July 14, 2016

During the FBI’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton for mishandling thousands of classified emails, she made a point of describing it as merely a “security inquiry” --- a watered-down term that was obviously concocted by Hillary herself or by her team of crafty lawyers. Now, we find that within the FBI there’s another new term to make us scratch our heads: “case briefing acknowledgement form.”

Investigators working on the Clinton case were required to sign one of these, even though current and former FBI officials say they’ve never heard of one or come into contact with one, let alone circulated one to other agents. Essentially the “case briefing acknowledgement form” prevented FBI investigators from disclosing anything they might find in Hillary’s emails.

One current FBI agent told the New York Post, “I’ve never heard of such a form. Sounds strange.”

Gosh, it’s as if special rules were put in place just to protect Hillary Clinton as she runs for President of the United States. But, of course, we know that would never happen.

For more details on this new example of how procedures get bent whenever a Clinton is involved, click here.

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  • Carol Corpus

    07/14/2016 09:53 AM

    QUESTIONS RE HILLARY'S TESTIMONY: 1) Why wasn't Hillary under oath before the FBI? 2) If Lynch's husband was in the plane with Lynch and Bill Clinton, could he be called to testify? 3) One of the pro-Hillary women who questioned Lynch said: "I always abuse my phone; everyone abuses their phones." Why aren't these "abusers" corralled and brought to justice. Don't see everyone getting so "loose and free" with our security.