July 25, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Chuck Schumer's confession  -- NYC Subways-- Tale of two parties -- Bill O'Reilly predicts -- Jared Kushner  -- News Bits (NEW)

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As part of the roll-out of the Democrats’ new pizza-and-populism-inspired campaign slogan (“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future”), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer finally admitted to the Washington Post that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose to a candidate with a 40% approval rating because of Russia or James Comey (interesting how he’s so dismissive of Trump while obviously trying to steal his winning populist messaging), and the Party has to look inward to see what it’s doing wrong.

Unfortunately, they are still incapable of grasping the real reasons why Hillary lost. Yes, she failed to campaign in Rust Belt states and has more baggage than a jumbo jet. But that doesn’t explain why Democrats have lost about 1100 seats nationwide since 2008, when she wasn’t even running. To paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the leftist policies, stupid!”

The Democrats are very vague about what this “better deal” might be, but so far, it sounds like the same old leftovers: more federal regulations, more activist government programs, legalizing illegal immigrants, more taxes on the rich, a $15 minimum wage that’s already killing jobs everywhere it’s being tried, etc. To make that point crystal clear, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually declared that this “is not a course correction, but it’s a presentation correction.” I’ve gotta admit, that’s the most honest thing I’ve heard from the Democratic leadership in years. It’s a surprisingly candid admission that they are not really changing their unpopular, failed, big government policies. They’re just changing their slogan.

Every time Democrats lose an election, they tell us it’s not because voters rejected their policies; they just “didn’t get their message across,” despite having the support of Hollywood, Silicon Valley and 95% of the news media; and in recent special elections, showering their candidates with so much money, you’d think they were Planned Parenthood. I’d love to see the Democrats realize that when something doesn’t work, you should stop doubling down on it. But it seems they’re just stealing Papa John’s slogan without adding the “Better Ingredients.” They think voters won’t notice the donkey-flavored pizza still leaves a bad taste in the mouth if they just deliver it in a better box. Good luck with that.


Mike Huckabee



NYC Subways

By Mike Huckabee

The New York subway system, which was cleaned up and running great under Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg, has now degenerated into such a mess under DeBlasio that Gov. Cuomo just declared a “state of emergency.” The emergency: New Yorkers elected a Democratic Mayor.

Don’t believe that qualifies as an emergency? Know how long it’s been since Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore had a Republican mayor? It was 1927, 1957 and 1963, respectively. So long that their entire city governments have turned into giant New York subway systems.


Tale of two parties

By Mike Huckabee

A tale of two political parties: the New York Observer reports that according to federal documents, the Republican National Committee raised a record $13.4 million in June and has $44.7 million in the bank and no debt. In comparison, the Democratic National Committee has only $7.4 million on hand and nearly $3.3 million in debt. And yet, they plan to return to power by telling voters they have a better plan for dealing with economics.

They’ll need to raise a lot more money if they plan to continue their strategy of outspending Republicans 5-1 and still losing.


Bill O'Reilly Predicts

By Mike Huckabee

Bill O’Reilly announced that if President Trump doesn’t deliver his tax reform and tax cut, he will be a one-term President. Agree or disagree? Weigh in below on whether that’s the issue that could determine Trump’s reelection. If it does, I think it would have to be due to the failure of the GOP Congress depressing Republicans into not voting, since I can’t think of anyone who’d ever win the Democratic nomination who would be seen as more likely to cut taxes than Trump.




Jared Kushner

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, Jared Kushner, President Trump’s adviser and son-in-law, released a lengthy statement about that much-ballyhooed campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer. It’s probably the most words that have been written to describe nothing since the collected scripts of “Seinfeld.” But he apparently feels, with some justification, that he has to be as painstakingly clear about this to the media as he would be if he were trying to explain the internal combustion engine to a tadpole.

Some samples: “I had no improper contacts. I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government”…He then states that he had no contact with the Russian lawyer before the meeting and no contact with her after the meeting…He didn’t even read the chain of emails leading up to the meeting…Once he arrived at the meeting “a little late,” he quickly determined that his “time was not being well-spent at this meeting,” then texted an assistant, “Can u pls call me on my cell? Need excuse to get out of meeting.”

It’s worth noting that Trump critics are now attacking Kushner for sending that text, and demanding to know how he can stand up to other nations if he needed an assistant to get him out of a meeting. I think it shows that to some people, no matter what Trump or his family members do, it’s always going to be wrong. Let he or she who has never used the “I have an important call I have to take” excuse to get out of a boring meeting cast the first stone.

Personally, after six months of hearing nothing but “Russia, Russia, Russia” 24/7 and not seeing a scrap of evidence that anyone on the Trump team did anything illegal, I can readily understand how Kushner could have welcomed any excuse to escape from something that had turned into a pointless, mind-numbing time-suck. In fact, I think we all know that feeling by now.


News Bits

Tragic lesson for animal rights activists: Don’t take your concept of the natural world from Disney cartoons.



You’re probably not used to hearing passionate defenses of Christianity from Hollywood celebrities – particularly not comedians – so these two stories might come as a pleasant surprise.




Remember the good old days of a couple of years ago, when in return for getting nuclear reactors and a planeload of American dollars, Iran was going to become a responsible and dependable member of the brotherhood of nations? Well, if that smelled like horse apples then, you were right. They’re not only cheating on the terms of the deal, they’re not even trying to hide their violations of human rights, such as the rights of these Iranians given kangaroo trials then sentenced to up to ten years in prison for the crime of converting to Christianity.



Here’s why Democrats aren’t promising voters “Better cybersecurity!”


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  • Floyd Kimmel

    07/25/2017 04:01 PM

    Hi Gov. Huckabee
    If the democrats want to win back the Whitehouse, congress and senate they need to act and perform like they should. The lies the finger pointing the threats are all assign to me as immature and in some cases mental. Oh yeah and the media better change their tune because your daughter is not going to back down and she's to smart for their baiting.

  • Joyce Cochran

    07/25/2017 09:55 AM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for your daily newsletter. Finally I can read and believe what I read. I've given up on all the Fake News stations and dont waste my time anymore. God Bless you and your staff for the good work you do everyday.