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April 18, 2021

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that while she won’t rule out expanding the Supreme Court in the future, and “doesn’t know if that’s a good idea or bad idea” (Earth to Pelosi: it’s a HORRENDOUS idea), she has “no plans” to bring the radical Democrats’ bill to add four Justices to the SCOTUS to the House floor for a vote.

Other Democrat leaders are also shunning that bill like it’s a cow pie on the paté platter.

Something tells me they’ve seen some polling and discovered that this bill is exactly what one Republican described it as: the biggest fundraising gift the Democrats ever gave to Republicans working to win back their majorities in Congress.

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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • J. B. Anderson

    04/19/2021 04:04 PM

    This woman, who is of evil nature, needs to be sent out to pasture.

  • Belinda G Faust

    04/18/2021 04:44 PM

    You have taken away our voice on every thing that you have done for 5 years. I hope that you will remember that IF you do pack the court you will not always be in power and actions have reactions.#2 It is way PAST time for term limits. You all need to stop and go home. You are destroying our country more every day .

  • redngold4life

    04/18/2021 04:38 PM

    If only Democrats would put this amount of effort into doing good things for our country, rather than that which we DO NOT!!! need.


    04/18/2021 04:21 PM

    please everyone look what the democrats have done to us all so far. it will only get worse if you vote for them.