Jimmy Kimmel is misinformed

October 5, 2017

I can certainly understand why late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel would feel deeply about health care policy and the Las Vegas shooting. Vegas is his hometown, and his own baby son has a life-threatening medical condition. So viewers tend to cut him a lot of slack, and we should all be praying for his child’s health just as we are for the shooting victims.

But if he’s intent on following Stephen Colbert in turning his comedy show into a nightly one-sided political diatribe, then eventually, the other side will start hitting back with facts. It was unfair for him to attack Republican efforts to replace Obamacare with misleading talking points straight from Chuck Schumer (and does he really think that leaving Obamacare in place will guarantee all Americans affordable, quality health care?) But it was simply unconscionable to attack Sen. Bill Cassidy as a lying, uncaring tool of the insurance industry. Dr. Cassidy has devoted much of his life to trying to provide health care to the poor, including starting and working in a free clinic, co-founding a free vaccination program for kids, and running a free clinic for Hurricane Katrina victims out of an abandoned Kmart. I think he’d earned the benefit of the doubt and the right to a fair hearing to defend his plan.

The deference to Kimmel’s feelings may finally have worn thin following his anti-NRA, pro-gun control “monologue” on Tuesday. Feelings should be respected, especially in times of intense grief, but they shouldn’t be allowed to substitute for facts when crafting public policy, as Daniel Payne at the Federalist makes clear at the link in refuting the many misleading and outright false claims that Kimmel made.

I would hope that Jimmy Kimmel would read this article not as an attack but as necessary information that he obviously isn’t getting from his current sources and as a cautionary tale against abusing your entertainment platform to advocate for government policy. Having spent much of my life in politics, I can tell him that before sticking your neck out, you’d better do your research. And develop a really tough neck.



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  • Maryanne Kelly Hand

    10/06/2017 07:55 PM

    Yes, I agree that we are praying for his child, as well as all the victims of Las Vegas. However, he keeps speaking about things he is definitely ignorant in. That is the problem. Ignorance. They don't bother to find out about the facts and they don't care.
    As far as being a comedian. He is not.
    Bashing and whining and staring incorrect facts is not a comedy show. They are all grasping for they have no decent repertoire. They need to am study the greats. They teased all without crossing the line. And many of which we never knew theur political ofiliation. Now that is great work.
    I am sick of this constant bashing of our President and this family. It's sickening, immature and down right mean.
    They deserve no show and no respect
    Maryanne Kelly Hand

  • Mary Wyatt

    10/06/2017 11:37 AM

    I don't know what he is talking about in regards to the baby having a pre existing condition, because Jimmy works for a large corporation, and preexisting condition who only applied to a small company, even before the Affordable Care Act. Also when I did Medicaid in NY hospitals babies born with a severe illness, we would do a carve out of the family finances and only the sick child would receive Medicaid, because a child born with a severe illness could wipe out the families insurance plan, all insurance plans have a financial limit. I also worked for an Insurance company for eight years. I did Medicaid in the hospital for over ten years, I also coded medical charts in the hospital for over ten years. So, I didn't understand his rant about preexisting condition.

  • Don Smith

    10/06/2017 10:37 AM

    There is way to much misinformation being floated by the left-leaning media. Unfortunately, even somewhat intelligent people take it as gospel. That is very sad, as is Mr. Kimmel. He is not funny and never has been. Johnny Carson is probably spinning in his grave! Jimmy is actually contributing to the hate sweeping the left-wing in America. He and the other haters in the media and entertainment world actually have blood on their hands since their diatribes most likely help inspire left-wing shooters. I wouldn't want that on my conscience, but they apparently are willing to live with it?

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    10/06/2017 09:54 AM

    I will not watch Jimmy K. He is suppose to be an entertainer not a political commentator. I find him offensive. He will lose a lot of viewers; he, of course, is pandering to the far left. After all, they are the ones who gave him his job.

  • Michael Egbert

    10/06/2017 09:48 AM

    Its a sad state of affairs when the media and general public regard these so-called "celebrities" as authorities whose opinions and thoughts and wisdom come straight from God. Take for example Miley Cyrus and her "crying for Hillary", come on, she really has no clue what a nightmare we'd be having right now if that woman had been elected...and we are to consider Miley's opinions as "scholarly"? Absurd....