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February 26, 2022

Hats off to Irish news interviewer David McCullagh for giving our media a lesson in how to deal with a subject who’s clearly lying to their faces. This article about his interview with Russia’s ambassador to Ireland contains some good background on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but is also a primer on Russia's phony rationalizations for the invasion and how to destroy them live on air.

Here’s an excerpt that’s a textbook example of a lying government official caught dead to rights: The Russian ambassador claims the invasion was “not our choice.” McCullagh fires back, “Your forces have invaded a sovereign nation. It absolutely was your choice.”

“Well, it was not our preferable choice…”

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  • Michael Moody

    03/01/2022 11:50 AM

    Dear Mike: I know there is much discussion about what we can do about Ukraine. I offer one simple suggestion on the diplomatic end that will hurt Putin even if it does nothing to help Ukraine. Putin has an unofficial military force composed of ex Red Army soldiers. They are presently engaged as mercenaries in a number of countries supporting rulers that Russia wants to support. Same kind of thing as the CIA only not as legal. They support the Russian base in Syria for example. These soldiers have to travel on Western airlines generally. Maybe in Syria they could use Russian transport. But not elsewhere. So if you don’t allow anyone who works for this organization to fly on western airlines, that stops Russian meddling in a lot of places. You just put the whole organization on a no fly list. I think the organization is called the Garver Group on something like that. The name does start with a G.