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June 27, 2024

The best part of the upcoming debate for President Biden is that he can’t wait to call former President Trump a convicted felon.

Never mind that Trump was railroaded in Manhattan in a case that even former Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted was entirely politically-based, and also that he can just as easily call Biden an unconvicted felon --- someone who’s simply been deemed too elderly and forgetful to stand trial in his own “classified documents” case (but not too elderly and forgetful to be President of the United States, ha).  The point of all this lawfare, and the timing of the various cases brought against Trump, has always been to tar Trump with the label "convicted felon” ahead of the 2024 election.  And now they have. 

The political origins of all this could not be clearer.  The DAILY CALLER has just reviewed Federal Elections Commission (FEC) records showing that the Democratic National Committee has sent millions of dollars to law firms involved in anti-Trump litigation.

“There is now clear and explosive evidence that the Biden DNC is paying Democrat law firms to engage in this unprecedented lawfare and election interference against President Trump,” said Mike Davis, a legal adviser to Trump and also founder and president of the Article III Project.

In April, when news broke that the DNC had been using donor money to pay President Biden’s legal bills during Robert Hur’s special counsel investigation of his mishandling of classified documents, DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd stated flatly that “the DNC does not spend a single penny of grassroots donors’ money on legal bills.”  Okay, let’s parse that.  Maybe it’s NOT money from grassroots donors that’s paying for Biden’s attorneys.  Maybe it’s money from George Soros and other billionaires.

Conspiracy theory?  Well, let’s start connecting those dots.

Recall that E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault and defamation civil suits were largely funded by a billionaire named Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn.  According to the DNC’s FEC filings, the DNC has paid close to $2 million since August 2021 to the law firm Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP for “legal services.”  Roberta A. Kaplan, founding partner of this firm, is the attorney who represented Carroll in her lawsuits against Trump.

Another partner in the firm, Joshua Matz, was on Kaplan’s team for the Carroll lawsuits and also took a leave of absence to serve as counsel for the Democrat House Judiciary Committee during the first Trump impeachment trial, the one over the bogus “whistleblower” claim about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.  Matz was even invited back to serve on the second impeachment trial.  Harvard Law’s TDS-afflicted Laurence Tribe, also a partner in the firm (!), describes Matz as “the backbone of the legal effort behind both impeachments.”  High praise indeed.

Get the picture?

Another firm that’s received millions of dollars from the DNC just since 2021 is Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, which has filed numerous amicus (“friend-of-the-court”) briefs in the case United States v. Donald Trump.  This is the case currently before the Supreme Court as we wait for their decision on criminal liability for official actions related to the 2020 election and January 6.  As the DAILY CALLER reports, several alumni from that firm have ended up with prestigious roles in the Biden administration, including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar.

With pre-trial motions being entertained this week by Florida Judge Aileen Cannon in Trump’s “classified documents” case, the partisan attacks on her are coming fast and furious.  In a new column, law professor Jonathan Turley calls it a “feeding frenzy” and a “press pile-on” --- “a torrent of media attacks on virtually every media platform.”

The same judge who was confirmed in 2020 in a bipartisan vote is now being demonized as a “partisan, petty prima donna”; “wacko, crazy, loony, nutty, ridiculous and outlandish”; and “a right-wing hack.”  Critics stress that she is a Trump appointee, even though many Trump appointees have ruled against him on election issues.  No, the problem they have with Judge Cannon is apparently that she’s NOT a left-wing partisan hack.

Turley notes that she was randomly selected while Judge Juan Merchan was hand-picked for the “falsified records” case by an administrative judge of the Manhattan court, in spite of huge conflicts of interest.  Merchan is a political donor to President Biden, and his daughter is, as Turley puts it, “a major Democratic operative.”

Turley offers a great defense of Cannon’s evenhandedness and points out that if she were to rule only in favor of the left, “she would certainly be the subject of glowing [“American dream”] stories of how she went from being born in Cali, Colombia, to joining the federal bench...”  We can’t say it better than he does, so please make this a must-read.

Turley has another great column, on “the New York legal wasteland,” inspired by Bragg’s corrupt case against Trump in Manhattan.  But he sees reason to hope that with this Supreme Court, “a glimpse of the legal landscape outside of Manhattan” is coming into view.  This is because of their decision in favor of Sylvia Gonzales in the case of Gonzales v. Trevino, out of Castle Hills, Texas.  Sylvia was clearly targeted for political reasons after being charged with “temporarily misplacing a document” (a petition she was getting signed at a public meeting).  Read the details of the case and you will see how obvious this was.

Like the case against Gonzales, “the Bragg case is raw political prosecution,” Turley says.  “No one seriously argues that Bragg would have brought this case against anyone other than Trump.  Indeed, his predecessor rejected the case.  Yet, people were literally dancing in the streets when I came out of the courthouse after the verdict against Trump.  In fact, the selectivity of the prosecutors was precisely why it was so thrilling to New Yorkers.”

It was an exhilarating exercise of pure power against someone they irrationally hated.

The Supreme Court decided another case this week that might come into play in the appeal of Trump’s Manhattan conviction.  In the case Erlinger v. United States, they said that a jury had to decide on a key issue unanimously, with the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.  “This is in contrast to how the Trump case was handled,” Turley says, in which jurors could disagree on key aspects of the crime yet still convict the defendant.”  Merchan told the jury they didn’t have to agree on a key underlying issue, virtually guaranteeing a conviction.

“As even CNN legal analyst Elie Honig observed, ‘this case of contorting the law for a selective prosecution would not have succeeded outside of an anti-Trump district.’”

Here’s a coincidence that illustrates just how incestuous the Democrat elite are, this time including the media.  It involves Dana Bash, who will be co-hosting this Thursday’s presidential debate between Trump and Biden.  Did you know she used to be married to Jeremy Bash, who would become Obama’s chief of staff at the CIA and the Department of Defense and was a senior advisor to Leon Panetta?

Jeremy Bash is currently a managing director at Hillary-connected consulting firm Beacon Global Strategies, which he founded with partners Andrew Shapiro and Democrat consultant Philippe Reines, who worked at the State Department under Hillary and can now sometimes be seen on FOX NEWS offering outlandish Democrat talking points.  Jeremy is also a national security analyst for NBC and MSNBC.

But the kicker:  Jeremy Bash is also one of the 51 signatories on the infamous “classic earmarks” letter discrediting the very real Hunter Biden laptop, just in time for the debate preceding the 2020 election.

Four years later, we’ve come full circle.  Dana Bash, former wife of Jeremy Bash, is now one of the CNN hosts who will try their best to ambush Trump this time.  (Note:  some pundits have erroneously suggested that Jeremy Bash is Dana Bash’s current husband.  They’re no longer married to each other, but we still find the coincidence telling.)

But at least the glaring partisanship of this debate set-up is obvious to most Americans.

Speaking of Hunter’s laptop and the “classic earmarks” letter, the House Judiciary GOP have released a report showing that at least two of those 51 “former” intel officials who signed it were actually on the CIA payroll at the time they were colluding with the Biden campaign.  Former CIA Inspector General David Buckley was one; former Deputy Directory Mike Morell (who organized the project, at the behest of future Secretary of State Antony Blinken) was the other.  And there may have been more.

Some CIA agents actually expressed concern about the politicization of their agency.  Details here...      

Listen to what Reps. Jim Jordan (Judiciary Committee) and Mike Turner (Intelligence Committee) had to say about this on HANNITY Tuesday night.  Jordan’s question:  So, what are they going to pull ahead of THIS election?

At least Congress is trying to do the job the DOJ won’t do.  Jordan has issued a recommendation that they hold Biden’s ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate and turn over subpoenaed documents and audio.  Zwonitzer could be in big trouble (later, in a GOP-led administration) for using, storing, and deleting classified documents.

Finally, just ahead of the debate, Judge Merchan has “partially lifted” his gag order on Trump.  Never mind that the trial is OVER and that even if it weren’t, the very idea of a gag order on President Trump is about the most unconstitutional thing we’ve seen in this country.

Merchan loosened it up somewhat, but President Trump still can’t talk about anyone on Bragg’s prosecution team --- even traveling Trump hit man Michael Colangelo --- until after sentencing (!) on July 11.  Significantly, he also can’t mention any family members of counsel.  Ah, that would include Merchan’s own daughter, who’s been raising money off this trial in her work as a political consultant for the likes of Adam Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC.  Merchan made sure he can’t talk about THAT.


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