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May 6, 2023

I’m sincerely confused, and maybe some leftist school officials would like to clarify things for me. On the one hand, I am told that we need to respect the feelings of kids. In fact, their opinions are so sacrosanct that if they say they want to be the other gender, we must respect that to the point of ignoring (or even criminalizing) their parents’ objections and giving them hormones and surgery without parental consent.

On the other hand…if a 12-year-old boy in Massachusetts wants to express the scientifically accurate view that “There are only two genders” on a T-shirt, his school doesn’t respect his views at all, orders him to take it off in violation of his free speech, and when he refuses, kicks him out of school for “targeting students of a protected class.”

(By the way, does anyone else think it’s odd that minors who are not protected from irreversible medical procedures they don’t understand and may deeply regret are considered the only “protected” class?)

Likewise, two families in Colorado are suing their school district, claiming teachers and administrators pressured their young daughters to join a secret LGBTQ club. They were also allegedly told that they were transgender if they didn’t feel comfortable in their bodies (what adolescent girls do?), suffered suicidal thoughts, and were convinced they needed “transitioning” when they’d never even thought of it before.  

Finally, in the UK, a Christian mom vowed to appeal after a court dismissed her lawsuit against a school for forcing her four-year-old son to participate in a Gay Pride Parade in violation of the family’s religious beliefs. Again, what happened to respecting the views of children?

And on the subject of expressing your views on a T-shirt, the mom noted that when the deputy head of the school showed up to an appointment to discuss this with her, she was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?"

Nothing says you’re there for a free and open discussion like a T-shirt that conveys the message, “Think exactly like I do or shut up.”

So please, clear it up for us: do minors deserve to have their opinions and feelings respected, or does that only apply if they agree with the radical opinions and feelings of their teachers and school officials?  

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  • Robert Berger

    05/06/2023 08:22 PM

    Mike Huckabee, I don't want to sound rude , but your latest rant on your Saturday program made me want to vomit . it was beyond unfair and a vicious attack on President Biden . And how dare you accuse Karine Jean Pierre of "lying " after your daughter lied through her teeth as. Trump's press secretary .
    Everything you have just said is a lot of "bovine droppings ". Everything you have been saying about Biden, who is an infinitely better president than Trump was and is an infinitely better human being . Your hypocrisy and smugness is absolutely insufferable . You fawn over former "president " Trump while conveniently ignoring the fact that he was by far the worst, most corrupt and incompetent president. in US history . He is also a blithering idiot , nothing but a large scale con man and grifter who was no more qualified to be president than a retarded person is qualified to teach nuclear physics at Harvard or MIT .
    I have neither the time or space to list any of. Trump's heinous crimes whether as our "president ," the most corrupt and incompetent. businessman in US history and as a shameless serial adulterer. sexual predator and even a - PEDOPHILE .
    Trump is by far the most evil and dangerous individual ever produced by the US . He has absolutely no morals, ethics ,principles , decency , compassion , kindness , humility , intellect , leadership ability etc . He is a greedy, ruthless. demagogue who will say and do anything to get and keep power . Thank heavens this. disgusting abomination. was not reelected in 2020 .
    Trump attempted a coup and to have himself reinstalled as president by claiming the Democrats had "stolen" the election from him even though there is zero evidence of this .
    This fascist dictator. is the worst criminal and traitor in US history !
    You make me sick to my stomach, Mike Huckabee .