August 1, 2019

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This week brings an avalanche of breaking news concerning bad actors at the FBI and Justice Department. Let’s start with one of the baddest actors of them all, former FBI Director James Comey.

According to investigative reporter John Solomon in THE HILL, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is close to completion on his report, and his assessment of Comey’s conduct is scathing. He reportedly has concluded that Comey leaked classified information –- which is a violation of the Espionage Act –- and showed “lack of candor” (translation: lying). The IG even referred Comey for possible prosecution, but Solomon reports that Attorney General Barr is declining to move forward on that.


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Mike Huckabee



Monday Night Massacre

By Mike Huckabee

This Washington Examiner editorial makes an excellent point about the Monday Night Massacre at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where half a dozen senior staffers were fired with no replacements in line, simply because, being white, they were not “diverse” enough (even the “diversity director” was let go.)

The Examiner points out that there are only two possible explanations.  One is that the staffers who complained were weaponizing racial grievance complaints to cost people their jobs for reasons related to personal advantage…or the Democrats genuinely believe that competent people should be fired from their jobs for no other reason than the color of their skin.  As the Examiner editors rightly note, either way, it shows that “that this is not a party fit to govern.”

I’d add that if it’s really because they think it's right to fire people because of their race -- which is what they actually want us to believe -- then the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the ideals of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  It’s now fully embraced the mid-‘60s policies of Democratic Alabama Gov. and segregationist Presidential candidate George Wallace.  The difference is that later in life, Wallace became a Born-Again Christian and denounced the evils of racial discrimination and segregation.  The modern Democratic Party is devolving backwards by embracing racial discrimination and segregation and denouncing Christians.  And what do they call that?  “Progressivism.”  



Saw those awful debates; Michelle O will have to run

By Laura Ainsworth

Back in February, I went on record with a prediction that Michelle Obama would be the 2020 Democratic Party nominee for President. After watching the underwhelming Democratic “debates” this Tuesday and Wednesday, I have to reiterate: She will definitely be getting in. It’s just a matter of timing.

Both of these “debates” --- they’re not debates at all; we should call them candidate forums --- were unimpressive, bordering on pathetic. The only candidates with a real chance at the nomination showed themselves to be, well, insane, and dangerously leftist. They have jumped the shark.  I cling to the belief that enough American voters are too smart to be taken in by all the promises of free stuff. Want to find out how Venezuela BECAME Venezuela? Elect a President and Congress committed to wide-open borders, “Medicare For All” (including illegal immigrants), the Green New Deal, and student loan forgiveness. Then you’ll see what living in a broken and bankrupt nation is like, because there are not enough trillions of dollars in the world to pay for all that.



Fake News Recap

By Mike Huckabee

So much ridiculous nonsense was spoken (or SHOUTED!) at Tuesday’s first round of the second Democratic debates that it was easy to overlook a simple, totally made-up Trump quote.  But for the record, no, the President did NOT say that Baltimore is “nothing but a home for rats."

Always be skeptical of the veracity of sweeping negative statements attributed to a political opponent.  For example, I would never say that the Democratic debates are nothing but a fountain of insane, socialist hooey because John Delaney actually said a couple of things that made sense.  



I wanted to make sure you also read these comments


California Gov. Gavin Newsom continued his never-ending crusade to turn California into a leftist laughingstock by signing a ludicrous bill requiring that all candidates for President or Governor hand over five years’ worth of their tax returns to the state in order to appear on primary ballots.

Of course, this is aimed at President Trump, who chose not to release his personal tax forms.  Leftists who are still reeling over Robert Mueller’s fruitless effort to find a pony in that pile of manure he took two years assembling are still pinning their hopes on finding some impeachable offense in Trump’s tax returns.  Because if you’re going to commit a high crime, you’ll make sure it’s in your tax forms – especially if they’re hundreds of pages long and made out by a platoon of accountants and tax attorneys so that you never even see them except when you sign them.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Anyway, let’s count the ways that this bill is both idiotic and unconstitutional.  First, it won’t even affect the one guy it’s aimed at: Trump has no serious challenger, so he doesn’t even need to be on California’s primary ballot to get the GOP nomination.  Second, it could be classified as a bill of attainder, an unconstitutional bill that singles out one person for punishment without a trial.  It’s also an attempt to impose extra state-based requirements on Presidential eligibility, which is plainly spelled out in the US Constitution. 

Interestingly enough, do you know how I can be certain that states can’t place extra requirements for running on a Presidential candidate?  Because many of the same liberals who are demanding that Trump be forced to show his tax forms just a few years ago successfully argued against a move in various states to force Obama to show his birth certificate to be on the ballot. 

How crazy is this bill?  So crazy that when it landed on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk in 2017, he had enough sense to veto it.  Gavin Newsom signed it.  It might be time for President Trump to think up a nickname for Newsom that conveys even more lunacy than “Moonbeam.” 


While California is passing unconstitutional laws to try to see President Trump’s tax returns, Congressional Democrats’ Captain Ahab-like quest to root through his personal financial records, sniffing around for anything to impeach him for, hit a roadblock in federal court.

Here’s my favorite part of this story:  “The court's decision could serve as a setback for Democratic lawmakers should Trump not be forced to prove he hasn't violated the Constitution's anti-corruption clauses…” As Robert Mueller would say, there’s “a unique situation.”  Trump would be the first President to escape impeachment only if he can avoid being forced to prove he hasn’t violated the law.  The mind reels!

I can’t help wondering how many of the Democrats going after Trump – people like Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff – could clear their own standard for Trump if they were forced to prove that they’ve never violated any laws? 

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  • Audrey Skarness

    08/01/2019 01:43 PM

    Think all the Dems need to be handed a shovel, rake and hoe and go work in a garden some where.

  • Sarah Menne

    08/01/2019 01:19 PM

    I agree with Dylan - Please use same large print for everything. The tiny print that's been on your webpage the last two days practically requires a magnifying glass to read. It's sad that current party leadership seems to be slowly destroying the Democrat Party. One wonders "Why?"

  • Dusty

    08/01/2019 12:15 PM

    Scary for this country to see these idiots now who debate and try to say this is what we will have to do like it or not. white men are terrible, big corporations are destroying this country even said on The View pay more taxes, open our gates let in the world HOW? I was attacked the other day on my comments on immigration and this person said we need these immigrants to do farm work we do not have people who will do this but the illegals . WHY? Why when we pay welfare to how many millions who could be working. This person also attacked the big corporations and this is Bush and Trumps fault. Not that Pres Clinton started NAFTA that took away our best paying jobs overseas. Also said Trump is keeping out the well trained H 1B workers? Oh okay so then take away from our own engineers that we did before in the 60 by bringing in foreign. WHY do we have to do this train our own students instead of saying get a fake degree in basket weaving. Say first get out the welfare people to work and then if others needed like on the farms we used for years then do this legally and many use to do this job and go back home to Mexico. Using children to get in our door we have to educate and give health care amazing when now in Baltimore kids are not getting educated. Where are the jobs for these people also who has cared as Mfg went away there? I saw The Wire and it was pretty close to showing how an area died and was destroyed. WHY and by WHO? We get a Calif Gov who thinks he is God and now can make up the rules as he goes along to keep out Pres Trump what is this Russia?

  • Stephen Russell

    08/01/2019 10:57 AM

    DeepFakes/ Fake Video:
    Scary, one can copy U Governor & then file suits etc.
    Works both ways.
    Or audio fake & make phone call to X, ransom?
    Must address.
    Recall hearing on radio show some years back.
    Voice or video replicates person X

  • Dorien and Cheryl deLusignan

    08/01/2019 10:22 AM

    God Bless Y'all and all that you do. In Christ, Dorien and Cheryl de Lusignan

  • Stephen Russell

    08/01/2019 09:07 AM

    DCCC firings: How soon to the DNC for same (purge racially) awesome, more division

  • Dylan S. Clifton

    08/01/2019 08:55 AM

    "I wanted to make sure you also read these comments" Put this is a larger font, like the rest of the materials.