April 9, 2019

I must be getting old because I actually remember when liberals thought blacklists were a bad thing.  They once even thought that trying to deny people work because you disagree with their political views was so reprehensible that they routinely gave themselves Oscars for making movies glorifying people who were blacklisted.  Well, that was then…


Not only do Republicans in Hollywood keep their political views secret for fear of never working again, but now, a group of 23 far-left organizations is leaning on corporations to refuse to hire people who worked in the Trump Administration.


This includes my daughter Sarah.  Sorry to break this to them, but I am often reminded that I’m no longer the most popular person in the Huckabee clan among many millions of Americans.  With her toughness, competence, popularity and experience, I seriously doubt she will be lacking for job offers, no matter how much her critics may whine like worn-out fan belts.  I also seriously doubt that anyone else who has worked in the top levels of the White House is going to end up on the unemployment line. 


As stupid as this story is, I wanted to share it with you for several reasons.  First, because it’s just so pathetic that it shows the depths to which the left has been reduced. Second, I thought I’d point out to them that Instapundit blog master Glenn Reynolds, a renowned law professor, believes this attempt at blacklisting might be legally actionable, so that will be an interesting story to follow.  And third, they couldn’t even petulantly call for blacklisting people they disagree with without citing as the reason yet another discredited, over-used lie ("children in cages!")  Since that’s sort of the theme of today’s newsletter, I had to run this. 

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    04/09/2019 06:51 PM

    I LOVE SARAH !!! You raised a fantastic daughter !! She didn't fall far from the tree !!! One fine lady for sure !!God bless her,she's one tough cookie and sweet too ! I would be pleased if you sent this to her or at least let her know she has one true supporter here !! She can email me anytime too !

  • Gloria Grace Prosper

    04/09/2019 04:00 PM

    They are referring, of course, to the "caged children" during the Obama Administration. No? Why not?

  • Judith

    04/09/2019 03:20 PM

    It is time the Dems went to work for We the People - what are they accomplishing?? They spend all their time hating the President of the United States - nothing good ever comes from hate - never did & never will - they get paid for what???