all know that if it had been a hit, it would have concluded with the McPlant burger going on the menu, not into the Dumpster.

Two marketing analysts said, "For McPlant to be more ubiquitous, the price point needs to be more competitive with traditional burgers, and the health and climate benefits need to have greater emphasis." Oh come on, who didn’t hear about the “health and climate benefits?” And I hear it wasn’t even too bad in terms of taste. But it wasn’t a hamburger.

America was built on cattle drives, cowboys, farming and ranching, great food, and hard-working people who need hearty meals. One thing Americans won’t accept is inferior substitutes for our meat. If you think the backlash against the McPlant burger was harsh, just try substituting McCricket Burgers for our Big Macs. The reaction will make the French Revolution look like a baby shower.  




Sit down before you read this

I’m going to say something that will surprise you; shock you; it will likely result in an audible gasp from our audience here in the Huckabee theater!  Here it is:  I salute Nancy Pelosi!  Yes—I do.   For making a stop in Taiwan during what would have otherwise been a meaningless government junket for her and some Congressional cronies to fly around the world at taxpayer expense and pick up some bargains while pretending to be on an important trip to study world conditions.

Yep—catch your breath and realize that I am actually giving props to Pelosi; kudos to the Congresswoman; salute to the speaker!  Now, don’t get used to it.  I’ll be back to my sarcastic and snarly self soon, but it genuinely mattered that Pelosi didn’t back down and cancel her stop in Taiwan as a result of the blustering bullying of the Chinese communist party who threatened to shoot her plane down if she tried to land in Taipei.  Of course they didn’t shoot down her plane.

I’ve been to Taiwan more than a dozen times.  I love the country and its people.  I love their embrace of freedom and their commitment to an elected government and to the benefits of free enterprise.  Hey, I learned to use chopsticks there.  In my first trip when I was a mere Lt. Governor, I was treated to a wonderful luncheon with a group of political, government, and business leaders in Taiwan.  The only utensils before me were chopsticks.  And I was hungry.  Like being thrown into the water and forced to swim, my hungry self completely mastered the use of chopsticks in short order.  To this day, I wouldn’t think of eating Chinese food with a knife and fork! 

I was there most recently just before the pandemic shut the world down.  I’ve met with the last 4 of its Presidents.  It’s a vibrant, exciting little island where innovation and technology rule.  Frankly, I can’t wait to go back.  But my reasons for offering my rare praise for Pelosi tonight is because China has bullied the world into submission.  Major US corporations cower in their corner offices and say nothing about the human rights abuses of the communists in mainland China.  They love the money they are making from doing business with the Chinese communists and look the other way at child slave labor, the sick and twisted oppression of free speech so strict it would make Facebook and Twitter blush, and a brutal treatment of Christians.  And big celebrity athletes and entertainers like LeBron James smugly speak of how awful America is and fail to say a word about the millions they make in China by using slave labor to make their shoes and other junk.  Whether it’s Walmart or Disney or Woke-a-Cola, it really is all about the Benjamins.

While President Biden was sending mixed messages and all but urging Speaker Pelosi to not set foot in Taiwan, Pelosi understood that once it became public that she even MIGHT go, and the Chinese government started having the tantrums of a two-year old, she absolutely HAD to go for otherwise, it would make America look even weaker than Biden made us look in the exit from Afghanistan. 

So when I saw her plane touch down at the Taipei airport and saw the welcome she received from the good and freedom—loving citizens of Taiwan, I was for a moment very proud of her and of the United States for standing with a faithful friend and ally and not caving into the petty cash-driven demands of the bullies in the so-called People’s Republic of China. 

Now, I’m sure when Nancy gets home, she’ll be right back to tearing up Donald Trump speeches on TV, making incoherent speeches, promoting abortion, rallying her partisan pets to raise taxes, and keeping the likes of her pet Republican Liz Cheney on a short leash.  And I’ll be right back to calling her out for insider stock trading involving her husband, ignoring President Biden and his son Hunter’s unseemly connections to business with the Chinese communists, and her still pretending that the January 6 riots in DC were worse than 9-11. 

But for now, I raise my glass of iced tea, tip my hat, and offer a deep bow from the waist to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being a brave American Eagle and not a frightened chicken in the face of threats from one of the most corrupt and evil empires on the face of the planet!

More Los Angeles lunacy

The “progressives” running Los Angeles into the ground must think that it’s not enough to drive all the residents out. They apparently also want to make sure that no tourists will want to visit, either. And what better way to do that than to force local hotels to take in the overabundance of homeless people?


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  • Levieta Fred

    08/09/2022 02:46 PM

    Enjoyed the read and I think we have the same views. Keep up the good work!

  • James Johnson

    08/09/2022 08:52 AM

    You know, Governor, watching the news and reading your reports of the current state of the Union reminds me of one of those old movies where the zombies attack the city, while the citizens huddle inside their apartments waiting for someone to save them. We need a great zombie killer to save this nation and I hope he gets re-elected.

  • George W. Trever

    08/09/2022 08:15 AM

    If you quack like a Democrat and vote like a Democrat, then you may be a Democrat .. Ms. Cheney.

  • Jerry

    08/09/2022 07:15 AM

    The us government is coming for the us population that are on the conservatives side of the political side of American society using the the America First Former President as an example how does individual citizens stack up against the power of the FBI and the DOJ this is a message to Americans be careful for what you are going to vote for this will be better than unsecured voter drop boxes biden and his collection of cowards are afraid of the the enemy of communism Donald J TRUMP

  • Jerry

    08/09/2022 06:58 AM

    Biden is watching China practice the invasion on Taiwan I wonder if our military is going to be ready to defend that part of the Taiwan region. Our country’s population is helping China economic powerhouse by continuing to purchase goods made in the republic of China. American corporations working in China and selling products to Americans and people around the world are complicit in making China the sole world leader people in this country better get use to a CCP regime if a change of commerce does not change anti inflation bill give me a break the IRS is coming for the Americans population bank accounts if anything is left after inflation ruins most households budgets cudos to the Democratic Party from your partner the CCP

  • Charles W Sigars

    08/09/2022 02:38 AM

    Here is a major problem with all these meatless meat products that never gets "airplay". Both my wife and I are on sodium restricted diets. In order to give these plant based "meats" any flavor, just like low fat foods, the manufacturers jack up the sodium levels to way beyond our limits, and in fact beyond what is healthy for any individual.

  • Deborah McClure

    08/09/2022 12:35 AM

    I understand Pelosi’s son Paul Jr went with his mom to Taiwan to do business and close deals. Sounds like Hunter.

  • Bob Janovick

    08/08/2022 10:48 PM

    What are your rules for capitalization?
    "The “progressives” running Los Angeles into the ground"
    "Casper Star-Tribune asked Republicans about that."
    "a disgruntled Democrat chasing a CNN gig."
    It is my contention that Progressive needs to be capitalized since it 1) is a party. 2) progressive has a meaning that is positive rather than the objectives of the party.
    To NOT capitalize puts a critical view in an awkward position; negative against a perceived positive.
    Notice how THEY do it to their advantage:

    "What we do in the next 48 hours determines the quality of Democratic candidates in November. Special interests and the corporate establishment are mounting strong challenges to progressive incumbents Rashida Tlaib (MI-12), Andy Levin (MI-09), and Cori Bush (MO-01), as well as to challenger Jason Call (WA-02). If you have an hour to spare, we need you on the phones today, tomorrow, and Tuesday.

    But there’s no time to rest. The general election is just three months away, and Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress—and the very health of our republic—hang in the balance.

    To keep up our current pace of 24/7 work for candidates and building the progressive movement nationwide, we need generous and steady financial support from our loyal activists in Progressive Democrats of America."

    Governor Huckabee, please don't let this 'sleight of hand' by these clever masters of deception, be your unconscious cooperation.

  • Steve Alarid, Springdale, AR

    08/08/2022 09:57 PM

    Governor, I bet you know that nitrogen fertilizer is one of the main causes of the Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" around the mouth of the Mississippi. And I'm pretty sure you realize that raising beef and pork is far more expensive and nutrient-intensive than raising the corn and other vegetables that could feed people instead. There are good ways of reducing both nitrogen fertilizer and meat production that don't go to the extremes mentioned in your "Today's Read" article. Check David Montgomery's book "Growing a Revolution" to read about some excellent research on soil productivity without the flood of fertilizers and pesticides we are addicted to. From a political angle, I was shocked to learn how crop insurance is contributing to our declining soil fertility. I read your newsletter every day and appreciate your humorous and sensible viewpoints. But please think about these "green" issues some more and maybe look for the middle ground where most hot issues actually fall.

  • Jerry

    08/08/2022 08:23 PM

    Questions raised, does any of our Federal agencies have any integrity left? The answers lie at Mar a Largo The state of The United States is on a foundation of quicksand congratulations from the CCP are arriving the Republic of China is enjoying our WH today more than ever before