March 13, 2018

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have announced they’re officially shutting down their investigation into Trump/Russia collusion after concluding that no evidence has been found to link Russia with the Trump campaign. The timing of this announcement makes sense, as it roughly corresponds with more unified calls by Republican leaders for a second special counsel. This new special counsel would investigate partisanship and conflicts of interest within the FBI that affected its role in quashing the Hillary email investigation and also in obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associates to explore alleged ties to Russia.

Democrats on the Intel Committee –- and everywhere else, for that matter –- are screaming, saying a thorough investigation was not done. (This after the committee examined over 300,000 documents; interviewed 73 witnesses; held 9 hearings and briefings; and heard a mind-numbing 230 hours of testimony.) Ranking member Adam Schiff of California is particularly rankled, even though in recent months he’s had to back off claims of having evidence. He has no evidence of collusion, because there’s no collusion to have evidence OF. He claims the decision to close down is a cover-up; how Republicans are covering up while calling for another special counsel to look into related activities is a mystery. What, is he afraid this special counsel will be stacked with partisan Republicans the way the Mueller team is full of partisan Democrats?

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Rep. Schiff, if you insist committee Republicans are wrong and there truly is evidence of collusion, let’s see it. You said you knew it existed. You’ve had 14 months to reveal it. You could put all this to rest, so come on. And if you already have it, why do you want to keep digging by subpoenaing people’s phone and bank records and more, to follow these roads “wherever they would lead,” as you put it? You want to do that because you’re still fishing, with the goal of finding something, anything, to associate with President Trump. That’s not how our system of justice works --- or at least is supposed to work.

One Republican member of the committee, Tom Rooney of Florida, went “rogue” on CNN and said there actually was evidence (unspecified, naturally) that the Russians were helping Trump and wanted to hurt Hillary. Notice he didn’t say “colluding” with Trump. He agreed the investigation needed to end, but for a different reason: the committee has lost credibility. “We’ve gone completely off the rails,” he said, “and now we are basically just a political forum for people to leak information to drive the day’s news.”

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He does make a point (though it should be noted that Adam Schiff is known to have been a prime leaker). But if that’s what is happening with the committee, it gives Republicans even more reason to turn the investigation over to a special counsel. At this point, the investigation is so politicized that the Democrats on the committee are expected to issue their own report, just as they created their own memo, which gets us exactly nowhere.

Of course, Rooney was welcomed with open arms at CNN, and he generated screaming headlines about Trump and Russia, but his statements were so contradictory that he didn’t really make sense. “I don’t know that necessarily there was a full-fledged campaign to do everything that they (Russia) could to help Donald Trump,” he said. “I think that their goal was chaos,” he said, adding, “To say that we have seen or read evidence that says ‘we have to get Donald Trump in there,’ I don’t know that that’s true.” So, now Rep. Rooney, by saying the Russians’ goal was to create chaos, is AGREEING with the conclusion of the other Republicans on the committee. My head hurts.


Guess who else is slamming Republicans for closing their investigation down? Eric Holder. “Politics beat a desire for truth,” he said. (This from the attorney general who was held in contempt of Congress. My head hurts even more.) But it’s no wonder Holder is upset, because the House Intel investigation is likely to be replaced by a special counsel with the power to subpoena him and his former colleagues at the DOJ and State Department.

You know it’s bad for Democrats when even SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is admitting there is no evidence of collusion…




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  • Carmine Basciano

    03/14/2018 06:42 PM

    Dear Mike , your story is dead on accurate and I think all this nonsense regarding the investigation must end.

  • Pat McRedmond

    03/14/2018 10:24 AM

    Russia had HiLIARry bought and paid for and vulnerable to blackmail.Think Clinton Foundation donations.
    Why would they want to help defeat her?? Unless even they realized what a disaster she would be.

  • Les Spousta

    03/14/2018 01:04 AM

    Governor, You are right on all of these matters. It is time to put the committee to bed and then seek the special counsel's closing statements in the next couple of weeks and then close his investigation as well, which as become a fishing expedition to see what in the world could possibly tumble out that might in any way reflect an iota of damaging information. P

    I think we also agree that President should not agree to an interview with Mueller or ti any kind of direct testimony to the special counsel.
    If President Trump would agree to speak with Mr. Mueller, it is likely, as is the case with most of us, would not remember some small detail of his fiances over the last 40 years so that could become the new headlines if the President were to actually agree to be interviewed by Mueller. Not a good idea, not because the President is hiding anything, but because he is too anxious to help get the investigation over, he might miss speak in some small way, such as giving an incomplete address for a specific property or not remembering the exact amount of some business transaction in Europe 35 years ago. So, best to let his capable lawyers to do all of the talking .

    Let us get on with getting the new special counsel in place so that we can follow all the tons of real evidence about President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to include all of the Secretary's lapses in judgment and in breaking the law relative to a personal server and tens of thousands of lost emails that could have provided countless information harmful to our Nation and dangerous to our those who serve this Nation. Then we can go back and really find the whole truth about Benghazi, the IRS, an any number of other illegal, unethical, unconstitutional actions that President Obama took or allowed his cabinet, his czars, or many in his administration to get away with all while he continued to say, "I never heard about any of this before I heard it on the News. I know nothing." This all needs to happen quicly before he becomes a radio or TV personality telling his own version of God knows what.




  • Ruth Ferraro

    03/13/2018 07:30 PM

    Thanks for your news letters. They are filled with important unbiased information. God bless you!

  • Glenn Parker

    03/13/2018 07:11 PM

    First, Rep. (and I use the term loosely) Schiff (and his ilk) would only be happy if the Fake-Russia Collusion investigation continued to the end of President Trump’s second term. Second, the Democrats are fiercely afraid of a REAL investigation into the REAL Russian collusion by a REAL Special Counsel as many of them, I believe, would be under indictment in a much briefer timeframe than the time currently spent be Mueller and his band of ambulance chasers......not to mention the (obvious to me) collusion by the FBI and other Obama-appointed three letter department heads and their ilk to bury real lawlessness on the part of She Who Shall Not Be Named and OTHERS.....just my opinion.

  • phyllis Bator

    03/13/2018 06:42 PM

    The problem with the Democrats is that they are acting like babies. Wah, wah, wah, I want what I want when I want it! For crying out loud, it's time they grew up. How did these people get where they are except by money??? They certainly don't have any brains! I say it's time to stop writing about it and let it die a peaceful death as the Democrats hope to die that way. Yes, when they close their eyes for the last time, it's either up or down. I think God will see them for the garbage they are and send them straight to hell!!! And that's why God put Donald Trump in office -- to clean the swamp! Amen.!

  • Jimmy Cecil Tuttle

    03/13/2018 05:41 PM

    Thanks Mike for keeping us informed and updated !

  • Mary Diecidue

    03/13/2018 05:14 PM

    They give me a headache too Gov. Huckabee!!!!!!

  • Joseph Behrendt

    03/13/2018 04:40 PM

    I keep saying this; Democrats can't do anything right. Every time they launch one of their tantrums on the Right they incriminate one or several of their own. Even though their FBI was crooked enough to let Killary off the hook for all her crimes they ended up taking down many of their own and if Trump gets his special council against the FBI many more Democrats will fall.

  • Glenda T Kee

    03/13/2018 04:31 PM

    Thank You for these wonderful articles. I feel that this is about the only place I can get the facts and the whole truth. I appreciate this avenue more than you will ever know. I am not really a political person however I am very interested in what is going on in my America. I can truly understand each news letter you write. As an everyday person, I applaud the great work you are doing and just want you to know, you are totally appreciated. God Bless You and Yours Today and Forever. I pray we can continue to drain the swamp.

  • jack macdonald

    03/13/2018 02:07 PM

    I would be much more comfortable about our country and its way forward if the entire Obama administration were looking out on the world from behind bars and that a gag order would be placed on the two big mouth Clintons. I have been hearing about these two losers since the 80's and I am frankly finding it to be very tedious at this point. jack

  • rodney d burke

    03/13/2018 02:04 PM

    Adam Schiff, jsut threw his credibility to the wind. he claims evidence but he isn't man enough to produce it. and he doesn't like the conclusion of the committee because he wants a different outcome. The new special counsel is likely going to get Adam Schiff for leaking info he KNEW with no question he should NOT have. This individual is going to implicate Adam Schiff in things he wants to keep hidden. We are going to find out how many Dems are rotten to the core...other than the ones we ALREADY know are.

    The more layers of this onion we peal back, the worse things get. this no longer beGINS to compare with Watergate. As Hannity says "This is the worse scandal in the history of American politics." The contempt the ovomit administration shows for America is disturbing. But when two people are avowed communists what should we expect? This needs to be treated as a treasonous plot to over throw the US government and punished in the harshest terms.

  • Donna Beggs

    03/13/2018 01:56 PM

    This is the best news I have heard in a long time! It's about time that they investigate something that there is evidence for instead of going on a fishing expedition!

  • Anthony Nagle

    03/13/2018 01:40 PM

    I long for the days when Republicans and Democrats worked together (negotiated) to solve problems.

  • Diane Woodard

    03/13/2018 01:39 PM

    Governor, sorry for your headache. I think most of us feel the same, although the demonrats continue to give me severe indigestion as well. Thank you for you postings, you let us know we have a logical conservative,
    God fearing important person we can trust and discuss today's outrageousness in politics. God continue to bless you!

  • Amelia Little

    03/13/2018 12:32 PM

    It seems the Democrats would want to stop while they are ahead. Except for Manafort and, I think it was Carter Page, who they were aggressively investigating--but on actions before they were anywhere associated with Trump, and not even collusion with Russia for them--that all the ensuing information coming out of the investigation actually points the fingers at Democrats, and obama and hilary. And, yes, the committee HAS lost credibility (although I questioned their credibility once it was revealed the make-up of the committee) which, in addition to no Trump collusion being uncovered makes it well past time to shut it down. There are things that have come to light concerning the FBI, DOJ, hilary, obama which would make it necessary to have a different special counsel to check into, what with Muellar and the hilary donors, etc being on the current committee.

  • Marilyn Braun

    03/13/2018 12:32 PM

    I am sad that the President fired Rex Tillerson, is it not good to have people around you that have a different view rather than only those who are in complete agreement? Or yes men? I found Rex to be a gentleman and worthy of his service. I for one will miss him, he was one of my favorite people working with Trump.

  • Richard Singletary

    03/13/2018 11:52 AM

    WHO DOES LIBERTY UNIVERSITY LIKE IN VA COREY STEWART or some other candidate? who most conservative? Does huckabee or his daughter want to rent my house near swamp washingon dc??? God bless

  • Judith V McInnis

    03/13/2018 11:43 AM

    Thank you so much for this extremely factual information about the Russian so-called "collusion". I do NOT understand how Mueller can prosecute individuals associated at one time with the Trump campaign for crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with "Russian Collusion". My husband insists that when Mueller was being set up as the Special Counsel, Mr. Rosenstein inserted a phrase in Mueller's assignment that would allow Mueller to do such prosecutions. It seems as if Mueller can thereby extend his "investigation" as far as he wants to. Why has President Trump left Rosenstein in place??? Why is Mueller going to be allowed to continue indefinitely???

  • Dana Lind

    03/13/2018 11:14 AM

    You have made the points that I've made over the past year. That the Dems are screaming is nothing new, and that if the had ANY damaging information on POTUS they would have used it by now. A special prosecutor is needed to help straighten this out this mess. It should start with Obama and work it's way down.

  • Sally Ann Milavec

    03/13/2018 10:52 AM

    My head hurts too. But more than that, my heart hurts and aches for the injustice served by corrupt politicians trying to undo what we the people voted for in 16---a new, just country with hope for our future and our children's future. My heart hurts as an American that there may NOT be a special counsel to investigate the dealings of Hillary, the FISA warrants and corruption that seemed to run amok in Washington during the last presidency. I pray daily to God to uncover it-to bring us back to the Great Nation He meant us to be. Thank you Governor Huckabee for you insight and your courage and shared wisdom---keep it up!

  • Nancy West

    03/13/2018 10:41 AM

    In your opinion, are our elected officials conducting any business, or is it all about investigating each other and photo ops!

  • Aaron Woien

    03/13/2018 10:41 AM

    Holder is a racist and corrupt to the core. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison.

  • Brad Bakalyar

    03/13/2018 10:28 AM

    I do believe Eric Holder should be locked up for no less than 20 yrs!

  • Kevin Cook

    03/13/2018 10:27 AM

    "everything is politics". Very true because the Democrats always make it about Big Government and their "politics". The leftist fascist have totally taken over the Democrat Party who we now know with Crooked Hillary actually did Collude with Russia. If this witch hunt ends of up taking down Crooked Hillary, Hussein, Holder, Lynch etc etc and the corrupt DNC, then this Russian witch hunt will be worth it. Hopefully the Democrat Party will explode and we can some day get back to governing.

  • smiley chuck walters

    03/13/2018 10:12 AM

    Dear Governor,
    I appreciate your show on TBN
    it is the best show on TV.
    Ditto for Mike Rowe,
    he's second.
    Thank you for this blog.
    Truly the Dems, funded by soros
    have decided to destroy
    the American country by
    revolutionary tacktic as learned
    by Hillary and Obama from
    A list reproduces Saul Alinsky's rules for "How to Create a Social State".

  • Michael Egbert

    03/13/2018 10:09 AM

    of course that numb nut Schiff is screaming and because he has a "d" after his name (and only because of that) the media is running with it as though every thing out of his mouth is the Gospel truth. He is enjoying all the publicity and air time he is getting (he likely has aspirations of "higher things")...he knows he's been wrong all along but like a true democrat faithful to his cause (impeding President Trump by whatever means he can find), he'll NEVER admit it

  • Glenn Parker

    03/13/2018 09:57 AM

    First, Rep. (and I use the term loosely) Schiff (and his ilk) would only be happy if the Fake-Russia Collusion investigation continued to the end of President Trump’s second term. Second, the Democrats are fiercely afraid of a REAL investigation into the REAL Russian collusion by a REAL Special Counsel as many of them, I believe, would be under indictment in a much briefer timeframe than the time currently spent be Mueller and his band of ambulance chasers......not to mention the (obvious to me) collusion by the FBI and other Obama-appointed three letter department heads and their ilk to bury real lawlessness on the part of She Who Shall Not Be Named and OTHERS.....just my opinion.

  • Bruce Deming

    03/13/2018 09:52 AM

    If we actually get a second special council, and they don't stack it with Republicans, we'll end up with such conflict on the council, they'll never accomplish anything. Republicans need to stop trying to one up democrats, by keeping things non-partisan, and expecting the system to work as it should. Democrats don't want to work with Republicans, their only objective is to obstruct and then sensationalize everything through the media, fueling their I hate Trump agenda. They have lost all credibility, their incessant droning in unison truly is a derangement syndrome. I could understand their actions, if they would do something, anything at all, that wasn't intended to incite hatred. This is unhealthy behavior, their leaders must fear the reprisal of being caught in their crimes, to risk the loss of their party. I don't know what kind of network they've built, but their daily talking points are spewed by all, in a chorus of hate filled anti-Trump rhetoric, with remarkable precision.

  • Myra Brock

    03/13/2018 09:48 AM

    I thank the House Intel Committee for their work, and agree with their decision. The Mueller mess should be defunded now.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/13/2018 09:32 AM

    Good end this Game & start probing the Clintons & allies aloneIE Uranium 1 etc. No exceptions
    Time to get new AG & Dump deputy FBI director too. Get Justice moving again

  • Billy Karl

    03/13/2018 08:40 AM

    Sir, to keep it short and simple. I am no longer a Republican, (though I am registered as one) I am however a Conservative Libertarian. This should indicate my sensibilities to the following; Mr. Ken Starr should get a crack at the 'new' special Prosecutor. Any and all persons, including the big O, should be subpoenaed, indicted, and if found having broken the law, arrested and incarcerated with all their privileges and pensions removed etc. And force them to SPEND ALL THEIR MONEY DEFENDING THEMSELVES. Which brings me to Mr. Flynn, when it's conclusive that he was set up, should be reimbursed by force from his aggressors for any and all monies he lost in his and his families defense. Same for anyone else. I could go on, but my head also hurts. In short, LOCK THEM UP.

  • Karen Nichols

    03/13/2018 08:32 AM

    I enjoy reading your commentaries. With all the fake news out there I believe you are a voice of fact and reason.