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January 4, 2023

I’m disgusted with a small and selfish group of Republicans who probably feel they are “Spartacus” but the movie best fitting them is “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

Several of these hold-outs (I should say “hold-ups”) are friends and I supported and campaigned for many.  I won’t be in the future.  The simple of rule of politics is that you take your stand, but if you don’t have enough following to lead, then recognize that you simply didn’t sell your ideas very well.  Less than 20 GOP members of Congress are stopping 200 of their fellow Republicans from getting about the business of investigating corruption in the White House, FBI, DOJ, and in Congress itself.  Instead, without being able to articulate a specific reason for their objections, they have blocked the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker and in so doing making the Republicans look like a bunch of 6 year olds who refuse to play unless the majority surrenders to the tantrums of the few. 

Is Kevin McCarthy perfect?  Of course not.  But he has faithfully worked to recruit candidates, help fund them, and get them elected.  The ultimate outrage is that some he helped win and raised funds for now have shown they really DO think it’s about them and not the bigger principles of the conservative movement.  

Dr. E. V. Hill, longtime CA pastor used to say “If you think you’re a leader and you look behind you and no one is following, you aren’t a leader—you’re just out for a walk.”  The actions of the petulant circle of “Never-Kevins” don’t amount to enough votes to get close to winning.  But they may have enough to make sure their own team loses.  These guys are setting fire to their own hosue, but they are arsonists who didn’t even have fire insurance.  The mission is just “burn it down.”  And in so doing, empowering the very Democrats some of us worked very hard to put in the minority.

We did NOT work to blow up our own opportunity to take on the Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Squad team, but that’s the effect of the actions of the camera hungry Congress members who may deep down believe they are more “principled” than everyone else, but have shown a startling level of political immaturity. 

If the tiny crowd of political tots can’t convince a majority of their peers to follow them off the cliff, they should have the self-awareness to admit they fired their best shot and simply missed the target.  Now it’s time to fight for the American people.  If after taking leadership, Kevin and company don’t deliver, you might be able to make a better case for lighting the fuse to the bomb to blow up the place.


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