February 7, 2020

House Democrats might be tired of winning, but I’ll bet President Trump isn’t. Capping off an incredible week for him, and immediately following the even-better-than-predicted January jobs numbers, a federal judge blocked discovery in the Democrats’ silly “emoluments clause” lawsuit against him.


That was the ludicrous claim that Trump is accepting bribes from foreign governments whenever any foreign government rents a room in a Trump hotel -- even though he’s walked away from his business at a considerable financial sacrifice, and the Trump organization already donates any profits from foreign government patronage to the US Treasury. The Dems hoped to use this lawsuit as a pretext for “discovery,” which means rifling through all of Trump’s private business records, hunting for any infraction, real or imagined, that they could make a federal case out of.

Under these standards, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could have been sued, since they owned plantations whose agricultural products were sold in Europe. Enforcing this ridiculously strict interpretation of the emoluments clause would make it virtually impossible for anyone who ran a private business ever to be President, leaving the job solely to lifetime politicians, who somehow manage to become multimillionaires despite devoting themselves entirely to “public service” (ahem: "Obama!" "Clinton!") The Democrats seem to think that the only ethical way to get rich is by being a leftist politician who enters office with no money but somehow leaves office a millionaire.


Tyler O’Neill of PJ Media, a Mitt Romney supporter, goes through Romney’s own explanation for voting for the Democrats’ first article of “impeachment” and painstakingly explains why his claimed reasoning and rationales are, to use the proper legalistic term, a “pile of donkey leavings.”



Give Sen. Mitt Romney credit for one thing: he’s certainly sparked a renewed interest in politics back in his “home state” of Utah. By voting with the Democrats to convict President Trump on their first Article of Impeachment (abusing his power by using it pretty much the same way every President in history has), Romney has spurred a flurry of citizen activism. Some Trump critics have turned out to rally, declaring him a hero and the conscience of DC (I suspect they're the same people who called Romney a racist, elitist, bullying, dog-torturing, corporate raider who gave his employees cancer and kept women in binders, back when he was on the other side – and who will again, the minute he inevitably flip-flops).

Meanwhile, a bill to allow voters to recall errant Senators that has been languishing in the Utah state House since before impeachment even became an issue suddenly has half a dozen new co-sponsors. Its author, Rep. Tim Quinn, says he got over a hundred phone calls and 250 emails in just over an hour that were “100% positive.”


Romney supporters say he shouldn’t be recalled for displaying “character.” Why, exactly, it shows “character” to violate your sworn oath to “support and defend the Constitution” by ratifying the House’s unprecedented, partisan and unconstitutional impeachment process, or to find someone guilty on evidence that one week before he’d proclaimed to be insufficient to determine guilt, I cannot say. I do think the vote showed Romney’s predicable character, which I predicted here before he even announced it by referencing the fable about the scorpion that stung the friendly frog that was giving it a ride across the river. The scorpion explained, “It’s in my nature.”

Romney obviously believes he was taking the moral, Biblical high ground (aside from ignoring the “Thou shalt not bear false witness” part.) But for those in Utah who believe he should be recalled and are looking for grounds that Romney cannot argue with without looking like a hypocrite, try this:

“The great state of Utah deserves a Senator who didn’t win his election largely because of the endorsement of a President whom he himself has officially declared to be guilty of a ‘severe,’ ‘egregious’ and ‘abusive’ attack on the Constitution.”

In fact, if he really is as morally superior as he claims to be, shouldn’t he save the public the trouble of changing the law and recalling him by resigning for his own egregious sin of accepting the Senate endorsement of such a terrible, lawless President? He even unsuccessfully angled for a job as his Secretary of State. Just think, if he’d actually gotten that job, the Democrats would have subpoenaed him to reveal classified, personal conversations with the President…and when Trump cited executive privilege, imagine what his new pals would be calling Romney now!



Here's another great reader comment, directed to Sen. Romney...

From Ken:

Mr. Romney, you also took an oath of office: to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This whole impeachment has abused the Constitution...Impeachment was announced before President Trump took office. The Mueller Report was cited by Schiff as having guaranteed evidence to condemn Trump. When that failed, the House impeached Trump without giving him fair rights of defense. By your vote you support this political and unfair impeachment process and have hurt our nation and the Constitution. There is more going on here than your microscopic view of the events. You have just been vetted.


It’s five days past the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, 100% of precincts have reported, and we still don’t have an official total. How is even possible to be that bad at math? Oh, wait, I forgot who we’re talking about.

The vote isn’t being finalized because some precincts reported more votes than voters. That’s hardly unusual for a Democratic precinct, but in this case, all the voters were supposed to be in a locked room, raising their hands, which is impossible for voters in cemeteries to do. Bernie Sanders supporters are claiming there was cheating, noting that Bernie got more votes than Pete Buttigieg, but Buttigieg got more delegates and declared himself the winner. Having blamed a malfunctioning app, President Trump and Trump supporters for their own embarrassing debacle, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee fell back on the Dems’ greatest hits by blaming Russia.


Once again, the satirical conservative humor site The Babylon Bee was ahead of the curve.


DNC Chairman Tom Perez is so frustrated, he’s demanding that the Iowa Democratic Party begin an immediate recanvassing. Between this and House Democrats immediately launching yet another impeachment investigation based on the same bogus Ukraine “quid pro quo” charge, the (D) after Democratic politicians’ names must now stand for “Do-over.” I might jump on the bandwagon and suggest a do-over of the 2018 Congressional elections.

At this rate, some Democrats are worried that next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary will already be over and done with before there’s an official Iowa result. Well, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…

PS – One of the least-reported stories of the Iowa Caucuses involves the claim that party faithful are so “energized” over choosing one of these candidates to take on Trump. In fact, turnout was, let us say, “underwhelming” in many areas. Like Dubuque County, a heavily-Catholic area that should have been a Biden stronghold. It has 97,000 residents and 25,000 registered Democrats. Total number of Democratic caucus participants: 217. I’ve used this gag before, but it’s still appropriate: there are more people than that in the bathroom lines at Trump rallies.


Remember Albert Einstein’s definition of “insanity,” that it’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Well, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler are definitely no Einsteins, but they sure are bent on proving him right.


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  • Carl "T" Smith

    02/10/2020 08:35 PM

    There is a rumor floating that AOC might give Chuckles Schumer a chance to be primaried and I might just contribute to see that Clown Show.

  • Guy W Hulsey

    02/10/2020 09:20 AM

    I see where the squad wants to give the GI bill to everyone, Great, let’s make military service mandatory and then after the military service the people can get free collage. This might take some of the bad boys and turn them into contributing citizens.

  • Amelia Little

    02/09/2020 12:03 PM

    I think something is wrong with this site. When I tried to access Evening addition Feb 6, sorry, error, page not here. Just now I had comments on this edition, when I hit the I'm not a robot and then submit, ooopsss, error, page not found.

  • Sherrel L Morelan

    02/08/2020 10:57 AM

    I heard that Dems are trying to get rid of the electoral college. Isn't this in the Constitution and doesn't it require the vote of both Congress and Senate and many states to radify? If they are successful, that would mean New York and California would push the next president down our throats.

  • Ashley Holtam

    02/08/2020 10:33 AM

    What have you heard about "NEW WAY FORWARD ACT" supported by 44 democrats? Tucker Carlson has had two nights (Feb 6 & 7) on how really bad this act is. I have heard nothing from anybody else. Please investigate and let us know what is going on.

  • Lonnie Long

    02/08/2020 09:49 AM

    Do you think any of these “deep staters” will be held accountable in this life?

  • Kay DeWitt

    02/08/2020 06:43 AM

    In absolute disbelief did I read your statement: "House Democrats immediately launching yet another impeachment investigation based on the same bogus Ukraine “quid pro quo” charge...." and then I wept....but they were not just my tears, because they were intermingled with the tears of our Man of Sorrows...

    What an outlandish claim, right? Surely should a Democrat hear me say something like this they would chalk it up to the beginning of some kind of dementia.....BUT THEN, there would also be some Christians who would have this same kind of response because walking with Jesus is supposed to make you feel good....Just ask Kenneth Copeland who, in a booklet he wrote entitled "SORROW NOT", stated that sorrow was of the devil!

    Kenneth Copeland is but one of MANY superstar Christians who have preached the world, in the name of Jesus, and by so doing did nothing more than baptize the American dream, making a mockery of what it REALLY means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ which is WHY the he that is IN the world has been able to author a political party that is so obsessed with destroying its President because the He who is supposed to reside IN Christians....and supposed to be greater THAN the he who is in the world..... was, in reality, "another Jesus" BECAUSE he preached "another gospel!"

    Because I have spent years...OF tears....crying out against the deception in Christendom....for ME this evil of the Democrats' hatred is the "fruit" of the deaf ears my cry fell upon and, therefore, the grief it evokes FROM me has a dimension that is foreign to those who did not share the tears of our Man of Sorrows because of how He was being mocked by those who claimed to know Him! ......and I am afraid that would include Mitt Romney, by virtue of the fact that he is a Mormon....BECAUSE....

    While Mitt might believe, to use YOUR words, "he was taking the moral, Biblical high ground" , he is deceived TO think that because by being a Mormon he has accepted the fact that Joseph Smith was God's prophet who added TO the Bible, in his book of Mormon, when, in reality, the book of Mormon CONTRADICTS the Bible and, in the process, calls God a liar!

    BUT no one sees this situation involving Mitt Romney FROM God's perspective and it is time that people DO or they will, finally, know God's judgment on this evil political situation that is increasingly becoming MORE evil BY virtue of the fact that the Democrats are STILL pursuing destroying a man and caring more ABOUT destroying him than they care about how their same brand of hatred is destroying God's kids!

    I have, for now anyway, made writing comments in response to your newsletters part of my daily "devotion" ( for lack of a better word that comes to mind) because I not only appreciate your "spirit of the law" ...versus the "letter of the law" ....perspective ON this grievous situation....but because I also believe that God can use you to make your voice heard by an even larger audience...AND...

    I envision the start of a "movement" by Christians who ARE sharing the tears of our Man of Sorrows and who start shouting ENOUGH! On MY part, I have to take it a step at a time, BUT I MUST TELL YOU THAT....... after stating MONTHS ago, that the first thing on my agenda was to try and make personal contact with Mark Harris that, only two weeks after I, finally, get myself to the church he used to pastor, I ....BECAUSE of the info I got there...should find myself sitting across the aisle from Mark, last Sunday....THE very first Sunday he assumed the role of pastor....I FEEL ENCOURAGED THAT MY (HIS?) VISION OF A MOVEMENT MIGHT JUST BECOME A REALITY!!!

  • Mary Beth Nogues

    02/08/2020 03:53 AM

    Why wasn't Obama charged with abuse of power? He spent nearly a billion dollars on some personal travel, Michell's ridiculous staff, and other lavish parties and dinners.
    Look into those numbers.....

  • Rose Howell

    02/08/2020 01:29 AM

    Many of us are patiently waiting for indictments and trials and prison terms.

  • James Brookins

    02/08/2020 01:14 AM

    Is the "Lefty and Schiffty" show taken off the air now? No re-runs, please.

  • James Brookins

    02/08/2020 01:09 AM

    Mike? Mike? Do you really think they can count chickens that are running all around laying eggs, they can even count Lowa votes?
    Say, was it Trump's falt the phone app didn't work? Or was it Phase one and China's upcoming 5G rollout?

  • Rebecca Holstine

    02/08/2020 01:00 AM

    I could almost wish for a do-over on this impeachment thingy, if I get to see Schiff and Jerry, Jerry, Jerry again. I had no idea that Nadler could move that fast. All kidding aside, the whole Democrat House is nuts. And I give all the credit to Trump. Even poor Joy on the View admitted she was nutty over the acquittal. I think she is looking for an excuse, cause I noticed some time ago she was nuts and the impeachment or acquittal hadn't happened yet.

  • Michael Murphy

    02/08/2020 12:43 AM

    Mark these words Michael, Romney has shown his true colors, not as a conservative, not as a liberal, but as a McCain-esque coattail grabbing, power hungry, ends justify the means, sniveling, vacillating, slimy politician. He's concerned about one thing, his own power and need to control. I suggest this: He will bail on the Republican party, (he can't stay there now anyway), turn to the Democrats as a new "enlightened" acolyte and be received as a hero. Then he will throw his hat into the ring of clowns running for the Presidency. He will probably jump to the front as there really is no one else who can sustain a lead. The Judas turned wannabe messiah. He will not succeed, but he will give the Dems a short-lived "great white hope".

  • marshall goldman

    02/07/2020 11:30 PM

    It's time to review and reinstate the standard voting procedures.
    . Show drivers license with matching address
    . Go to Your regular voting precinct
    . Mail in ballots OK
    . No persons within the original amount of feet of the polling booth
    With all the possibilities of depositing the ballot with drop boxes and many other areas to deposit the ballots, there is a very good chance of some major problems that could easily occur.
    Keep It Simple and Direct. Voters don't have to be coddled they are adults and should take the responsibility and exercise this very important right as a Citizen.

  • Viola Hazelwood

    02/07/2020 11:29 PM

    Mike, could you please answer a question for me. I am puzzled why Schiff cannot be prosecuted for lying to Congress. Wasn't he under oath when he did the "parody " of President Trump. That was simply telling lies about what was actually said. Then Schiff lied again before the Senate. Why was he allowed to get away with this?

  • Jo Gonzalez

    02/07/2020 10:43 PM

    I'd rather be in the Waiting Line for the Bathroom at a Trump Rally. These people cannot even count & they want to run the Country???

    I'd rather be in the Waiting Line at the Bathroom at a Trump Rally, personally. These people can't even count & they want to run the Country???

  • Gary Stilwell

    02/07/2020 10:14 PM

    And now we finally have the key to this, hidden in the last statement-----"A top Romney advisor once served on the board of Burisma with Hunter Biden"


    02/07/2020 10:00 PM

    Romney just loves to be in the spotlight and by doing this even his name will be in the history books I suppose, with probably a picture beside it. EEEK!!!

  • James E. McCrea

    02/07/2020 09:54 PM

    Never in my 80+ years have I seen something so disgusting as the stunt our speaker of the house pulled at the State of the Union Address. We are doing pretty good at present. Certainly we should all be willing to share the accomplishments of our countries finest, they make us proud to be American, a woman who won't stand for a child who just received a scholarship is at the very least shameful, This woman should be Impeached, since she is so proud of the idea, maybe we will enjoy the results of truth!

  • Stanley Cohen

    02/07/2020 09:37 PM

    Keeep up the great work Gov.
    We wait for your Evening Report!

  • Richard Tolan

    02/07/2020 08:37 PM

    Mr. Romney should resign, I agree. To believe he's the only godly one and thinks the President got a fair trial is hilarious. My observation is, why did he have to have a news conference? Who was he trying to sway by telling everybody how he'd vote? Why was it necessary to say anything? Why not vote and keep your mouth shut to the press? Answer; He wanted the attention! And probably feels he's above the job of Senator, and is too important for that job. After all, he wanted Secretary of State since he didn't get the Presidency.

  • Charles Fikes

    02/07/2020 08:29 PM

    Looks like Mitt Romney violated his vote to be an impartial Senate juror.

  • Fiorella Weaver

    02/07/2020 08:24 PM

    I am very puzzled about the outcome of these people (including RINOs) trying to take Trump down at all costs. You have to wonder whether they are not actual plants designed to make the President look good...

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/07/2020 08:22 PM


  • William Hunter

    02/07/2020 07:31 PM

    God BLESS Mike! Thanks for your unwavering support of our Constitution & our President!