May 10, 2020


May 10, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



Happy Mother’s Day weekend, everyone! Even if you can’t visit your mom, you can call her on the phone, tell her you love her, and remind her that a great way to feel as if you’re all together is for the whole family to watch “Huckabee” tonight on TBN! My guests will include comedian/talk show host Dave Rubin, who will explains why liberals have become so intolerant. On that theme, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones will tell us about the vicious backlash he endured just for being a black Democrat who supports Trump. ABC medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton will have tips on things we can do on our own to stay healthy. Pastor Robby Gallaty will share his stunning and truly miraculous life story. We’ll also share lots of laughs with comic/impressionist Scott Wood, and cap it off with a classic tune from country music superstar, Crystal Gayle.

All that and more is ahead, tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, only on TBN. To find where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top. You can also stream previous episodes, highlights and Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra performances by our musical and comedy guests. It’s all at


The left hasn’t been having a great week in their branch of last resort, the courts. Several court rulings have turned back unconstitutional power grabs in the name of fighting the coronavirus. (Dallas hair stylist Shelley Luther was not only released from jail by the Texas Supreme Court, she went straight back to work, and Sen. Ted Cruz visited her salon for his first haircut in months. Sarah Palin also dropped by to show support.)

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned the convictions of two aides to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the so-called “Bridgegate” scandal. Christie blamed the long legal fight on a political crusade by the Obama Justice Department to try to derail his presidential campaign. Gee, where have I heard that before?...

The SCOTUS also struck down a ruling by the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The case involved a California woman charged with making false promises to illegal immigrants that for a fee, she could get them work permits that could lead to resident status, even though they weren’t eligible. The 9th Circuit Court pushed judicial activism to a new level by making an argument that even her attorneys didn’t make and using it to strike down the federal immigration law she violated as unconstitutional.

In its ruling, the SCOTUS said, “The Ninth Circuit’s radical transformation of this case goes well beyond the pale…courts are essentially passive instruments of government. They 'do not, or should not, sally forth each day looking for wrongs to right. [They] wait for cases to come to [them], and when [cases arise, courts] normally decide only questions presented by the parties.'” In other words, they don’t practice activism by inventing arguments unrelated to the case in order to rewrite the law.

Now, brace yourself: not only was that opinion unanimous, but the ruling I just quoted was written by…are you sitting down?...Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg! That’s right: the icon of every liberal in the America, the woman whose face is on their T-shirts and key chains, the only person whose health and long life they actually pray for, just wrote a SCOTUS ruling blasting liberal judicial activism.

The virus panic-mongers may be right: we really are living in a whole new world!


I sincerely hope that all the Democrats who shouted “Believe all women” and “Impeach Brett Kavanaugh” don’t get whiplash reversing themselves to defend Joe Biden. The latest is Elizabeth Warren, who demanded that Mike Bloomberg release all his former female employees from their nondisclosure agreements, but who doesn’t think Biden’s Senate personnel records are anybody’s business, thankyouverymuch!

But there’s something very important to bear in mind: while this accusation is unlikely ever to be determined definitively, there are many, many other reasons never to make Joe Biden President. We’ve already listed quite a few, but there’s always room for a few more. For instance, if feminists are willing to overlook sexual assault allegations (nothing new, they did it for Bill Clinton already), then how about the fact that Biden even voted against creating the Senate office that handles sexual harassment complaints?

Or that his baffling claims and phony narratives long predate any concerns about age-related mental issues?


You might have been hearing the term "Karen" a lot lately and wondering what it means. It's shorthand for those people who actually call the snitch lines to report that they saw someone jogging in an empty park without a face mask. Those Gladys Kravitz-style busybodies who call the cops and take to social media to rail about anyone who violates a guideline. Like Barney Fife when he gives Gomer a lecture and five tickets for jaywalking on a street that three cars a day drive down. This article has a good explanation of the "Karen" phenomenon and why it's very important that we all resist it if we don't want our society to break down.


We’ve been getting a lot of new subscribers lately (Thanks! Tell your friends!), so we wanted to show you newbies something you haven’t seen. In case you’re surprised by this week’s revelations about Mike Flynn, you should know that we’ve been ahead of this for so long that “Huckabee” writer (and also award-winning retro jazz singer) Laura Ainsworth even set it to music way back last July.

Check out her Don McLean parody, “American Spies,” and see how much we knew was coming all those months ago. You can also learn more about Laura and find her serious music here:


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that by 52-38%, Americans think that Obama would have handled the pandemic better than Trump.

So why do people think Trump has done such a bad job when the initial predictions of 2.2 million Americans dead and widespread shortages of ventilators and ICU beds never came to pass, and when even Democratic Governors have praised his quick and effective actions?

I would argue that this is largely because Obama didn’t have the media attacking, questioning, mocking and twisting every word he said and everything he did when he was dealing with the pandemics that did strike during his Administration. In fact, he didn’t act all that swiftly or decisively in dealing with threats like H1N1 (swine flu). And Trump was right: Obama’s Administration did seriously deplete the stockpile of N95 facemasks in dealing with H1N1, zika virus and other emergencies and made no serious effort to replenish them, leaving Trump to deal with the initial shortage. You know that’s undeniable when even USA Today has to admit Trump was right.

That same media bias is being cited to explain the rising poll numbers for Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, despite New York’s high infection and death rates, and as Ben Shapiro put it, Cuomo handling it “nearly as badly as humanly possible”...while Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantos is suffering falling poll numbers after being blasted for refusing to totally shut down his state. But Florida has about 3 million more people than New York, yet has suffered about 1/10th as many confirmed COVID-19 cases and about 1/13th as many deaths.

But as always, to many media outlets, all that matters is the anti-Trump narrative, not the truth. For instance, let's turn to this weekend's fake news.

Our esteemed journalistic class will apparently run with any story that makes the Trump Administration look bad, even if it’s fake. And now we can say, “Even if it’s fake and the source was a notoriously Trump-hating late night ‘comedian.’”

For the record: No, Vice President Pence did NOT deliver empty boxes instead of personal protective equipment to a health care center. But Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a deceptively-edited video implying that he did. And instead of questioning that source, a number of media figures, including NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, credulously retweeted it complete with haughty condemnations. CNN’s April Ryan even used the occasion to attack Pence’s Christianity, while herself misquoting the Bible. Exodus 20:16 actually reads, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” which, ironically, is precisely what Ryan was doing.

Kimmel issued one of those non-apology apologies, the kind that insinuates that the person he lied about is really the liar. But I don’t really expect any better from him. He’s a comedian with a very partisan political agenda. The real problem is all those self-proclaimed professional “journalists” who would believe and circulate a phony video from a leftist comedian as if it were news from a reliable source.

Or maybe, as one Twitter commenter put it so well, they watch Jimmy Kimmel, so they just didn’t recognize a joke when they saw one.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

My son, keep thy father's commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

Proverbs 6:20 (KJV)


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  • Linda Olds

    05/12/2020 12:36 AM

    We know that polls are often wrong. Do you think the polls showing increased popularity of Cuomo and decreased popularity of Trump are accurate?
    If so, how can people be so gullible?
    Cuomo is a smooth talker, but he's obviously only out there for his own political agenda, not to help people. Are people in the rest of the country really falling for the BS of an arrogant governor who is at least partially responsible for some of the spread of covid19? I'm sorry for the people there, but I would think that most people in the 'other 49' don't care what Cuomo is doing or thinking!

  • Tom Wolfgram

    05/11/2020 12:28 PM

    Just realized this we are all it together theme is a cover up for being a liberal chicken. If it is a war on covid 19 then the win of the war, before the economy tanks, before we can get it back is to get herd immunity if we are not tooo afraid. easy to get because of the way it spreads and low risk for the healthy because it does not kill the younger low risk people.
    War would have the medical in the background taking care of the injured and weaker high risk. The healthy would be out front fighting for the herd. Look at what the dems want to do. They don't want to fight meaning get sick and get better. The USA is chicken to fight a very low risk war for the benefit of our historical economics.
    Seems like nobody would want to be called a chicken, and political incorrectness to build the herd into a force for the economy. Need to switch our attitude and get back to work. Use the prosport attendence MLB and NFL and Nascar, and and and to get a real measure on the ability to get sick, get better and not die. That would be courage typical of what was seen in the real wars of the past. In this all together, I think not. Our strong are not even given a chance to help the herd. Sad and weakly played our fought.

  • Walt Miller

    05/10/2020 07:22 PM

    People will say anything to make President Trump look bad. Obama would not have done anything to help the country. Obama probably would have not even care about what has happened to this country. Obama is all talk.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/10/2020 06:47 PM

    When Obama talks he normally will be lying or doing a cover up on most issues he is or was involved in. What ever he had done a professional had to come in and fix it. The two of them Biden and Obama were so corrupt and now they are rich for them thats the bottom line when you have that much money they just don't care about anyone else unless they can make more money by lying or bear a false witness against someone to protect and enhance one's self. So let the Monday quarterbacks say they would do this or that 24 hours after an event has taken place Obama should just play golf like he did on the taxpayers dime for 8 years he must not have been very good the media couldn't lie about that.

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/10/2020 04:45 PM

    CONTACT: Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325

    Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on Cuomo Suggesting the End of Classroom Learning and Tapping of Billionaire and Common Core Architect Bill Gates to ‘Reimagine’ New York’s Education System

    May 7, 2020

    “The suggestion that school buildings and classroom learning is no longer necessary and putting multi-billionaire Bill Gates in charge of ‘re-imagining’ education is an outrageous affront to our education system, parents and school children.

    “Bill Gates was also the architect of the disastrous Common Core program that did irreparable damage to New York’s education system. Over the past several years, there has been a consistent deterioration of respect for our educators and understanding of how children learn. Like so many parents across the state of New York, my wife Erin and I have dealt firsthand with the pitfalls of distance learning and the void left by not our daughter not having personal interactions with her teachers and fellow students.

    “Our kids are not an experiment for a bored multi-billionaire. Classroom learning is essential to the education and development of our youth, and we will fight to protect it.”

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/10/2020 02:34 PM

    One of the political actions that worries me most is the emergence of “snitching” that has been ordered by several of our politicians. While I was growing up we were all told, even in school, that it was “Evil”. Something only done in countries with “Evil” dictatorial governments such as Communist, Nazi, Socialist or other types of Dictatorships.

  • Edward Peterson

    05/10/2020 01:48 PM

    I am looking for a good timeline of Wuhan virus outbreak and response as well as Russian Collusion events. Can you point me to one? Sequence of time and events is what I am looking for. I think we need to have this to help people not loose context.

  • Barbara Brace

    05/10/2020 01:33 PM

    Laura Ainsworth, just listened. What a voice, what a style, what a talent. Aren't you lucky to have her on your team?

  • Albert Perrotta

    05/10/2020 01:18 PM

    What evidence can anyone point to from Obama's term that suggests he would react quickly, decisively and successfully in the face of a crisis? Nobody remember the Gulf Oil spill and Obama sitting around, twiddling his thumbs with Carville crying, "We're dyin' down here!"?
    Even the killing of UBL, how long did he sit on the intel before acting? And someone actually thinks he would have acted quickly on intel out of China?
    What are the odds he would have risked ticking off China with a quick ban on travel from there? Zero.
    What are the odds he could have organized a massive private-government cooperation effort across every crucial industry? Zero. He had nobody around him with any real experience running big private companies and solving real world problems.
    What are the odds he would have focused on the problem at hand, rather than work to see how he could use the crisis to expand socialism and globalist ideals?
    He couldn't even set up an obamacare website with years notice. He would have put together the PPB in a matter of weeks?
    Thank GOD we have a president who is quick to act, has vast practical experience across a range of industries, and isn't afraid to tick off people to do what he thinks is right. God knows how many hundreds of thousands more would be dead if Obama were still in charge.