October 25, 2018

My readers know I see their comments, though it’s impossible to answer them all personally.  It’s great when people agree with me and appreciate what I have to say, or even get a laugh, but I don’t see my writings as some kind of “safe space” in which I’m just preaching to the choir and not being challenged in any way by people of a different political or philosophical persuasion.

That’s why I’ve chosen to respond to reader John E’s comment on my just-for-fun essay, “20 Questions for Rod Rosenstein.”  He sent several additional questions for Rosenstein to answer, none having the least bit to do with what Rosenstein is being called in to talk about, and none of them for fun (too bad), but all having to do with Trump, some of them concerning his activities and investments from years gone by.  Maybe he was just trying to be snarky, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he genuinely desires answers.  Oh, and he finished with a special question just for me, I guess because he likes me so much.


Since Rosenstein isn’t answering questions right now and perhaps will be taking his sweet time about it, I thought I’d go ahead and surprise John E by answering all of his questions myself, as matter-of-factly as possible while trying to stay brief.  Keep in mind that some of the questions could have entire books written about them; in fact, they probably have.  I’m not a lawyer, either, as Rosenstein is, but here goes...



Q:  How many people got defrauded by Trump University?


A:  Trump University was never an accredited school; in that sense, yes, it should have had quotation marks around the word “University.”  (Towards the end of its life, its name was changed to “The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative.”)  It gave no college credit, didn’t grant degrees or grade its students, and it did use hard-sell marketing techniques.  The civil case brought by New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and joined by two suits in California was settled for $25 million.  According to Wikipedia, about 7,000 former students –- another source said 5,000 –- were at some point part of the class action, but since it was settled there was no verdict, so there was no legal determination that they were “defrauded” and I can’t give you a number.  As far as I know, those who stayed in were paid according to the settlement, and the lawyers (at least the ones in New York) reportedly worked pro bono to bring the case against Trump.



Q:  Why did then-attorneys general of Florida and Texas stop their prosecutions of Trump University (about the same time they got campaign contributions from Donald)?


A:  In 2010, Texas Attorney General (now Governor) Gregg Abbott investigated Trump University, but when he asked for customer lists and other documents, the company simply ceased operating in Texas.  (My understanding is that it hadn’t done much there and was just about to shut down completely.)  Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was challenged on the timing of a $25,000 donation to a pro-Bondi group called “And Justice For All,” but she had solicited that donation months before the lawsuit was at issue.



Q:  How did Trump manage to avoid the normal investigations by the NJ Gaming Commission when he was applying for his casino license?


A:  Do you mean his tax returns?  According to CNN, he did supply five years of returns to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission as required to get his license.  It was understood that they wouldn’t be made public unless they were introduced as evidence in court proceedings about casino licenses, which didn’t happen.  Also, it seems his casinos did face quite a lot of scrutiny by the Commission and paid a total of over $1 million in fines.  The rulings on any of the casino violations did not implicate Trump personally. 



Q:  Why have so many people from Trump’s campaign pleaded guilty?


A:  No one in Trump’s campaign has pleaded guilty to anything having to do with Russia, and after more than two years there is still no evidence that anyone “colluded.”  (To find a campaign that actually did collude, check out Hillary’s; the evidence is clear.)  A good example of one of these guilty pleas is that of former national security advisor Gen. Michael Flynn, whose name was illegally unmasked from classified documents and who, after decades of service to his country, lost his job and home.  To end the legal nightmare, he pleaded guilty to lying to FBI questioners when even THEY didn’t think he had been trying to deceive them.


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Q:  Why does Trump use Hitler’s propaganda technique called “The Big Lie”?


A:  The Big Lie is a strategy of propaganda focused on the large-scale dissemination of one main lie propped up by many smaller, supporting lies underneath.  Naziism (National Socialism) was held up by one huge, despicable lie:  that Jews were to blame for the defeat in World War I and must be purged from the population.  There is no word harsh enough to express how strongly I disagree with anyone who compares Trump’s communication style with this monstrous type of propaganda, and your question is of the “When did you stop beating your wife” variety.  But as long as we’re talking about big lies, how about this one:  “Republicans are evil, greedy racists who want to kill black people and push Granny’s wheelchair over the cliff”?  I hear that whopper every day.



Q:  Why doesn’t the IRS investigate Trump for tax fraud?


A:  The IRS doesn’t announce the names of people it is investigating.  If they were investigating Trump, we wouldn’t hear about it.  If they find something, they can bring a case when he leaves office.



Q:  What organized crime figures has Trump associated with over the years?


A:  It’s always hilarious when this question is asked about anyone who’s worked in the New York construction business.



Q:  (Asked of me specifically)  Is there any evidence that Trump is really a Christian or is he just using Evangelicals in his quest for power?


A:  You appear to have read your Saul Alinsky and know the tactics for discrediting an opposition leader.  But it won’t work.  Evangelicals have made peace with Trump’s presidency and refuse to make the perfect the enemy of the good when it comes to his leadership.  We aren’t going to pick Trump apart on his personal faith, as you would love to see us do, when he has communed with us, listened to us, learned from us, appreciated us, and supported our most dearly held views such as the value of unborn life and our rights under the Constitution.  We pray that God will guide him as he continues to grow in his leadership, and we know that God forgives. 



Well, that does it.  If John E really wanted some answers, I tried to give them with facts, not with spin.  I hope I did a better job of answering questions for those on the left than, say, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does.  Since they apparently like her a lot, it must be that their standards for accuracy aren’t very high.



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Comments 1-25 of 80

  • John E

    11/07/2018 12:54 AM

    Interesting article.

  • RichardLambing

    10/31/2018 04:58 PM

    I agree he 14th amendment initially came about after the civil war. But, doesent it seem like you’re rewarding someone who enters illegally, by granting their child instant citizenship? As a retired police officer, illegal meant against the law. The child is entitled to tax payer funded benefits too. Thus, draining an over burdened system, ven more. But congress must change this. I don't think an EO, will do it.

  • Shirley Murray

    10/28/2018 03:34 PM

    All of your comments are very factual and I appreciate that. I enjoy reading your responses because they are right on. It is so refreshing to read information that doesent have a spin on it. Keep up the good work. Peace be to you.

  • Eva Kathleen Woods

    10/27/2018 12:31 AM

    You hit the nail on the head with each of you answers to his questions, Governor Huckabee! I love it! Truth backed up with facts in a respectful & dignified manner.
    Keep it up! P.S. We love your daughter - she's quite a lady.

  • Linda Radosevich

    10/26/2018 03:55 PM

    Great answers to John E, Governor! And AMEN to Cathryn Petrie's response.

  • rodney burke

    10/26/2018 01:03 PM

    this arrogant scumbag Rosenstein should be drug into congress by the shirt collar and force to answer up. Oh yes, there are other names out there that we should call him. this arrogant donkey, should be treated with the same contempt he treats the rest of us. Who is he to set terms and criteria to congress? I don't count on him doing anything or answering up unless he is forced to. This guy should NOT be fired, he should be in jail. He is so deep in the Hilary mess AND the spygate debacle, there should be another crime to charge him with. What this guy needs is a public humiliation on national TV. The guy with that smirk LOOKS like a criminal!

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    10/26/2018 12:53 PM

    I signed on to, and paid for, Trump U.
    I learned a lot and had hoped to turn what I learned, into a money earning endeavor. Due to events and circumstances in my life at the time, I was unable to implement the techniques I learned from Trump U.
    I did not participate in the lawsuit because I do not believe they tried to deceive me.

  • Cathryn Petrie

    10/26/2018 11:09 AM

    A response to the gentleman who asked about President Trump’s Christianity. I included his question to help me remember to stay on track.
    Q: (Asked of me specifically) Is there any evidence that Trump is really a Christian or is he just using Evangelicals in his quest for power?

    The Bible tells us that God‘s word will never come back void. God has used some pretty questionable characters throughout history to do his work. I don’t see why he would do anything differently today than he did in previous times. I did some soul-searching before the 2016 election. My vote wasn’t based on wanting Mr. Trump as a next-door neighbor or a friend. My vote was based on principles that I don’t feel the Democrat party espouses. I realize that laws pertaining to homosexual marriage, abortion, the Second Amendment, and some other major things are not going to be changing 180° because he is president but I would like to feel that the person in office can at least understand where I’m coming from. According to Mrs. Clinton I am a deplorable. According to Ms. Waters I should be told I’m not welcome anywhere anytime. The presidential election is not a popularity contest. We can go back through history and see that there were quite a few presidents whose personal lives were not what we would want for ourselves - president Kennedy even though popular, was probably his wife’s worst nightmare.
    President Trump’s personal relationship with God is not my business. I pray that he will turn to God for the answers. I pray that, if he isn’t a Christian, he will accept Christ as his Savior. In the worst case scenario - if he is conning us - God will work in spite of him and not because of him.

  • John E.

    10/26/2018 12:54 AM

    This is how wikipedia defines the Big Lie. We see that all the time from serial liar Donald Trump. He's got more whoppers than Burger King. (ie. Obama was born in Kenya, Ted Cruz' father was involved in JFK's assassination, we're gonna have another tax cut before the election). Lots of factcheckers have compiled lists of all his lies. It's very hard to keep up with them all.

    I used to like your morning commentary when I listened to a Dallas radio station.

  • Alvin Dunnegan

    10/25/2018 09:10 PM

    Obviously John E. is an anti-Trump zealot searching for anti-Trump fodder that he could attribute to you. Good job providing answers that he cannot take out of context as is SOP for the left.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    10/25/2018 07:45 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Your responses were spot on and well placed. By his questions, especially the last one, it is obvious he was attempting to trap you. I hope he appreciates your answers and has learned a few things. I hope he learned that, as Christians, we are taught to forgive what we can and leave the judgement to the Lord.

  • Karen Epermanis

    10/25/2018 07:44 PM

    Outstanding job on answering John E. I even learned a thing or two in terms of background information. Keep up the great work and your sense of humor.

  • Lana Cagle

    10/25/2018 07:30 PM

    Good for you!

  • Richard Gardner

    10/25/2018 06:58 PM

    Great responses, Mike! Keep up the good work! Love ya, brother!

  • Billie R Hayworth

    10/25/2018 06:06 PM

    While I don't condone violence of any kind I'm wondering how many other people are making the same connection that I'm making about the bombs sent to some of the most heinous people in our world, Robert De Niro, Joe Biden, Barack Obama (BO). There's more to come I'm sure and I'm willing to bet the farm that it will be more left ding dongs who have done NOTHING to help our beloved president MAGA! I'm sorry, but they should be bombed off the face of the earth because they've brought nothing to the table but division and bipartisan crap... They're just plain evil and evil begets evil!

  • Vicky Rose

    10/25/2018 05:21 PM

    Thank you so much for your articles and superb way of expression so the least of us can understand what is going on. I'm a deplorable and will always be. Blessings.

  • Joy Staley

    10/25/2018 05:15 PM

    Awesome answers!

  • Shirley Hudgens

    10/25/2018 05:10 PM

    Great job answering John's questions, I rather enjoyed the answers.

  • Gil Bellamy

    10/25/2018 05:07 PM

    Wondered what the October Surprise would be this election cycle. Maybe it is the clever one of sending pipe bombs to Democrat operatives to blunt the issue of the left radical threats against Republicans which had become a main election issue.

  • Marilyn Dellaripa

    10/25/2018 04:30 PM

    Dearest Mike, I do enjoy you newsletter. It is always fact based and loaded with information.
    I am a firm believer that you would have made a great President and been able to unify the country with tact and subtle humor. Have a blessed day. Marilyn D

  • Gladys Kelly

    10/25/2018 04:17 PM

    Good job.

  • Richard Palmquist

    10/25/2018 03:38 PM

    You must have a good reason for replying to wazziz name, but I doubt the wisdom of trying. Considering that caveat, WOW, good job.

  • Betty Ann Huett

    10/25/2018 03:23 PM

    Hello from SE MO and an old lady who is of ill health but knows God, Who is the Great Physician Who heals me & thee in His own time & in His own way; therefore, by His stripes I am healed physically, mentally & emotionally! I am telling you this so you will know where I am coming from in the blessed name of Jesus! Amen! Love your answers to a confirmed Democrat & love Sarah your daughter, who is an intelligent young lady full of God's goodness & His Holy Spirit! Keep up the good work both of you! My prayers are with you, family, President Trump, VP Pence & their families, Cabinet Members & our nation that is MAGA while Trump is in office but after that watch out if & when the servants of satan are voted in, as satan & the DEMS, RINOS & fat-calves in Congress aren't pleased with morality & goodness; but want to continue murdering poor defenseless babies in & out of their mothers' wombs which is definitely an abomination to God Almighty Who forms each of us beautifully & Wonderfully in our mother's womb! God Bless & keep on fighting for God & our country for with Jesus we've already won! Amen! I am also divorced since 1988 & been on my own with Jesus for a long, long time! Sincerely, Betty Huett

  • Frank Chavez

    10/25/2018 03:18 PM

    Very interesting. It is good to hear real truths, I read so much and (sadly) repeat a lot that is probably not true. If it comes from you Mr. Huckabee, I can believe it. That's why I read all your newsletters.

  • Pamela Welsh

    10/25/2018 03:07 PM

    Very nice answers to John E's questions. Thank you for standing in the gap for our President!