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December 8, 2022

Late in the day Tuesday, we learned that new Twitter CEO Elon Musk had fired (“exited”) Twitter’s deputy general counsel –- and former FBI general counsel –- James Baker when it was revealed he’d been going through the documents Musk wanted handed over to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss and holding some back. Was that out of force of habit for this First Amendment trampler? As we commented yesterday, perhaps the most surprising aspect of this turn of events was not that Baker was fired from Twitter but that he’d still been working there. One would think Musk would’ve fired him on Day One, as he did Baker's immediate boss Vijaya Gadde, who’d been outspoken about suppressing so-called "disinformation."

“It would be interesting to know why Musk hadn’t quite gotten around to firing him yet,” we said Tuesday, suggesting that “surely there is a method to his madness.” Since then, some other observers have picked up on the same idea. Dan Bongino, speaking with guest Julie Kelly on his radio show Wednesday, wondered aloud why Musk had allowed a deep-stater like Baker, who likely was the kingpin at Twitter for the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, to remain there even one minute longer than necessary. Bongino speculated (I’m paraphrasing here) that in order to cleanly fire a slippery attorney like Baker, he first set Baker up with an opportunity to do what he does by “giving him enough rope to hang himself.” Letting Baker be in charge of releasing documents to Taibbi and Weiss, knowing full well he would try to “save” himself and his friends by holding back certain materials incriminating to the FBI, would be an act of sheer genius. If that’s what Musk did, Baker apparently played right along.

That’s just the sort of plan we’d been thinking Musk had. He didn’t get where he is by being naive, so let's assume he wouldn’t have let the fox be in charge of the henhouse unless it was a trap for the fox. No word yet on whether that’s what Musk was doing, but it does make the most sense of any scenario thus far. It’s comforting to know that in this battle for free speech, he’s probably at least two or three steps ahead of everybody else.

Even though Baker wasn’t officially working at the FBI when he went to work at Twitter, he was in effect an FBI plant or “mole.” That’s consistent with what we’re hearing about the activities of today’s Federal Bureau of Intimidation from, of all places, NEWSWEEK, in a piece called “FBI Ramps Up Spending to Fight MAGA Terrorism.” It reports that 70 percent of the FBI’s open domestic terrorism cases are now focused on “civil unrest” and anti-government activity. Extremism related to white supremacy, antisemitism, abortion, and anti-LGBTQ have been moved from “domestic terrorism” to “hate crime,” which lowers their priority in favor of the anti-government stuff.

The article doesn’t say this, but it seems obvious that the focus at today’s FBI is to crush dissent.

NEWSWEEK spoke with a “senior government source” who “was granted anonymity to speak about classified matters,” and that person says the FBI considers all acts of violence against the government with a political motive to be terrorism. The author of the piece, William M. Arkin, rightly observes that the way they’re now classifying events “inserts the FBI and counterterror investigators into the political life of the nation.”

It seems obvious that this is precisely the point. To the FBI and those who would weaponize them, this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. They WANT to be deeply embedded in our political life.

This has gotten much worse since January 6, the article reports. “Since then,” it says, “anti-government, ‘anti-authority’ and civil unrest cases have taken over as the number one threat, making up almost 90 percent of all investigations.” Anti-authority??  And this: “As the number of cases involving politics has expanded, the FBI has doubled the number of agents working on the subject.”

But then their source unloads a huge pile of bull droppings by saying, “It’s not because the FBI is partisan, but more because society...and Washington remains obsessed with January 6 and Donald Trump. I doesn’t matter whether the activity is left or right, anti-Biden or anti-Trump. That’s the pool of suspected terrorists. In other words, the focus now is on political terrorism.”

Yes, the focus is on political terrorism, but is this person actually trying to say it’s not about left or right, Republican or Democrat? Give me a break. They define who the “pool” of suspected terrorists is, and it’s MAGA. The intel community that was out to get Trump was vastly made up of partisan Democrat (and a few RINO) Hillary Clinton supporters. I could offer example after example. Just yesterday, we learned that FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, the operative who falsely warned Twitter in 2020 that the upcoming Hunter Biden’s laptop story was “Russian disinformation,” was a repeat Democrat donor. As recently as 2020, he donated to ActBlue, a left-wing PAC.

A “senior FBI official” tells NEWSWEEK that “The Bureau isn’t partisan per se, though it finds itself investigating mostly MAGA and related political activity as domestic terrorism. Right-wing-oriented domestic terrorists –- suspected terrorists –- account for more than 80 percent of all cases in the anti-government category.” Ah, but the Bureau is not partisan PER SE.

It seems far more likely that January 6 is being used as a pretext to infiltrate right-leaning political groups. It’s certainly become the foundation of the Democrats’ whole political strategy. As I’ve said, the Capitol Hill riot fit into their agenda so well that if it hadn’t happened, they would’ve had to make it happen. We’re still learning about the FBI’s role in THAT.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also has an increased focus on domestic terrorism: “While most of the homeland security agencies are focused on international (or foreign-inspired) terrorism, DHS is also the primary government agency charged with protecting ‘critical infrastructure’ including election systems, even those in private hands.”

Wait a minute –- election systems? Private hands? Is this a reference to Dominion and other electronic voting systems? We need to know more about this.

The FBI maintains that they investigate and prosecute criminal acts, not political beliefs or associations. But NEWSWEEK’s source told them that “people’s associations are, in practice, exactly what drives the FBI’s thinking and its approach for thwarting domestic terrorism.” Also, “its work is dominated by investigations of groups and networks.”

The most disturbing part of the article relates what their source said about the FBI looking at “networks” that aren’t necessarily the result of organized groups –- namely, family and friends. “A key part of post-January 6 investigative activities has been to look at these associates and to follow threads of family and friend connections (particularly on social media) to scout for links and co-conspirators, particularly as the FBI seeks to stop future terrorism.”

That’s how they justify this intrusion –- by saying it’s to prevent terrorist events from happening, as they have historically tried to do with international terrorism. But ironically (and the piece points this out), the increased scrutiny of Americans might actually increase the activities of those Americans who have grievances with the government.

This is a very interesting article about where we are now with the FBI. I come away with an even stronger feeling that the current FBI is beyond reform. It’s past time to scrap the Bureau and start over.

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  • Linda Foust

    12/14/2022 12:55 PM

    Gov, can you do a follow-up on a D Georgatos' story from 12.13.22 about Bill Barr helping Bari Weiss cull through the twitterfiles to see what should be released and who is being redacted and protected. There is more here than they are releasing.....why? Truth needs to be told and criminals need to be punished.
    Plus: D Georgatos would be a great guest on your show....awesome information. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for your time

  • Becky Tislow

    12/09/2022 10:55 AM

    Gov. Would you be able to re-post the timeline for the FBI's involvement in Russia-gate? A liberal friend wants to read it, but a glitch on my phone deleted all read emails. Thanks so much.

  • Judy Radley

    12/09/2022 03:21 AM

    I agree that we haven't heard much more about the gun attack on the power grid in NC, why would that be? Seems like another attack by the far-left woke idiots to ruin American tradition by radical and very illegal means. Could be the 'climate change' idiots like that Greta teen who has no clue what she is talking about, that others like her are attacking things that will hurt many people who depend on our energy to survive, i.e. hospitals, homes where electricity is necessary means for survival, etc., But people like that Greta rebellious teen idiot, only care about themselves and getting attention from the media to be some kind of 'superstar' or 'rock star celebrity idiots', like the Kardisians or whoever is the top Hollywood fake star, meaning fake looks, plastic surgery, side note, they say plastic is bad for the environment, but hundreds of Hollywood types use it to alter their aging looks, so it must not be that bad after all. Anyway, the whole Elon Musk takeover and purchasing of Twitter and what he is doing IS PURE GENIUS! He is a genius and you are right, he hasn't gotten to where he is by being ignorant nor naive, he is one of the very few billionaires who see reason in why Republican leadership is best for all people, and is not race based or income based, but helps all who want to help themselves become successful, and not ivy-league hand-outs, but one's own hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. But of course the Democrats don't like entrepreneurs because they prove what the govt. can't do, is use their brains and intelligent common sense to actually solve problems instead of creating crises that the Democrats like to milk for all its worth to keep people oppressed and victimized to think they cannot get themselves out of poverty or problematic circumstances unless the govt. does it for them. In other truthful words, the Democrats don't want people to figure out problems on their own, but only by using the Democrat-welfare scams to solve their circumstances for a short time, as in prior to elections, for purely political means to make the Democrats seem to be helpful, but they really are only using and exploiting a minority groups poor circumstances to make themselves feel and look better. It is all fake acting, like Hollywood loves to do. It is because of the Democrats that minority groups are in the poor situations they are stuck in, and the Democrats make sure they stay stuck there. The Democrats don't want to help them get out of their ruts, because then they won't need the Democrats abuse of govt. power and over reach to continue. I think the new campaign for the GOP going forward to 2024 is to show all that the Democrats are the ones keeping them in poverty, and dependent on govt. to get along in life. We need to look at who's campaign was the most successful amongst the voter's sense of who they want representing them, and to foil any attempt the Democrats can come up with to rigged future elections ever again. Not sure what that 'strikes the nerves' and 'makes people think' solution would be, but there is one some where that all people can relate to, even the 'wokesters' who like to cause chaos in traditional beliefs and values. Wokesters don't have values or traditions to cling to, as they don't care about traditional beliefs and values, only the money they can obtain from causing ruin amongst successful institutions that have lived on for centuries..... The 'wokesters' only want to tear down and not build up nor preserve anything. So how can we the GOP fight the Democrats against that disgusting mentality and prove to all, even the wokesters that the Democrats are not really on their side, but the GOP is, as long as they don't step over the boundaries of decency and replace it with decay of destruction. We should use and show the 'wokesters' what they truly should destroy that the Democrats value above everything else, and let the wokesters who were funded by the Democrats, use that same strategy back against the Democrats. Wouldn't that be a good way to show the Democrats that they too can be destroyed if they don't allow the will of the people to flourish and grow, that they too will be ruined by the Will of The People to rebel against the Democrats dictatorship and communist socialist control by over reach and abuse of power. It worked regarding the whole boosters, masks, stay-away, mandates....we just need to use that example and experience against what the Democrats are doing, rigging elections so their power never gets challenged nor removed by the Will of the People. We MUST figure out a way to remove them from power NOW, and the weak majority of the GOP in the House, won't do it in the next 2 years, but we must find a strong, fearless, but respected GOP candidate who will remove the Dems. from power, and to make sure the elections can never ever get rigged again, Elon Musk may have the solution as he is a genius, taking on the FBI and collusion by them and the social media, Big Tech, and journalists to dictate what Americans hear and see, not that Elon Musk would be the next good president, but a good problem-solver for the GOP and the young people who love technology, etc. Elon Musk already proves he knows how to undermine the Democrats suppression and oppression of free speech, right to freedom of thought, etc. I am also sure that many people who are against the CCP who live in China, but hate it, can also help America stop the over taking of govt. power by Marxist, communist, and socialist rule that the Democrats love! If we can beat the Democrats at their own game, and not allow them any more power to ruin what freedoms Americans still have to be taken away, then we will succeed in the future and it will help our kids and grand kids enjoy what we enjoyed when elections were fair and not corrupted by those who don't want a republic democracy, only a dictatorship and worse, like N. Korea, Somalia, Russia, CCP, Iran, et al. What would truly happen if all the public schools lost so many teachers, that they all had to close and home schooling nor any education, could take place? That would really stop the Democrats abusive power source. What if the traditional public education systems were replaced by an even better educational resource not funded by govt. at all? Apprenticeships and trades learning all have brought more successful common sense and education for young people learning a trade and politics would never come in to play as we still need people to know how to build things, and fix things that we depend on every day, not the govt. but actual mechanical and electrical and power-bringing equipment that every person needs to depend on to survive. The govt. could try and fund that, but they wouldn't get their 'minds full of mush' satisfaction from student who actually learned how to mechanically or electrically fix things. Even the industrial revolution helped limit the govt. power over people, as more people would be working and providing a life for themselves without govt. hand-outs, then the war hit by yet another enemy of America, the 'tree-huggers' and 'gloom and doomers that climate change will cause disastrous environmental climate change that will make all animals extinct, and we can't have animals extinct but only people extinct....i.e. as in abortions and suicides to further murder and kill for the benefit of 'less carbon footprints'..... Those radicals are not only haters of America, but haters of human beings and that means haters of God who created human beings..... uncivilized crazies who think it better to be 'married to an animal than another human'. Evil and sickness brought on by Satan's control of human nature now. Satan is in control over human nature, and those who resist it, are the ones who are victimized by the Satan-loving and God-hating humans. That is also another reason why the misery index is so high, I truly believe that Satan is the controlling power in D.C. now and will stay that way until we can overcome it with more power from God's power than what is there now. We need more Christian believers over everything else in D.C. now, and to make those who are corrupted by Satan's power with money and blood, i.e. abortions, murders, 'criminals are not criminals', all the things that are against the teachings in the Bible that God has written with his own hands for us, we need to bring back the lessons of the Bible to the capitol leadership of nations if we are ever going to be a decent society again. But we can 't control other nations beliefs, only our own nations' beliefs first, then spread it along to other nations. But we need God's counsel to be the primary source for all government body again, and we haven't had that since they took prayer out of schools, etc.

  • Rick B Newman

    12/08/2022 09:36 PM

    I reported this earlier. It would appear that Yahoo continues to push your newsletters into the spam folder. Not all of them just ones with most articles about someone watching over us.

  • Mark Hannah

    12/08/2022 07:13 PM

    As more of our everyday laws are unconstitutionally subsumed by the federal government, the number of people impacted grows exponentially which means that every decision made by out of touch bureaucrats will anger a greater number of people, increasing the likelihood of internal conflicts. This is a situation that will either result in absolute tyranny or rebellion unless the federal government admits to the destruction wrought to this nation by the misguided and repeatedly disproven ideologies pushed by progressive propaganda and relinquishes all of the powers they have illegally taken back to the States and the citizens of the United States of America.

  • Angel C Bulauitan

    12/08/2022 07:06 PM

    Joe Biden’s/ Obama’s FBI did not break “Rules” or “Policies” they broke Laws and they did not make “ Mistakes”, They committed “Crimes. New FBI motto. Remember when the FBI’s motto was “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity”? Apparently, its motto now is “Forgery, Perjury, No Accountability.”

  • ted shipman

    12/08/2022 05:17 PM

    W/U 100% - wish u were pres. - Been trying for a long time to get you to look into this book "greatest book ever written" IMHO that really enhances the Bible - , this book, longer than the Bible,but will give you the complete truth about how to live in God's great universe, run a gov., raise a family (main gift to the world peace) and so much more - most important book anyone can read. Ex. law enf. off. & Navy flyer - have faith in this info - pass it on to all wanting a better life. Instigated by Melchizedek (gen. 14) 100 yrs. ago. In the site look to the left & clk. on "read" to see 196 chapters - try 39 all about angels. Book will tell you , upon death all about how you will be transported to the "new frontier" as dad used to say & all about your new body , give it a try, you'll love it. call me if you can 850-587-3977 Pensacola, Fl.

  • Gary Baldwin

    12/08/2022 04:40 PM

    Very astute observation! I agree 100%. The revolution is proceeding very nicely from the left’s point of view. I believe this is the legacy of some of Obama’s nefarious Czars whose sole purpose was to undermine and destroy America.
    I read somewhere that Obama hoped to bring about the conditions suitable for the 12th Imam. His work is not going unrewarding.

  • Samuel R Kerr

    12/08/2022 03:10 PM

    Why as American's are we not fixing the FBI, as in get rid of it, defund it. I'm 88 years young, I cannot believe this is the Country I grew up in

  • rodney burke

    12/08/2022 02:36 PM

    Mike I think Bongino and you are right. Elon had a plan and Baker may vey very well have helped him implement it. As Dan said yesterday, we are in dangerous territory right no. The FBI needs to be disbanded nd those at the top, sent to GITMO. "domestic terrorism," Has the FBI abandoned the definition of a terrorist? or is it they have willingly taken on the task of quashing free speech? People we have a BIG problem and it needs a vicious solution. Time for nice guy is long past. The terrorist org IS the FBI. And it needs to be dealt with swift and harsh