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June 27, 2024

Biden is not only losing support among women and minorities, but also among one of their most reliable voting blocs: young voters whose brains haven’t fully matured and who haven’t gone out into the real world and started paying taxes yet.

Thanks to Democrat policies, young Americans are learning at an early age the high costs and harsh intrusions of big government. They’ve been terrorized by public schools into thinking the world is ending due to climate change or that evil fascist Republicans are coming to get them, and the only solution is to give up their freedom and hand over power and control to Democrats. 

But a lot of them are starting to wake up to how badly they’ve been played – particularly the ones who get out of college with heavy debt and a useless degree and find that due to inflation and other deleterious effects of Biden policies, they can’t even afford an apartment, much less a house.  (According to the real estate company Redfin, 61% of renters can’t afford the median rate for a US apartment in a major city, and would need to earn an average of over $11,000 a year more.)

Here are a couple of young voters explaining how they realized they’d been brainwashed by leftist propaganda and will not vote for Biden. Just two of the issues they cite are open borders and cashless bail making their cities unsafe.

Finally, I’ll add this interview from last weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN with 17-year-old political commentator Brilyn Hollyhand. He’s written a book on how young Americans can restore American freedom, and he has some great thoughts on why youth are rejecting the left and turning more conservative. Hint: They got a choking dose of totalitarian big government during the pandemic, when their schools were shut down and they were ordered to wear masks, get shots and not even go outside, and they want no more of it.

I will add to this that if ever we had an “elite ruling class” that provided the youth of America with a perfect bad example of something incredibly awful to rebel against, it is now.

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