September 26, 2022

If you’ve canceled plans for a Disney vacation recently, you’re not alone, but Disney’s alienation of loyal customers and steep stock price drop aren’t entirely because of its deep dive into leftwing politics and LGBTQ propagandizing of children. The Daily Mail reports that there’s a growing backlash among longtime Disney fans, who complain that the prices for parks like Walt Disney World are going through the roof, while quality has slipped in a way that would have infuriated Walt Disney.

Visitors are complaining about exorbitant prices, up over 3,000% since Disney World opened 50 years ago. Fox News reports that five days in the parks with lodging cost a family of four nearly $8500, not including airfare. Visitors say that after paying all that money, they’ve encountered broken rides, long waiting lines, malfunctioning robot characters, reduced amenities, trash, dirt and peeling paint. It used to be said that when Walt ran the parks, if you dropped any litter, it would be swept up within seconds of hitting the ground. One viral video claims to show guests stuck for over an hour on the “It’s a Small World” ride, which I think qualifies as torture under the Geneva Convention.

Disney fans claim that thanks to diehard Disney loyalists who’ll put up with anything, current management doesn’t care if attendance drops because prices are so high, they’re making bigger profits while serving fewer guests. I can’t imagine that’s a sustainable business model. If I wanted to pay an arm and a leg to visit a filthy place full of sexual deviants and large rodents, I’d go to New York City.

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  • Bob`

    09/26/2022 07:37 PM

    Can't stand the place anymore. They've sure abandoned their base.

  • Paul Diehl

    09/26/2022 01:11 PM

    What happened to emails. I am a paid subscriber and am not receiving?