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January 21, 2024

There are times when it’s hard to write about the statements coming out of the Biden White House because the sheer gall of their transparent lies is so infuriating. Like (with a straight face) blaming the Republicans for the illegal immigration crisis that Biden deliberately caused from his very first moments in office when he started reversing all of Trump’s border policies.

Or this week, when they had the audacity to try to blame Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas National Guard for the drowning deaths of three would-be illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande because Abbott removed the purposely ineffective US Border Patrol from that area and replaced them with the state Guard.

This false narrative was started by Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cueller and amplified by the Biden White House, which falsely claimed that the Texas Guard physically blocked the Border Patrol from providing aid to the drowning migrants. The DHS said Abbott’s policies were "cruel, dangerous, and inhumane, and Texas’s blatant disregard for federal authority over immigration poses grave risks." That was in a (false) filing to the Supreme Court, as part of their appeal to stop Texas from doing the feds' duty that they refuse to do. Naturally, this story got big play in liberal media outlets.

If there’s still anyone in the media or the Democratic Party (but I repeat myself) who cares about facts, here are a few inconvenient ones:

1. Patrolling that side of the river is Mexico’s responsibility. Nevertheless, on that night, the Border Patrol alerted the Texas Military Department to a possible migrant distress situation. The TMD sent a boat to investigate and found nothing. They later saw Mexican authorities responding to an incident on their side of the river, but were told they needed no assistance.

2. Nobody on our side of the border was even notified of these tragic drownings until at least an hour after they happened. Even if the feds had still been in that area, it would have made no difference.

3. The TMD has water rescue equipment and provides medical aid to migrants when needed.

4. The Border Patrol union approved of Abbott taking control of that area, calling it a “force multiplier” that allowed them to concentrate on other areas of the border. A spokesman said, "Governor Abbott is not harming Border Patrol operations, he is enhancing them." Translation: “Thank God someone in charge is finally doing something to secure the border.”

5. In light of all this, the Biden DHS was forced to retract its slander against Abbott and Texas, which I seriously doubt will get the same coverage as the initial false accusation. Indeed, I expect Biden to add this to the repertoire of debunked lies he keeps repeating, like the “very fine people” hoax.

6. Since Biden took office, over 1,000 illegal immigrants have died trying to enter the US, not to mention all the women who’ve been raped and the children who’ve been trafficked. This White House has shown precious little concern for any of them until it found three deaths that it could exploit to falsely smear its political enemies.

If Biden and his minions want to see who is really responsible for the deaths of those three people who thought they could cross the river and easily enter the US, I assume that with all the egomania in politics, there must be plenty of mirrors in DC that they can gaze into.

Which leads me to this final, highly related fact:

7.  All 18 Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee voted unanimously to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for creating an unprecedented illegal immigration crisis by “consistently, willfully and systemically” refusing to follow the laws, abusing his authority, breaching the trust of Congress and the American people, and failing to fulfill his oath of office. They called it “a crisis that has cost the lives of thousands of Secretary Mayorkas’ fellow Americans,” thanks to the criminals and drugs that have poured in.

I suppose you can also add those to the list of deaths that the Biden Administration doesn’t care about because they’re just not politically useful.

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