May 28, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Agree with Liz Cheney that it "could well be treason," or be 'jejune'  --- Newsletter Survey Results -- They said it couldn't be done - Stunning news from Dartmouth University ---- The tall tree is Fox News -- Generic polls are meaningless  -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Word of the day: JEJUNE.
If this were a spelling bee, the inevitable question would be, “Can you use it in a sentence, please?” Fortunately, Attorney General Bill Barr did just that in his recent interview with FOX News’ Bill Hemmer:
“It’s a very unusual situation to have opposition research like that,” Barr said, “especially one that on its face had a number of clear mistakes and a somewhat JEJUNE analysis.”
And if this were a spelling bee, the next inevitable question would be, “May I have a definition, please?” And here is the definition, from Merriam-Webster:
JE-JUNE (adj.) 1. devoid of significance or interest: DULL 2, juvenile, puerile
I suppose now we’ll need a definition of “puerile.” PU-ER-ILE (adj.) 1. juvenile 2) childish, silly
Unfortunately, the ridiculous Christopher Steele “dossier” SHOULD have been devoid of significance or interest, but it wasn’t. So when Barr spoke of the analysis of it as “jejune,” he must have been thinking of definition #2, juvenile or puerile. The fantasy of Trump in a Moscow hotel, hiring prostitutes –- when he knew Russian authorities were watching every move he made –- to do some nasty things on a bed he assumed Obama had slept in is about the most puerile story imaginable. And anyone who takes such idiocy seriously without even bothering to fact-check the “number of clear mistakes,” such as the reference to a Russia embassy in Miami when none exists, is being childish.

Mike Huckabee

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-------------------------------- Newsletter Survey Results

By Mike Huckabee

OUR QUESTION: Do you think the country is headed in the right direction under President Trump's leadership?

With over 20,000 respondents: 98.5% YES, .94% UNDECIDED and .56% NO


They said it couldn't be done

By Mike Huckabee

There is a wide gap in the border barrier near El Paso where hundreds of illegal entrants and a lot of drugs pour into the US virtually every day.  It was completely open, with not even a barbed wire fence.  The Army Corps of Engineers claimed that because of the terrain, it was impossible to build a wall there.  And we know about the liberal judges who keep blocking President Trump’s efforts to build it.

Yet, over the weekend, a private group called “We Build The Wall,” funded by $20 million from 260,000 private donors on GoFundMe, started building a wall there, and reportedly completed half a mile of wall in just four days.

Organizer Brian Kolfage said critics claimed it was impossible and that the fundraiser was a scam.  But he found that the entire project, from finding and buying the property to getting a plan to finding a contractor to putting up the wall, took only 57 days.  Kolfage told Gateway Pundit, “We threw like 15 people together and we just built an international border wall. So I think this sticks the thumb in everyone’s eye who said we couldn’t do it.”  There are more quotes, photos and videos at this link:

It’s a testament to how quickly things can get done when you don’t rely on the government to do them.  Ironically, the one thing government excels at is putting up barriers to getting anything done, except when what you want them to do is put up a barrier, and then putting up a barrier becomes absolutely impossible. 


Stunning news from Dartmouth University

By Mike Huckabee

Stunning news from Dartmouth University: a conservative spoke on campus…and a riot did NOT break out!  He explained his views freely, students listened and asked questions, a dialogue ensued…and hearing differing opinions didn’t make any students die or have to rush to a safe space to cuddle puppies and squeeze Play-Doh.

Why, it was almost like…dare I say it?...a university!


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The tall tree is Fox News

By Mike Huckabee

As if you needed another reason not to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President, her attack on Fox News when they invited her to appear on a town hall was not only a hostile assault on the free press, it also showed a staggering lack of strategic intelligence. 

Note that Bernie Sanders said yes to Fox, and he got a respectful hearing and scored 2.6 million viewers, the highest-rated townhall so far.  Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg also said yes to Fox and gave themselves a boost. 

“Beto” O’Rourke, on the other hand, opted for a CNN town hall.  It drew only 714,000 viewers, which is actually far less than the pitiful 1 million viewers that CNN normally draws on a Tuesday night.

And why are the ratings so low?  Aside from “Russian collusion” and Michael Avenatti doing to CNN’s journalistic reputation what the bums in San Francisco do to the sidewalks, CNN is no longer even trying to appeal to anyone other than hair-on-fire Trump haters.  FYI: It’s not me saying that, it’s people who used to work at CNN:

They’re like the parody heavy metal band Spinal Tap: they’re not becoming less popular; their appeal is just getting “more selective.” 

I realize that very few of the Democratic candidates have any private sector business experience whatsoever, so I’m going to help them out.  Before you wrap yourself in a blanket of ideological purity and refuse to dirty your silky pantaloons by entering the studios of Fox News, ponder this simple, age-old couplet about advertising:

“He who has a thing to sell and whispers of it down a well

Will not get as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.” 

Just to make it clear for you, the tall tree is Fox News and the hole in the ground is CNN. 


Generic polls are meaningless

By Mike Huckabee

A new Pew Research poll found that only 3% of Democrats prefer a presidential candidate in his or her 70s.  Why, then are Joe Biden (76) and Bernie Sanders (77) leading the current polls?

This is tied to something I find myself forced to repeat in every election cycle: generic polls are meaningless.  The media love to make much of polls showing who would win if an unnamed Republican ran against an unnamed Democrat. Which is fine, except there has never been a ballot that pitted “Unnamed Republican” against “Unnamed Democrat” (the fact that we don’t know their names yet is also a tip-off that the poll is being taken long before the election, another reason to pay no attention to it.) Once a name is attached, things get a lot more complicated.

Some voters are so wedded to their parties that the name makes no difference.  Nancy Pelosi recently admitted that in New York, a glass of water could get elected if it had a (D) next to its name (I noted that it could even be mostly empty and badly cracked and still get elected – and has been.)  But the winning margin in most places comes from voters who could go either way, and while they might say they ideally would like a 52-year-old female candidate of color, if the only person fitting that bill appears loony and unelectable, then a creaky ol’ white male like Joe starts looking pretty good. 

The fact that so few Democratic voters want candidates in their 70s and yet Joe and Bernie are topping the polls isn’t a testament to how strong Joe and Bernie are.  It shows that in a party where voters are desperate for new blood, about two dozen of the budding future leaders are out on the buffet, and they’re so unappetizing (most likely because they represent toxic, divisive identity politics and far-left of the mainstream views on taxes, abortion and other issues) that most voters would rather stick with the day-old oatmeal of Joe or Bernie.  This isn’t good news for Joe and Bernie, it’s terrible news for the future of the Democratic Party.     


Quotes from our Presidents

“Without passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing.”
- Donald Trump


Evening Edition - May 26

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (NIV)

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

– Prov 3:5

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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Anne Amato

    05/28/2019 08:34 PM

    The major fear in the back of my mind all the time now is this: Christians, Conservatives, Independents, Republicans.....DO NOT TAKE A TRUMP WIN IN 2020 FOR GRANTED! Remember....this was the "Hillary Crowd" mindset....and....look what happened to her. up on the issues! Get educated on all sides (as ill as they make me, I actually do read quite a few of the articles (masquerading as "news" which are blatantly Democratic propoganda.....just so I am armed with their "talking points"....just in case.....)
    SO......DO WHATEVER YOU CAN....AND GET OUT TO VOTE.....TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! A Democrat in the White House at this point in our history will be the end of the United States of America as a Constitutional Democratic Republic....and....our country will be....gone....

    And....if you happen upon someone who virulently disagrees with you....make sure you have knowledge and reason on your side. You can present it in a polite manner (just do not expect their reaction to be reasonable). And...if they know you are a Christian, expect this statement...(especially about the wall issue)...."Seriously, What would Jesus say?"
    Because....when people have no rarional, knowledgeable answer to what you have said, they will "throw your religion back into your face". This happened recently to me....and it was someone I regard as a "friend and neighbor". REMEMBER.....when people have no logical answer or response....their comment will be personal!


  • LeeMar Zarr

    05/28/2019 02:32 PM

    Well, if it was not so true it would be here in FL when we drain the swamp that often means relocating the alligators...I'd suggest relocating the alligators to the Rio Grande River at "strategic" locations. Speaking of "cover-ups"...have you ever seen a fanatical cat trying to bury its poop on a concrete slab? Every time I hear those words being expelled from certain people's orifices I can see that fanatical cat desperate attempts to hide its (PC), poop!