October 23, 2017

Rachel Maddow isn’t a journalist, but she plays one on TV. For most of the past year, she’s provided her grieving Hillary supporter fans with nightly doses of crazy Russian collusion conspiracy theories. But with evidence of that proving to be as rare as feathers on a frog, Maddow has found a new dark and shady tale to spin. She spent much of her show last week trying to connect enough dots to blame the death of four US soldiers in a terrorist attack in Niger on President Trump’s travel ban on Chad.

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It was a flight of fancy so unmoored from reality that even the Huffington Post ran an in-depth article debunking it as “crazy.” You know you’ve really taken a plunge into the deep end when even HuffPo suspects you have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But as goes Maddow, so goes the left in the US generally. We’re already starting to see liberal politicians declaring the deaths in Niger to be “Trump’s Benghazi.” That’s infuriating for at least two reasons:

First, it cheapens the deaths of heroic US service members to try to use them in a transparent ploy to score partisan political points. We already got enough of that last week when an irresponsible Congress member attempted to use the President’s voluntary, private condolence calls to grieving Gold Star families to launch a cheap political attack.

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Secondly, the left (including Hillary Clinton) has spent years dismissing the deaths in Benghazi as a “nothingburger” scandal for which Hillary holds no responsibility, even though she spent months denying repeated pleas for more security and ignoring warnings, and later lied to us about the nature of that terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, even though we now know she knew. So when they say Niger is Trump’s Benghazi, are they trying to say he is somehow culpable and should face justice, or are they saying it’s a big nothing and everyone should just get off his case about it?

Considering one of the leading voices making the charge is the same Congresswoman who, last week, was trying to exploit Trump’s condolence calls to Gold Star families to score political points, don’t expect any logical, coherent explanation of what "Trump's Benghazi" means. It changes moment-by-moment to whatever it needs to be to hurt Trump the most.

The left has officially moved on from “situational ethics” to “situational facts.”


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  • Lance Scott

    10/28/2017 12:06 PM

    Everything she has ever said on tv is scripted & I wouldn't doubt that she agrees with it all. And being a self proclaimed lesbian she parades around like she knows everything about anything when it comes to politics,homosexuality, & throwing President Trump under the bus and through the mud. Its a shame people like her shouldn't be able to make accusations like she has. She is pathetic & soon it will all unravel we just have to wait for it.

  • WPM Sr

    10/27/2017 08:57 PM

    This mentally deranged excuse for a journalist likes to pee on the American people and tell them that it is rain, anyone with a second grade level of intelligence can see thru her nonsense but, the problem is a good portion of the voting public is not of sound mind.

  • Dolores Parsons

    10/26/2017 09:26 AM

    Couldn't help but wonder what my grandmother would have said about all this. Some truisms come to mind: unto others as you's want them to do to you;
    2. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones;
    3. What goes around comes around and hits you right between the eyes;
    4. Always leave things better than the way you found them
    5. She is more to be pitied than censured.
    I could go on but I think we get the idea!

  • Michael Walters

    10/26/2017 04:54 AM

    Being a conservative, I rarely listen to the Maddow show. However, I have seen many commentaries about her comments, and I must say, I'm not impressed. She follows the usual liberal script, with very little substance, and an abundance of useless, uninformed, anti-Trump diatribe. I find this true of all the liberal news outlets. After a couple of years of this mindless dribble, I just turn the channel to Fox, who continually run stories pertinent to current issues. The Dems have no policies about anything, other than Russia(debunked) and attacks on Trump. Well, that's all changing now with the revelations about the Uranium 1 scandal and the unverified dozier, both of which should be a huge eye opener for everyone in the nation. The MSM is still covering as little as possible because it truly reveals how wrong they have been about Trump and his Presidency. I'm waiting for the day that I can turn to any channel and know that what they are reporting is true and beneficial to the nation, it's people, and it's government. That journalism is back in the form it has always meant to be, truthful, informative, cutting edge, neutral and helpful, as opposed to, worthless, opinionated, and a waste of time and effort.

  • AG

    10/25/2017 10:22 PM

    Frederica Wilson voting record on veterans issues :
    Date Bill No. Bill Title Vote
    6/13/17 S 1094 Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017
    Bill Passed - House (368 - 55) Nay
    3/16/17 HR 1181 Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act
    Bill Passed - House (240 - 175) Nay
    3/16/17 HR 1259 VA Accountability First Act of 2017
    Bill Passed - House (237 - 178) Nay
    9/14/16 HR 5620 VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act of 2016
    Bill Passed - House (310 - 116) Nay
    6/23/16 HR 2577 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017
    Conference Report Adopted - House (239 - 171) Nay
    7/29/15 HR 1994 VA Accountability Act of 2015
    Bill Passed - House (256 - 170) Nay
    10/01/13 H J Res 72 Veterans Benefits Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014
    Joint Resolution Failed - House (264 - 164) Nay
    3/21/13 HR 933 Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013
    Concurrence Vote Passed - House (318 - 109) Nay
    3/06/13 HR 933 Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013
    Bill Passed - House (267 - 151) Did Not Vote
    3/29/11 HR 839 Terminating the Home Affordable Modification Program
    Bill Passed - House (252 - 170) Nay

  • Richard Brewer

    10/25/2017 05:31 PM

    The USA is free country and allows a person to leave and go live in another country of their choice.
    If all these idiots who don like President Trump, would remember that living here is a privilege, there not forced to stay.
    They can leave at any time.
    We as a law abiding society should remind them to not let the swinging door out of the country hit them in the back side.
    Another words, if you don't like what is going on in our country leave and do it quickly.

  • Jeannie Olsen

    10/25/2017 03:41 PM

    Would "rockstar" Frederica responded with such angst had it been the white wife of a white service man that was murdered? Of course not!. Secondly,.the media has kept the other three, who were killed on the same day, at bay almost as if they don't exist. Therein lies the shame. All four families are mourning these tragic deaths. One is not more important than the other. The fact that Frederica giggled and called herself a "rockstar" shows her shallowness. The rockstar needs to be turned out to pasture…

  • William H Lange

    10/25/2017 02:57 PM

    Governor, I agree with you and always enjoy listening to your common sense approach to problems facing America. Keep up your excellent commentary!


    Captain W.H. Lange
    United Airlines, (RET.)
    USAF Vietnam Era Veteran.

    PS. You recently were on a cruise and a friend (Former USAF boss) of mine, USAF (RET.) Major Tom Jordan took a photo with you. Tom sent me that photo! I didn't recognize you in shorts and baseball hat!

  • Firewagon

    10/25/2017 02:35 PM

    Sad commentary on the state of "journalism" in America is, that anyone with one remaining synapse would ever consider Maddow a journalist!

  • Joe Belkin

    10/25/2017 02:01 PM

    Your commentary about Rachel Maddow is correct and for the most part journalism has gone the way of the brontosaurus. What really bothers me, though, is the leftist media slant on our local news. Here in Commy-necticut (for those uninitiated that's Connecticut) the local Fox affiliate can't go one day without a video piece where Richard Blumenthal is saying something anti-Trump. Where oh where does it end?

  • Joe Belkin

    10/25/2017 02:00 PM

    Your commentary about Rachel Maddow is correct and for the most part journalism has gone the way of the brontosaurus. What really bothers me, though, is the leftist media slant on our local news. Here in Commy-necticut (for those uninitiated that's Connecticut) the local Fox affiliate can't go one day without a video piece where Richard Blumenthal is saying something anti-Trump. Where oh where does it end?

  • grace barbera-bryson

    10/25/2017 01:26 PM

    did i hear that rodeo fredericks was one of the congress people that decided to put troops there? Mike , it is true the rodeo F also voted against lifttime benefits or pay for the family of dead military? Please clarify on line for us

  • Patti Hummel

    10/25/2017 01:17 PM

    when is someone going finally and seriously address the dire need for term limits in the house and senate? and probably the supreme court should require some type of mental agility monitoring as they age. the term limits would go a long way in prevention of dark networks being entrenched in the swamp. but someone other than the house and senate will have to do it, they would never do it voluntarily. also, when is someone going to require a vote on house and senate pay increases instead of letting themselves give their own raises? it is absurd to continue allowing them to deem themselves as worthy.

  • Rodney Burke

    10/25/2017 12:56 PM

    Well Mike, maybe I missed something but did Trump send them to Niger or did the ovomit? If so, we need to slam the libs with that fact. But is was apparent to me from listening to just Sean and Bill that Rachel is no journalist. she/he is a waste of our time.

  • Markus Down

    10/24/2017 11:43 PM

    People might try to tell you that THIS is a Journalist.
    They might scream Journalist, journalist, journalist, over and over again. They might put JOURNALIST in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a journalist. But it’s not. THIS is a joke.”

  • Cathie Zeien

    10/24/2017 06:44 PM

    Hi Mike! Maddow is no journalist -- she's a TV personality who is in it solely for ratings and fame. She is a true nut cake and I seriously wonder about the sanity of anyone who listens to the baloney she spews. MSM (except sometimes FOX) has been totally gone from my sight and hearing for years. Thanks, Mike, I love reading your newsletters!

  • Tricia Kennemer

    10/23/2017 06:52 PM

    What a strange state of affairs.
    Even if she was a journalist she would be a terrible one at best.
    How do these people get and keep their jobs? I miss journalism. It died without ceremony years ago.

  • Don Smith

    10/23/2017 06:33 PM

    Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow should try to convince "Mad Dog" Mattis that Niger is Trump's Bengazi - he would shred her "theory" like toilet paper.

  • Sue White

    10/23/2017 06:00 PM

    I watched her program once during the campaign, I wasn't impressed. Actually I can't figure out what makes MSM tick. You used to be able to respect that guy on the 6 o'clock news, now it's actually a mine field because it feels like I live in two different countries. Soros must own them all, it's been a long time human trait to sell your soul.

  • Len Carroll

    10/23/2017 05:07 PM

    Regarding the Gold Star
    There is no happenstance when there was 24 hours notice of an incoming call from the president, it was by invitation of which she accepted. Everyone that was there at time of the call was there by design. Who among us would ever put a phone call on speaker without letting the other end know they are on speaker and who is there to hear? I sure don't, it's rude, ill mannered and sneaky to say the least.. Especially if it's the President of the United States !!!
    It grieves me to think that everyone within earshot of that conversation was party to and used by Rep Wilson staging an ambush for her own political desires. My question is whom invited whom to be there at the time? Did Rep Wilson call and ask to be there, did the widow call her or did the grieving mother-in-law call Wilson? And grieving widow without an agenda would have either excused herself from her company to take a call from the President or informed the President where she was and whom she was with and asked if she could put him on speaker phone.

  • David King

    10/23/2017 04:34 PM

    Liberals are the biggest bunch of whiners. Are we going to have to listen to this “Hillary lost” pity party until the next election?

  • Jeanne C Orrison

    10/23/2017 03:28 PM

    I know you believe the Bible, and in 2 Chron. 7:14 God said "If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves. and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." I pray that someone like you with such a strong voice for not only Americans, but for God, would call God's people to do as God requests, so that God would honor His promise and we would see a healed America. In other words, it's not up to the Liberals, the Democrats, the Conservatives, the Republicans, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the President, et al, but it is up to the people of God. It is a spiritual war, not a political one. Instead of reading about the problems, and arguing about how bad it is, and criticizing and blaming one another, it's time to honor the God of the Bible, and see American turn back to the God this country was founded on. Mr. Huckaby, I'd like to see a 2 Chron. 7:14 movement led by you.

  • Marina Gurvich

    10/23/2017 03:17 PM

    I am 86 and 44 years of my life i lived ln USSR . Democratic Party today is communist- fascist party,there not much different. Very unfortunate brain wash ,illiterate in history American/part of them at least/ don't understand it, of coarse many of them didn't born in this country and need money

  • Chris Kane

    10/23/2017 03:07 PM

    Spot on as usual sir. How are people like her able to spew lie after lie without any consequences?

  • Chris Kane

    10/23/2017 03:06 PM

    Spot on as usual sir. How are people like her able to spew lie after lie without any consequences?

  • Susan Crabtree

    10/23/2017 02:41 PM

    Most of us out here in the real world understand what's going on with the Liberals, Media and the weak support of our Republican party. I wish some of our Congressmen and women would stand up for Trump, come to the microphone and speak to Americans.

  • Patricia Davidson

    10/23/2017 02:25 PM

    saying maddow is a journalist is like claiming a coconut is a anybody can sit there and listen to her BS (considerable step above nonsense) is astronomically can a mind be twisted to such extremes?

  • Rhonda Bennett

    10/23/2017 01:58 PM

    Journalism has reached an all time low. Rachel Maddow is a prime example of what's wrong in conscious.
    Our children deserve so much better than what they will be left with if something doesn't change and change fast. Lord hear our prayers??

  • Kevin

    10/23/2017 12:54 PM

    We are truly living in the Age of Absurdity thanks to liberals and democrats everywhere