Trump shines at Daytona

February 17, 2020

Over the weekend, President Trump paid a visit to the Daytona 500 that reminded NASCAR fans of why he was known as one of our greatest showmen before he even entered politics. It started with a thrilling buzz of the event in Air Force One...

Then the First Lady joined him for some patriotic comments…

And he even took a lap of the track in the armored Presidential limo, “The Beast.” It had the crowd cheering and race commentators declaring it “awesome!”

But of course, the liberal media outlets were not impressed. They were (and stop me if you’ve heard this before) “outraged!” How DARE Trump use government resources like Air Force One and the Presidential limo to attend an event that might burnish his election chances, they stewed…conveniently ignoring all the times they cheered Obama’s coolness for doing things like throwing out the first ball at the World Series, using the limo for an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, and flying to L.A. so many times to vacuum money out of the pockets of leftwing celebrities that Angelinos coined the term “Obama-jam” to describe the traffic tie-ups from all the street closures caused by his frequent fundraiser visits.

This was the type of all-American event that Presidents often take part in, but when Trump does it, it’s an unprecedented scandal, and possibly an impeachable offense (they should ask Alan Dershowitz about that.) I wonder if these whiners realize that they’re coming off like the sad goth kids in high school, pouting at their table in the back of the cafeteria and making snarky comments about the cool kids – not realizing that everyone knows they’re jealous and secretly wish they could be that popular.

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  • Thom Williams

    02/19/2020 04:29 PM

    Trump has politicized politics, and the Democrats are absolutely gobsmacked. Their playbook has relied upon the GOP seeking to reach compromise while the Democrats, with full backing from the press, were seeking nothing short of capitulation from the Republicans. Trump’s success is obvious with this article: the Liberal media has went over the top in their outrage with the POTUS limo taking a lap around a racetrack.

  • Pete Martin

    02/18/2020 10:39 AM

    The media outrage, the Democrat’s accusations, and lies or “spin”, on everything President Trump does has become so commonplace that I hardly notice it anymore. Kind of like the garbage truck that makes its way through our neighborhood. Just noise and stink - wait a minute and it all goes away.