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January 5, 2023

Two years after deliberately causing the worst illegal immigration crisis in history, President Biden announced that he finally intends to visit the border this month.

How bad is the Biden border crisis? According to the government’s own reported figures, in 2022, 2,38 million illegal entrants were arrested trying to cross the border. A little over a million were turned back due to Title 42, which Biden is fighting like crazy to do away with. Another 1.3 million were processed and most of them released into the US to go wherever they want. The number removed, mostly for having criminal records: about 28,000. The number removed for violating our immigration laws: only about 1,300. Those would be the immigration laws that Biden took a sworn oath to enforce. Sounds like more of an impeachable offense than anything they ever came up with on Trump.

Colorado is so overwhelmed with illegal immigrants that even the state’s liberal Democrat Governor is defending busing some of them to New York.

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