March 5, 2019

Just a few months ago, I wrote about “coming out” as a conservative/constitutionalist Republican after years of writing in anonymity. As I’m also a musician, I’d had professional reasons for keeping quiet about my politics; namely, not wanting to alienate those who were left of center, especially fans (and potential fans), other musicians, record buyers (an endangered species as it is) and others who might unfriend/blacklist me. Believe me, I see enough rabidly anti-Trump posts on Facebook and elsewhere to know that this could very well happen. But during the Kavanaugh hearings, something snapped, and I realized the future of the Republic was too important for me to keep my views “in the closet.”

So I wrote about politics under my own name for the first time, here on the Mike Huckabee website. And in the hope of inspiring some of my left-of-center friends to think for themselves, I bought a #WalkAway t-shirt, which I’ve worn a few times but plan to wear a lot more now that warm weather is on its way. Brandon Straka (rhymes with “walk,” as the last “a” isn’t pronounced), founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, is my hero.

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That’s especially true now that I’ve seen his interview with Mark Levin, which aired on FOX News Sunday evening. It was everything you’d love to hear from one of your liberal friends who got hit on the head with a lead pipe and finally started talking sense! Straka describes having just that kind of epiphany.


He’s gay and is an actor, so you already know the circles he traveled in: exclusively far-left Democrats. He refers to this as being “a Democrat by default.” “The Democratic Party does an incredible job of marketing itself to minority groups,” he says, by scaring them, telling them that Republicans hate them and actually want to harm them. They absolutely believe this --- it’s “autopilot thinking.”


Straka was still thinking like this when Hillary ran for President in 2016, and he voted for her. That summer, as we all recall, the media were working overtime frightening minority groups such as gays, telling them, for example, that Mike Pence was a raging homophobe who advocates conversion therapy. Straka believed it all. When they distorted Trump’s words (“all Mexicans are rapists”) to make him seem bigoted, he believed Trump actually had meant it that way. This was shocking, too, after hearing for eight years that Obama was their “savior” who could do no wrong and whose presidency had been “scandal-free.” He and his friends were indoctrinated to think conservatives were all covert bigots.

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On election night, he was “shattered” to think Trump had won. Of course, all the reporting the next day amplified that feeling --- it was presented as a national nightmare, complete with fake headlines and fake predictions. He even made a video that day of himself crying and asking “why, why did you elect this man??”


A couple of months later, he posted something about seeing the CNN story about Trump mocking a disabled reporter. A Christian conservative who had been his babysitter years before wrote him back privately, sending him a video that debunked the story by showing how Trump made those exact movements when mocking other people who were NOT disabled but had been caught lying or doing something underhanded.


He was stunned. He watched it a few more times, and again the next morning. And that was when the lead pipe came down on his head. You might say he got “woke” –- awakened to reality. He knew that CNN was lying to him.


When he brought this up to his friends, they put up a wall (no pun intended), even accusing him of “loving Trump.” They were angry at him just for asking a question. At that point, he had what I consider to be a great insight (because I had had it, too): that his leftist friends actually WANTED to be angry. They didn’t want to know that Trump might not be as bad as he seemed. And since they didn’t want to talk to him about this, he started researching on his own.


He learned how “fake news” operates. How they would cut black people out of TV coverage of Trump rallies. How they twisted what Trump was really saying about Mexicans who are rapists. How they distorted Trump’s “good people on both sides” comment after Charlottesville. Straka allowed himself to see that Trump wasn’t talking about white supremacists at all, but about historic preservationists (like me) who don’t want to erase history by ripping down all the monuments.

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Once he understood what the media had done in examples such as these, it became clear in everything he saw. “Once you see it, you can’t un-see it,” he says.


One thing led to another in his online research, and in coming across such commentators as Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson, he realized that they made so much more sense than the steady diet of identity politics, political correctness and divisiveness he got from the left.


“Oh, my God,” he thought, “I think I’m becoming a conservative! Or maybe I always was; I don’t know.”


He says that as a gay man, he’d already spent time in the closet and he wasn’t getting back in for “round two.” (As someone who spent years as a closeted conservative, I get that completely.) He is proud to be a conservative, while also seeing how unfairly conservatives are treated in the media. He realized there must be millions of Democrats who were feeling as he did, that the party had left them --- “that it had become a party of rage and hate and lies and the liberal media machine that backs them up.”


That’s how #WalkAway got started. He created a six-minute video explaining why he was walking away from the Democratic Party. The #WalkAway Campaign became a way for others to create their own testimonial videos, and he has received tens of thousands. Straka has created a kind of support group for ex-Democrats. He wants to “reclaim the narrative of what it means to be a conservative.”!


He explains that there are the “walk-aways,” but also the “walk-withs.” That would make me a “walk-with,” as I never was a member of the Democratic Party. I was a closet Republican; my family and conservative friends knew, but when pressed by liberal friends I’d just say I was an independent voter and change the subject. So I’m not LEAVING the Democratic Party –- just becoming loud and proud about NOT BEING IN IT, and quite vocally rejecting identity politics as the garbage it is.

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One of Straka’s goals is to create an educational video series “debunking media lies and myths” and teaching people how to analyze and pick up on the tactics used to further a narrative. For example, he can explain that creating the leftist narrative starts with a desired conclusion, such as “Trump is a bigot,” and works backwards from there  I would add that climate change is a perfect example of this --- come to the “scientific” conclusion first and fit the “evidence” to support that conclusion.  Russia "collusion" is another one.


Today, Straka feels the same way about Donald Trump as I do --- we love him as “a rebel and a revolutionary” and appreciate the things he’s actually done in office, and we admire him for standing up to the relentless opposition and hate. He’s enduring it because he cares about this country when he could be blissfully retired, enjoying his money and playing with his grandkids. Straka says, “If liberals and Democrats could just let go of the hatred...this could be the most fun, enjoyable time, one of the most in our nation’s history. I mean, DONALD TRUMP is the President; when are we ever gonna get this time back, you know? But they can’t enjoy it; they’re making themselves miserable; they’re making us miserable.”


I hadn’t ever considered it that way. Having someone like Donald Trump as President could be pretty cool, when you think about it. People on the left have TURNED it into a national nightmare with all their misrepresentations, outright fake stories and baseless investigations.


Be sure and watch the whole Brandon Straka interview on LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN (March 4 episode), and send the link to all the Democrats you know. Maybe they’ll get hit with the lead pipe, too, and have some sense knocked into them at last.



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  • Roger Coveleskie

    04/03/2019 07:34 PM

    Thank You for publishing you insite into the democratic party. They are trying to tear America down. You should do some research on George Soros. It will knock your socks off.

  • Jill Satterfield

    03/30/2019 07:55 AM

    Such a fantastic interview! I am also a WalkWith! When I watched Brandon's original video and the subsequent testimonies it gave me hope for this country! Thank God people are taking notice! I am actually a State Leader for the group in California! #walkaway #walkawaycalifornia

  • Carole McGuire

    03/07/2019 07:50 PM

    I love your movement.

  • Richard Roetling

    03/06/2019 04:00 PM

    Thank you Mike! That Levin interview was great. I had never heard there was a tape proving that the making fun of a reporter's handicap was completely debunked. I find that Liberals really are on autopilot to disregard everything contrary to what they assume is true. If proof that the media constantly lies does not initiate a closer look, what will? I have posted the interview with my remarks hoping FB liberals will have a closer look. I know many will not look at what I post if they see Breitbart which has been smeared as alt right, whatever that means. I have also had remarks putting down articles just because that writer is a Fox contributor, as if that proves it must be lies. I avoid the "in your face" memes which are easy to pick apart just like liberal memes are. In any event, let's see if I get somewhere this time.

  • Anne Turner

    03/06/2019 12:36 PM

    First, let me say that the religious right is very misunderstood, especially about the gay community. The Bible is very explicit about homosexual relationships, therefore those who believe in the Bible as God’s word cannot support religious marriage. But that, by no means means hatred or lack of love for many gay friends. It is a matter of religious belief differences. I wish it were otherwise. So let’s leave this between individuals and God. The Bible also says not to judge. If homosexuality relationships are indeed agaist God’s law then my sins are at least as bad and probably worse. Most of my friends who do not support gay marriage within the church, support civil marriage as a matter of fairness, including my pastor.
    Next, I admire your ability to look at the whole picture, not one issue. That takes courage and great intelligence. I support most conservative positions, but not all. That is how the majority of people feel.
    Next, I think the Levin show is the most grownup presentation to have come along in eons.
    Finally, I don’t particularly like Mr. Trump, his personality, and most especially his morals, but what is important, short of criminal activity, is the product. He knows what is needed. We all have moments of hypocracy but the liberals have taken it to a new level. The want divisions. Victimhood gets them votes. Let’s spend millions investigating every nuance of Trump’s life from birth. But remember, there are things called payback, and revenge. Good luck, next Dem President.

  • Marilyn Folz

    03/06/2019 09:39 AM

    Great insight here. I listen to MSM and feel betrayed by these people. Paid a huge income and lying every single day. I saw nothing on N Korea while Trump was there but today the "Today" show covered N Korea with their nukes that potentially can go as far a Chicago. Criticizing Trump walking away. Twisting this truth after they staged another part of their desired take over to take our good President Trump out. As the wife of a 100% PTSD disabled Vietnam veteran we are daily frustrated with the disgrace our country is allowing and promoting. Compliments of MSM. Make America Great Again. In Wisconsin and the midwest we are with you and our great President.

  • Dawn Petska

    03/06/2019 08:51 AM

    LOVED your article!! It accurately depicts what many find to be frustrating, identity politics. Hope we as a nation and as conservatives can help people get passed this and articulate what we are for, not focus or have others say what we are against!

  • Ken Hayes

    03/06/2019 02:21 AM

    Great article and your right on the money about the democrats. Unfortunately most have already been endocrined and wouldn't believe the truth if they got run over by a Mack truck.

  • Diane Falco

    03/05/2019 09:30 PM

    Wonderful, insightful....
    Thank you

  • Nancy

    03/05/2019 07:43 PM

    Fantastic article. Lays it all out and makes it seem simple like it should be. Will have to share. Just perfect!

  • Patricia Higgins

    03/05/2019 07:33 PM

    I watched Mark Levin's interview with Brandon Straka and was captivated by his account of the awakening he went through and the steps he's taken since. #WalkAway is, in my opinion, going to be a very effective tool for anyone looking for the real truth. We can all be proud and stand up for our Homeland and do what is necessary to protect and elevate her citizens.

  • Patricia Stokes

    03/05/2019 04:46 PM

    Watched the entire interview. Smart, brave young man. Watch Mark Levin on Sunday evenings regularly.

  • Conrand Olsen

    03/05/2019 04:24 PM

    It is refreshing to hear that people are willing to be open to the TRUTH and make decisions based on it!!!

  • Dr. Richard Moulton

    03/05/2019 02:39 PM

    I watched that show also, as I do all of Mark Levin’s Shows on Fox. I thought this episode was the most significant and insightful that he has done to date. Straka was inspiring even to me, a 70-year-old life-long Republican.

  • Rita L Pagan

    03/05/2019 02:06 PM

    Checked in for my dose of Mike for the day. (Mike Huckabee is amazing) He had shared this article on his page. This gives me hope now that there really are democrats that are seeing this agenda for what it is. THANK YOU. I have alot of democrat friends whom I dearly love and appreciate. And I could not wrap my brain around how they are seeing so much evil in our nation's current successes. How is it that we can admit that our current Republican President certainly is NOT perfect and be okay with the fact that he is human. But he is doing so MUCH good, mainly by ignoring the media and castrating their influence. But WHY can't a democrat see that former Dem Presidents were NOT perfect either. The outright worship of Obama is frankly scary to me. He is a human but they seem to deify him. Thanks for allowing my 2cents' worth.

  • Victoria walker

    03/05/2019 02:03 PM

    One thing that particularly stands out is the fact that yes, Donald Trump IS potus but the Dems wont and don't just let us all enjoy these times of prosperity our nation is experiencing, and all that comes with it-economic boom, job growth, jobs returning, historic unemployment, and the list just goes on and on and keeps growing! They are experiencing it too. Its not just conservatives. They are so consumed with their illogical and irrational hate, deliberately stoked and created by the tricks of the msm, some methods of which are described in this article. Its why in trying to have conversations with them, they all just repeat msm talking points and their labels of Pres. Trump, and why if you start giving them actual facts that disprove what msm has indoctrinated in them, or if you ask them to give you actual details of HOW is Trump a racist, or big it, or masogynist, they then just get angry and start calling YOU horrible names--because they can't do it. Media never tells them the HOW or WHY of their labels, and certainly doesn't report all the great things he has accomplished. I've said often that media is like the pied piper, and they are like the mice (sounds nicer than rats) who followed the pied piper to their eventual doom. And that there are puppet masters behind the scenes, some we were being warned about as far back as the 1950's, who aren't even american born, whose long game has been NWO, 1 world socialist/communistic govt, and America has long stood in the way of that goal, and has long been being subjected to slow indoctrinations toward that end, is even the ultimate purpose of the UN, for even the abortion issue-not legal just 50 yes ago to now up to birth and infanticide, is actually a form of the population control those puppet masters know is needed for their NWO, and given that over 50 million are aborted globally each year, its effective enough and targets mostly minority and poorer of populations; next will come the mentally ill, the elderly, the disabled, the handicapped, the terminally ill-all who can no longer contribute financially and also cost financially in SSD, SSI, health care, under nicer sounding terms like euthenasia than killing them, like how abortion sounds nicer than killing babies. Bcuz NWO will only want those who can be worker bees. Even the bible speaks of these times, these end times, when wrong will become right, right will become wrong, one world govt, etc...and so many of the dems, esp the average citizen, are totally oblivious, so well indoctrinated they have become since cable news that spews the propaganda continuously to the masses, never allowing them peace to be able to just even momentarily enjoy the prosperity our nation is experiencing, to the point they're even having to create faux hate crimes bcuz since oboma has been gone, racial tensions have dramatically decreased, and were at all time lows before he and Michelle helped stoke them. Same with gay issues-not much of an issue any longer. Will there always be ISOLATED cases of racism, bigotry, bad cop profiling? Most likely, but isolated, as before it was all stoked to hysterical heights under oboma, perpetuated of course by msm, who had so many believing during oboma years that police were systemtically hunting down young black men to shoot when statistics clearly showed more white men were shot/killed by police each year for years! A fact never espouted by the msm, nor the fact that more black men shot and killed other blacks in larger numbers than all other groups combined, and for that fact, when was the last time you saw msm showing where a white man was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop like they did with black men during those year? Never. Not before, during or after Obama years. More of their indoctrination and propaganda. And i think its a testament to the goodness of trump, especially legally, that 2 years of the most intense hunting by the left has produced nothing...and oh my, have they been hunting. I've lived thru potus' since LBJ, and never have i seen a sitting lotus so disparaged, so hated by the left and I believe its because his election pissed off the powers that be, threatened those in the deep state bcuz he couldn't be bought, and stated publicly about draining the swamp??them! And pissed off the puppet masters bcuz his election and term(s) put a temporary wedge to their plans and goals of NWO, and its now having a ripple effect in Europe, which they thought they already had in their pockets, esp thru the EU. Now many natives are revolting and some countries even electing back leaders from the right-so a ripple now has the possibility of becoming a wave, thanks to Pres. Trump, further angering the hard left. And more and more people are leaving the Dem Party after Kavanaugh, then up to birth abortions, support of infanticide...its splintering bcuz of the antics of the hard left. I use #walkawayfromthemadness an awful lot on my social media these days. Much love and God bless you.

  • Julia Wyrick

    03/05/2019 01:46 PM

    THANK YOU FOR saying that what so many people are thinking and talking among ourselves. You have made a ginormous step in exposing false doctrine to the poor (weak) people who can’t think for themselves and make wise decisions and choices. Truth is often painful, but so necessary when evil is being exposed. You article is one which I will share.

  • David Fredericks

    03/05/2019 01:13 PM

    Thanks for being here with the truth! There's so much fake news and am so sick of it and the democrats lies and carrying on the bs. And untruth's About Pres.Trump .I as Im sure most Americans are so tired of all that negative crap that the elected politicians are only focused on and not running our great country like they should be.

  • David Fredericks

    03/05/2019 01:12 PM

    Thanks for being here with the truth! There's so much fake news and am so sick of it and the democrats lies and carrying on the bs. And untruth's About Pres.Trump .I as Im sure most Americans are so tired of all that negative crap that the elected politicians are only focused on and not running our great country like they should be.

  • David Fredericks

    03/05/2019 01:11 PM

    Thanks for being here with the truth! There's so much fake news and am so sick of it and the democrats lies and carrying on the bs. And untruth's About Pres.Trump .I as Im sure most Americans are so tired of all that negative crap that the elected politicians are only focused on and not running our great country like they should be.

  • Pat kanous

    03/05/2019 12:41 PM

    Iwas independent as i felt i should vote for whom i thought was better qualified. But after watching the horendous things obama(did not vote for)and the clintons did throughout 8 years of obama, i knew i would never again vote for a democrat. Will remain forever a republican and vote for the best president we have had since reagon, president trump in 2020. Thank god for this president

  • Kendra Strecker

    03/05/2019 12:34 PM

    I have to say I saw this young man on LIFE, LIBERTY AND LEVIN and was very Impressed by him and his knowledge.. I say to him KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND JUST BE HONEST!!

  • Ruby Fogwell

    03/05/2019 12:28 PM

    I love how you explained this very "Ah ha" moment !!! I really do hope that people will watch the show and get their "Ah ha" moments too. In my experiences, however, most of my liberal leaning friends refuse to see the bias, or even the truth. An example of this is the Covington Boys vs. Media Lies even when the truth came out, many still repeated what the media initially reported as fact.

  • Jay Stewart

    03/05/2019 12:20 PM

    The hatred of the left is in comparison of unforgiveness in ones heart. We're all capable of it if we're not careful and you know what's said about unforgiveness; it's as if "we" drink the poison and expect "them" to die from it.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    03/05/2019 12:10 PM

    Laura Ainsworth, Thank you for the wonderful follow-up article to Mark Levien"s show. I watched the show and was glad to see that Mr. Straka laid out the very proof of how the media and the democrats bend the truth to turn people against anyone that does not totally agree with them. It is so disheartening to see them turn our children and this nation against the very principles that made this nation the greatest in the world. Do we have problems, yes, but the founding fathers did a great ob setting the foundations to build a great place of ALL the people to live. Thanks for your writings an I gladly read each and every one.