Silicon Valley bias

November 30, 2018

The billionaire socialists of Silicon Valley might think they have the power to silence conservative speech (all while denying any bias, of course), but conservatives are not going quietly into that good night.  They are starting to fight back, and they’re getting results.  It appears that on the Internet, a “permanent” or “lifetime” ban could mean “two weeks, give or take.”  Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly’s “permanent suspension” from Twitter has already been reversed.


Could that sudden 180 have anything to do with the talk of Republican legislators looking into a perjury inquiry into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony that Twitter is a neutral platform that doesn’t censor users for their political beliefs?


Speaking of not going quietly, conservative provocateur Laura Loomer protested her lifetime ban from Twitter by handcuffing herself to their headquarters door with a bullhorn and putting the whole thing on Facebook.  Wonder if Facebook will ban her now?


Loomer was banned over a tweet in which she called Muslim Representative-elect Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish” and a member of a religion in which homosexuals are oppressed and women are abused and “forced to wear the hijab.” Would they have banned her if she’d said that about the Republican Party, because that covers about 30% of all Twitter comments? 


Incidentally, I noticed in searching that story online that virtually every news account identified Loomer as a “far-right activist” or “alt-right activist,” even though she’s Jewish and has denounced the alt-right and refused to associate with its leaders.  Curious, I Googled the terms “Antifa” and “far-left.”  The only news results were from conservative websites or editorials; no mainstream news outlets in the first page of results. I guess Antifa must be moderates.


Of course, these are results from Google, and they’re also under the microscope lately for alleged liberal bias in search results:


And when I say “alleged,” I refer to this latest report that Google employees responded to President Trump’s election by debating whether to “bury” conservative media outlets in search results so they could reverse the election results in four years.  So, don’t keep us in suspense: what did they decide to do?



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