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March 6, 2023



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11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

FAA Nominee stumbles over aviation questions

At his Senate confirmation hearing to be the new head of the Federal Aviation Administration, Biden appointee Phil Washington was asked seven questions about aviation that an FAA chief should know. He not only couldn’t answer any of them, he appeared unfamiliar with even the concepts behind them.

Granted, some were the type of questions you’d have to be a pilot or other aviation expert to know, but still…doesn’t running the FAA require an aviation expert?

Just to show that not everyone would have to rush to Google to come up with at least some kind of coherent answers, the writer Bonchie, who is also a pilot and flight instructor, took a crack at answering them off the top of his head and did a whole lot better than Washington. Say, maybe he could take the job and earn the double title of “FAA Director” and “First Competent Biden Appointee.”

Mental Competence Tests

Forget Nikki Haley's call for politicians over 75 to have to take mental competence tests. At least two former White House physicians are demanding that President Biden take one, but Jill Biden responded that the mental competence test idea is “ridiculous” and “We would never even discuss something like that.”

And we should accept her opinion because, unlike those two former White House physicians, Jill Biden is a REAL doctor.

Still, she does have a point: it would be ridiculous to make Joe take a mental competence test because he’d only be taking it if he were running for reelection, and that whole idea is ridiculous.

Remember Nina?

You might have hoped we’d heard the last of Nina Jankowicz, the singing “Mary Poppins” fan who was going to head up Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board” before the cleansing disinfectant of daylight forced it, well, if not into oblivion, at least into hiding for the moment. But now, she’s back with a GoFundMe page to try to raise $100,000 to sue Fox News for allegedly telling “malicious, reckless lies about me.”

Thus far, the fundraising doesn’t appear to be going that well, nor is the reaction on social media. Possibly because it’s hard to claim you were slandered when a news outlet said you wanted to shut news outlets down for saying things you didn’t like, so you want to sue them and shut them down for saying things you didn’t like.

Define Equity, Please

Whether forced by Republican Governors or prodded by customers and shareholders, some companies and colleges are finally starting to turn away from the innocuous-sounding but toxic “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” movement. And many Americans are finally realizing how they’ve been hornswoggled with the world’s greatest bait-and-switch scam: convincing them that the word “equity” (meaning Soviet-style top-down enforced equality of outcomes) is the same thing as “equality” (the basic American value that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.)

You know the tide is starting to turn when even the loopy great-uncle of American socialism, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is either unwilling or unable to define what “equity” is when he’s put on the spot and he endorses “equality” instead.


Yesterday’s Trend: Forcing everyone in New York City to wear a mask, even when walking alone in Central Park.

New Trend: The NYPD urging businesses to make removing face masks a condition of entry because too many people are coming in wearing masks and then robbing the stores.

Wow, who could’ve seen THAT coming?!


Update: Nicole Gelinas of the New York Post explains why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attending the Met Gala (in her borrowed “Tax The Rich” designer gown) has drawn the scrutiny of the House Ethics Committee and was not simply, as AOC claims, a typical example of an elected official supporting a local cultural institution.

According to Ms. Gelinas. AOC really wanted two $35,000 apiece tickets comped for her and her boyfriend, and she and a campaign staffer prodded Vogue editor Anna Wintour to invite her as guests. Ordinarily, they don’t invite politicians, and the Met isn’t even in AOC’s district. Plus, AOC’s anti-corruption lawyer had warned her staff that she could accept a ticket from the Met, but not from Vogue, which is owned by a big media company that has interests overseen by Congress. Plus, when reporters started asking whether AOC was a guest of Vogue or Wintour personally, internal emails suggest that Vogue staffers were frantically trying to find a way to obscure Vogue’s role.

Finally, while AOC claims she paid or repaid all the expenses, she didn’t do that for months until it threatened to become a scandal. Even then, she lowballed some of them, for instance, having her campaign staffers talk the gown designer down from a $1300 rental fee to $300. As Ms.Gelinas points out about our fashionista socialist champion of working people, “That’s how much AOC values weeks worth of labor.”

At least, AOC did get what she wished for: she not only attended the Met Gala, she also made herself very taxing to a lot of rich people.

We’ll need a lot more than committee hearings to fight this evil

This week, the House Subcommittees on COVID and the Weaponization of Government will both be holding hearings. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, spoke with FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and spoke on both issues, but mostly what I want to get into today is their investigation into the weaponization of government. When asked by Maria about their upcoming “TwitterFiles” hearing, Jordan gave a preview: “We’re gonna have two journalists, Matt Taibbi and Mr. [Michael] Shellenberger are gonna come in, and talk about what they’ve seen. And, understand, Elon Musk made available what he described as a ‘crime scene,’ where you could talk about how government was pressuring the Big Tech companies to prime and prep them and shape the narrative, and that’s exactly what they did.”

The best example, he suggested, was the Hunter Biden laptop story, right before the 2020 presidential election. As you know, Yoel Roth, a top executive at Twitter, has said in a sworn declaration that he had weekly meetings with ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence), FBI and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). He swore that in those meetings, he had been told there would likely be a “hack-and-dump” operation involving Hunter Biden in October 2020. Miranda Devine’s laptop story came out on October 14. The big question is, how did the FBI know all this? The time, the method and the person? Well, for one thing, they’d secretly had the laptop in their possession since late 2019. We would add they must have been surveilling Devine and/or others connected with the story as she was writing it. Perhaps they even had a mole inside the POST.

And if government agencies were doing this at Twitter, you know they were doing it with other media and social media as well. They had to cover all their bases.

It was just five days after the laptop story broke that we saw the letter with 51 signatures of former intel officials saying the laptop had all the “classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation. Wow, that was a snap conclusion. The FBI KNEW it was real, and they must have known what was on it, too, yet they let that letter stand without comment. In other words, they were in on the deception.

Rep. Jordan pointed out that while his Judiciary Committee is looking at the deception regarding the laptop story and the suppression of free speech to influence the 2020 election, Rep. James Comer’s Oversight Committee is looking at the Bidens’ money trail to China. It all ties together.

Remember, this isn’t the only time the FBI has interfered with an election. In 2016, they had a huge role in perpetrating the Russia Hoax. And just a few months before the 2022 midterm election, they raided President Trump’s home and tried to criminalize a classified document issue, when Biden had one of his own before that election that they hid from voters.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was questioned last week about these issues, and his answers were embarrassingly inadequate. Also, he has continued to avoid appointing a special counsel to investigate Biden family business interests, when it would seem to be the only way to avoid a conflict of interest. Jordan wants to know WHY there hasn’t been a decision to appoint one.

Predictably, these committees are being stonewalled. They laid the groundwork by sending lots of letters, but just to get the information they need, “I think we’ve probably sent more subpoenas than, maybe, the rest of Congress combined thus far,” Jordan told Bartiromo,

Once the facts are on the table, Jordan said, they can propose legislation and also use the appropriations process to change their behavior. We would mention that the State Department gave $100,000 to a Soros-funded group working to suppress what they deemed to be “disinformation.” The FBI paid $3.5 million to Twitter for responding to their many requests to do the same. So, cut the purse strings! Dry up the money that can be spent on this unconstitutional garbage.

Jordan said there are “a couple dozen” whistleblowers on these issues, and three of them are going public in transcribed interviews and will appear in the hearings this week.

But while House committees are doing this work, the Biden administration is determined to steamroll any attempts at shackling the surveillance state. On March 2, they officially announced that their control of the internet is now officially a part of the national security apparatus. It’s called the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Oh, but don’t worry --- it’s wonderful! It’s designed “to secure the full benefits of a safe and secure digital ecosystem for all Americans.” Who could be against that? “In this decisive decade,” it reads, “the United States will reimagine cyberspace as a tool to achieve our goals in a way that reflects our values: economic security and prosperity, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, trust in our democracy and democratic institutions, and an equitable and diverse society.” This will require “fundamental shifts” in how we “allocate roles, responsibilities and resources in cyberspace.”

Read this and be afraid, be very afraid. As Sundance at CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE says, “I simply cannot emphasize enough how dangerous this is, and the unspoken motive behind it; however, to the latter, you are part of a small select group who are capable of understanding what is in this announcement without me spelling it out.”

He warns that we’re being distracted by all these “shiny things surfacing from the Twitter Files” while the government continues the effort started under the Obama administration to cement its control. The new national security institutions hurriedly put in place after 9/11 were seen as an opportunity by Obama and his AG Eric Holder “to create a very specific national security apparatus: a domestic surveillance state. However, this new construct would have a targeting mechanism based on political ideology.”

And that’s precisely what we see now from the DOJ. This, Sundance says, is the Fourth Branch of Government, consisting of DHS, ODNI, FBI and DOJ. And he warns that the oversight or “check/balance” in our system of government has become “functionally obsolescent.”

This is a long and detailed but MUST-READ article about the history of this “Intelligence Branch” and how it operates now. Sad to say, it’ll make you wonder how congressional oversight hearings are ever going to make much difference. As Sundance says, “Many people say that Congress is the solution to eliminating the Fourth and superseding Branch of Government, the Intelligence Branch. This is an exercise in futility because the Legislative Branch, specifically the SSCI [Senate Select Committee on Intelligence] cannot put the genie they created back in the bottle without admitting they, too, are corrupt; and the background story of their corruption is way too intense to be exposed now.”

Note: Regarding corruption within the SSCI, he’s talking about Democrats and Republicans alike.

His conclusions echo things we’ve said here: that this is really Obama’s third term, with Lisa Monaco unofficially running the DOJ, Victoria Nuland running the State Department, and Avril Haines running the Intel Community. Others still there from Obama’s team include Samantha Power and Mary McCord.

“The Obama network took pre-assembled intelligence weapons (we should never have allowed to be created) and turned those [agency] weapons into political tools for his radical and fundamental change,” he says. “The target was the essential fabric of our nation.”

“Not a single person in power will openly say what has taken place,” Sundance writes. “They are scared of the Fourth Branch.” And the preservation of this system is what the targeting of Trump was all about. It’s going to take someone with the strength and awe-inspiring resilience of Trump to knock it down.



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  • Jerry

    03/07/2023 10:01 AM

    The decline of America was instituted by Obama and was to continue with Clinton of course Trump stoped all of that ;by the second year of Trump's success story the Deep State got to work to get the country to the condition it is in today. The American national phrase today we Have to stop this or that so this never happens again is spilled day after day with the a new disaster occurring every day. Joe Biden has always been a misfit today he is just unfit no question about that. The Deep State had made Obama he is no genus just a guy with a teleprompter saying what was written for him biden the clown portion of the Deep State is just a person full of Greed and disregard for America. Fauci Maxine Waters Cry Baby Schumer and all of the clown show actors Durban Booker Klobaucar and that little Chet from the Weird Science Jerry Nadler all members of the misfit club has made America what it is today. Americans if the elections are for real we better stop electing the clown show actors America has become the laughing show of the planet even the illegals are not happy with what they found here in America. They have been fooled by the Administration today and the list of incompetent clowns laughing at every tax payer today shinny shoes $300 suits and private airlines and the best of restaurants best medical attention huge pensions and all the corruption corporations and countries can throw at them. Are these clowns making Americans Laugh???????????

  • Gwyn Guess

    03/07/2023 02:03 AM

    Mike, good ending to your article. It's not about 'bragging' to say that I knew intuitively and logically what was going on with Biden/Obama. It was also just common sense. The fake POTUS was VP under the Criminal Obama. Even with the background channels talking about "Q" and "White Hats," which may or may not be true. . . nevertheless, even if were true, our parties are both responsible -- the Bushes, Obama, and both parties' legislators.
    Another thing of Massive importance : Why do few people bring up the fact that the District of Colombia is a separate governmental entity within the United Stages of America? We are and have been the Vassal entity of D.C. which has allegiance to the British Crown, the Vatican, and lastly, to the Federal Reserve Cabal. That happened in 1871 when the states had to borrow from the British Crown for money to pay Civil war debts so as to avoid a chaotic bankrupt young country. Look at every court room you go to: Tassles on the flags in the corner indicate Britain maritime law, Not Common Law which was forfeited. There is so much more to this story, but do some research and you will see. Many people at the huge new Freedom events will teach a lot of this.