July 23, 2020


July 23, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


“Free speech for me but not for thee” is the left’s motto, as proven by the school district in Walled Lake, Michigan. Local social studies teacher and baseball coach Justin Kucera tweeted, “I’m done being silent…Donald Trump is our President.” He says that because he stated that indisputable fact, Walled Lake High School gave him a choice of resigning or being fired. Apparently, stating facts now violates the job description of public school teachers.

Even parents and students who oppose Trump are upset. They say Kucera never brought politics into his classes, and he’s an extremely popular and well-liked teacher. But he failed to observe the cardinal rule of demonizing the President, which our taxpayer-funded schools are apparently allowed to enforce, and God only knows why. Reporters found two examples of other teachers at the same school who posted vicious anti-Trump comments on social media and faced no punishment at all.

School officials deny that he was fired for saying Trump is the President, but they offered no other explanation. Let’s hope they have their chance to explain during what I sincerely hope is a very large lawsuit.


Since Black Lives Matter has hijacked the legitimate protests over George Floyd’s death, it seems that turnabout is fair play. So a pro-life activist in Salt Lake City painted a “Baby Lives Matter” mural outside the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Naturally, leftists like a former aide to Elizabeth Warren are claiming this shows Trump (?) is a racist because co-opting the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to oppose abortion really means “White Babies’ Lives Matter.” Which may be the dumbest thing I’ve heard since I was told that Elizabeth Warren was a Native-American.

For the record, and this is something I’ve preached about many, many times: legalized abortion has represented a genocide against babies, but particularly black babies. In fact, I said it as recently as the July 8th newsletter, so I’ll just quote myself from two weeks ago to knock down that idiotic claim that opposing abortion just means protecting white babies:

“…79% of (Planned Parenthood) abortion clinics are located within walking distance of minority communities. Blacks are less than 13% of the US population, but black woman obtain about 36% of all abortions. They are five times more likely to get an abortion than white women. Each year in New York City, thousands more black babies are killed in abortion clinics than are born alive. 19 million black babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade, more than the number of deaths of blacks due to AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer, and heart disease combined. That makes abortion the leading cause of death among black people. If abortion hadn’t been legalized, the US black population would be 36% larger today.

So when Planned Parenthood piously tweets out its support of Black Lives Matter, it makes one almost wish there were a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy. If there is any large organization in America that genuinely targets black people for destruction, it’s Planned Parenthood, a group for whom black lives are literally disposable.”


The latest example of a large organization undermining its own mission (in this case, upholding standards of grammar) with embarrassing racial pandering is the announcement by the Associated Press that it will now capitalize the word “black” when it refers to people, but not “white.”

At this link is an excellent article by David Marcus at The Federalist, explaining why this is not only bad spelling, it’s condescending and racist. And not just in a “reverse racism” way against white people; it’s racist against black people.

The A.P. claims it’s doing this because “Most notably, people who are Black have strong historical and cultural commonalities, even if they are from different parts of the world…”

In short, Irish, German, English or Australian white people have distinct cultures, cuisines, languages, art forms and religions; but black people, whether they’re from Jamaica, Nigeria or New Orleans, are somehow all alike and can be lumped into a common culture. Once again, the wokest amongst us sound virtually indistinguishable from the rantings of a Klansman in 1954.

My own writers, having made their livings for years with words, are sticklers for spelling and grammar and would rather endure a severed artery than a comma splice. They steadfastly refuse to capitalize “black” or “white” for the simple reason that they are merely adjectives that denote color (or lack of it) and are not derived from proper nouns that identify specific places, such as “Indian” or “Asian.” However, when we use the term “African-American,” both words are always capitalized. Can you guess why?

I assume this means my writers will never leave me to work for the A.P., which they say is beyond fine with them. It’s a loss for the A.P, but just one of many reasons why you should keep reading this newsletter instead.


Not just “must-see,” but also “must watch again and share with everyone you know.”

We've been pointing out lately that the leftist wokesters have embraced segregation, racial condescension, judging and condemning people purely by their skin color and other noxious ideas that are indistinguishable from those of the most retrograde racists. It’s become so obvious that a couple of very brave comedians made a hilarious music video lampooning it. This is the kind of satire that we used to see from “SNL” and other late-night comedy shows before they decided to be nothing but boring mouthpieces for the Democratic Party.

In the comments, some of the wokesters are quite upset and triggered by it, since they have no sense of humor and zero self-awareness. They offer all kinds of four-dollar words from their anti-racism college classes to explain why these guys don’t get it, but that’s just an example of what comedian Brother Dave Gardner called “being ‘educated’ beyond your intelligence.”

The truth is, these two comics get it far more clearly than the people squawking about them do. Let’s hope this encourages other comics to get over their fear of the Twitter mobs and start once again doing their job: pointing out when our self-appointed emperors are strutting around naked.


I’m glad that an African-American writer, Prof. Walter Williams, finally corrected a piece of “fake history” that’s become such conventional wisdom on the left that it’s repeated constantly in the media and on social media. It’s the claim that the Confederates were “traitors” who committed “treason” by seceding from the Union. This is, as Williams makes clear, historical ignorance and just factually incorrect.

No matter how odious the cause of slavery was, it’s not racist to point out that it simply isn't true that at the time, secession was universally considered treasonous. Williams shows that this concept was debated as far back as the writing of the Constitution and rejected. Remember, these states had just fought a bloody revolution based on the premise in the Declaration of Independence that if a people felt their government wasn’t representing them, they had a God-given right to break free of it. Virginia, New York and Rhode Island likely would not have ratified the Constitution if it had included a ban on secession.

As Williams notes, the first secessionist movement actually started in Massachusetts, over Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase. Even on the brink of the Civil War in 1861, such Northern papers as the Detroit Free Press and the New York Times editorialized against forcing states to remain in the Union.

At the time, many Americans saw the US not as a nation with a strong, supreme federal government but as a coalition of states with a weak central government. To them, the idea of secession being treason would sound as odd as accusing Great Briton of treason for leaving the EU. Indeed, it took the Civil War to settle by arms the argument over state or federal supremacy.

Even today, Democrats (which the Confederates were) still apparently consider secession to be an example of situational ethics. When the South did it, it was “traitors committing treason!” But shortly after Trump was elected President, Democrats in California started circulating petitions to secede. Were they committing treason, or is it only treason when people they disagree with do it, like rural Republicans in California, Colorado or Oregon who are sick of dictatorial far-left rule and want to secede from their out-of-control, crime-ridden blue cities?


The federal government gave this guy $5 million to subject federal employees to “diversity training” that consists largely of browbeating, shaming and guilt-tripping white people into thinking that everything about them is intrinsically racist. So why are we paying taxes to promote racism?



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  • Ouita Smith

    09/07/2020 02:09 PM

    I love it!!!

  • Robert and Denise Annika Wright

    07/27/2020 06:21 PM

    In the article History Behind Succession there's a typo (oops, sorry)
    "accusing Great Briton of treason for leaving the EU..."
    It should be Great Britain.
    Briton noun
    1. a citizen or native of Great Britain.

  • Rob E

    07/25/2020 01:39 AM

    End of media article on JNS.....Very interesting....

    A media that exists to tweet articles about Trump’s terribleness and a story about an oppressed person whose plight proves the need to have open borders, no police and free everything is unreadable. Not just to conservatives, but to everyone who isn’t looking for a righteousness or rage fix in the morning.
    The media envisions its own transformation into public service nonprofits subsidized by dot-com tycoons and then eventually the benevolent socialist state that will pay its members to put out propaganda that nobody reads. This act of literary suicide for power and profit is its real legacy.
    The media has been killing cities and the country to buy a little more time for its existence. But it is becoming a zombie that is killing the basis for its own existence and then the very thing that it does.
    Members of the media began by killing their ethics and morals. They tossed away the truth as a value and a goal. They turned on their colleagues, incited mobs, celebrated violence and terror. And then they set out to destroy the organizations they worked for and the country that they live in.
    Their final act of political suicide will be to kill their own writing.

  • David Rogers

    07/24/2020 08:05 PM

    Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

    I weep for our nation

  • Basil Kopey

    07/24/2020 11:26 AM

    Mike, I agree with your comments about capitalizing "Black" but not "white". Unfortunately, the website of the outfit that you work with, Fox News, has started doing the same thing.


    07/24/2020 09:41 AM

    Love reading your Morning/Evening updates/articles.
    I was amused @ the particular article of the AP intending to use CAPS when writing the word "black" but NOT doing so when mentioning "white" people.
    However, my comment relates more to the use of "African American". The residents of the USA, are NOT "African" Americans. They are "NEGROES", a "term" which they embraced many years ago, as opposed to being called "colored"! I am fine with that, because, it makes SENSE. So, even though "they" no longer want to be called "colored", does that not make the "NAACP" no longer valid? The "NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of COLORED PEOPLE", if "they" are no longer "colored" then the "NAACP" is no longer valid!

  • Cathy Wentz

    07/23/2020 04:27 PM

    Always plenty of food for thought, Governor Huckabee. I must say that leftists like Sen. Warren, who promote Planned Parenthood, really are the personification of the word hypocrite. Why do they get upset about supposed 'white supremacy" when their idol PP founder Margaret Sanger described black people as weeds? Can you imagine the wailing if President Trump said something like that? He would have been run out of the White House. Yes, if it weren't for the Democrat party and Planned Parenthood there would be a lot more black people living. You provided some very important FACTS.

  • Jerry

    07/23/2020 04:08 PM

    Has our White Suburban educated women even thought about the Trojan Horse Sleepy Nitwitted Joe Biden what he will do to the Suburbs? Hey girls he wants to abolish them. Is it worth to sell your 500,000 dollar home to move 50 miles away from the suburbs or would it be in your interest to raise your family where you are and enjoy tax cuts pay raises and law and order, kids riding their bikes on the sidewalks, going to the markets without fear of being robbed or shot, grilling outside with family and friends with out gun fire aimed at you, educated women if you are debating which option if you chose Biden divorce your husband leave your children you are now considered unfit to live in the suburbs move to the city it might be cheaper there to live no police cost , schools that will turn children illiterate and the possibility of being beaten in school or murdered on its way home. If you chose that you have been educated by left wingers.

  • Joseph Orsini PhD

    07/23/2020 02:30 PM

    MAXINE WATERS, ET. AL, while setting up a fraudulent election process, is preparing for the Trump reaction to the fraud by claiming he is now plotting to "take over" after [supposedly] legitimately losing the election. ELECTION FRAUD must really be prepared for.

  • Marsha Barnett

    07/23/2020 01:47 PM

    White is actually all the colors combined. Not the “ absence” of color. Black is actually the absence of color.

  • Beverly thrasher

    07/23/2020 12:52 PM

    What happened to freedom of speech Does that only pertain to the democratic party. Because those teachers can not voice there opinion and the teacher union and csea union can that's not fair. We get books from the union and they are always endorsing the democratic party in California. In that case AOC and the rest of the democrats that's suppose to work for we the people need to be fired. We the people needs to start standing up and fighting for our rights and start praying more for our country. These people who are suppose to work for us is ruining our states and country. So sad. Please pray and vote to replace these people. This past four years has been crazy. We have to stand behind our wonderful president.

  • Jerry

    07/23/2020 12:45 PM

    People should be terrified with Biden and Obama on the campaign trail the dimwitted Biden calls the President a Racist Obama a coward as the Russians call him could not call Isis Islamic Terrorist Islamic Terrorists but they can call our President Racist. Does anyone recall the JV team coming out of Iran called Isis chopping heads off on tv for Obama's viewing pleasure is this the type of people we want in the United States just remember when Obama farts he expects Biden to recite what Obama had for lunch. The two of them are corrupt and toxic only hateful regimes can love. Until Biden and Obama are defeated again then the love will stop NO one loves a traitor.

  • James Evart

    07/23/2020 12:17 PM

    Could it be that, for the same reason that the blue states did not use the federal field hospitals supplied them but insisted on seeding rest homes with virus infected surge patients that killed many, and these same states not accept federal troops to quell the rioting, malicious vandalism and murder under the cover of anti-racism while BLACK people die and our cities along with their civil order is destroyed... is the same? (Whew!)
    Could that reason for not easily accepting federal help is that it comes from the PRESIDENT and might make him look GOOOOOOOOOD during an election year!?

    President Trump, use the federal riot act sending in federal enforcement and KICK THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES! Many, many, many of you electorate feel exactly the same.

  • Christine Kerekffy

    07/23/2020 12:09 PM

    Why aren't the rioters who are destroying our cities be called what they really are; domestic terrorists? They show up late at night after the peaceful protestors go home and burn and destroy the city. This has got to stop.

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/23/2020 12:08 PM


  • April Shields

    07/23/2020 12:04 PM

    Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know how nice it is to have you share other incidences in your newsletter concerning individuals who have lost their jobs over their freedom of speech. My brother is going through the same thing and it's all over the news in Kentucky. He is suiting up for probably a year long battle to sue the Library and it's board over firing him from his Director position for his conservative views he expressed on facebook. The torment his wonderful family is going through is unbelievable. He is a good man who has done nothing but wonderful things for his small community and they are making him out to be a hate filled racist which is the furthest thing from the truth! The biggest thing he needs now is for some of the places he has applied for to interview him. They are willing to move their family wherever but all it takes is someone to google his name and they will get a whole slew of untruthful and mean news articles and comments. They face a big obstacle but do have faith that our God is bigger!

  • Janet Underwood

    07/23/2020 12:01 PM

    Did anyone besides me notice that the attacks on Trump and all things or people Republican escalated when it became evident that Biden, Obama and others were definitely involved in spying on Trump's campaign? The Lefties are fighting like wounded, rabid animals and, of course, the MSM, many of them wounded as well, is aiding and abetting the lies. I hope Trump goes full-on in unleashing the power of the Federal Government to stop the rioting and turmoil in the streets. What does he have to lose? No matter what he does or says, he's already being called a dictator, Nazi, incompetent, bad leader, etc. I notice that good things, like Operation Legend and the mother of that poor little boy expressing her support and appreciation for it goes unreported, except for Fox. The Dems definitely have a good network of haters and a way of getting out the gripe of the day to all of them. I'm sure many people have noticed that they are using manipulative, psychological techniques to try to brainwash the people -- having different people repeat the same lies (to make it seem like the lies must be true), gaslighting, even operatives all using the same verbiage.

    I think it's obvious that we are in a war right now. I also think it's obvious that the "silent majority" cannot afford to be silent any longer. I'm 72 years old and have had 2 open-heart surgeries plus a case of endocarditis that landed me in the ICU and on a ventilator for 6 months last year. I'm still learning how to walk, but by gum, I'm willilng, no, make that I'm EAGER to get out my walker and join a protest to protect our nation and our rights. Anyone with me?

  • Henry McCray

    07/23/2020 11:59 AM

    This is the Oath given to and accepted by the Mayor of Portland, Or. Very similar oaths taken by every major city Mayor and Governor in the United States! How can they be held accountable?

    "I , (name), do solemnly (affirm or swear) that I will support the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Oregon and the Charter of the City of Portland and its laws; I will faithfully, honestly and ethically perform my duties as (Mayor/Commissioner/City Auditor); I have no undisclosed financial interest in any business located in Portland or having contracts with the City; I hold no other office or position of profit; and I am not a member of any committee of any political party."

    Notice the priorities of the Oath- Federal first, State second and City third.

  • DON Crumbley

    07/23/2020 11:44 AM

    Gov: Your article on Succession, its historical significance and its background on the developing history of the USA, from the time that the Colonist began to consider succeeding from England's King George, to present day issues, is highly significant. It certainly "throws cold water" on the Government's current leftists, who persist on PC "traitor" rational, for "canceling" the names of current Army Bases and Navy Ships, after distinguished Confederacy Officers or Civil War Battles, as now being called for, by our "doing nothing of helpful significance for the Country" Congress.

  • Jerry korba

    07/23/2020 11:23 AM

    When officials of the school districts make decisions like the nimrod in Michigan made with the school teacher/baseball coach over the support of our president he should be terminated and a civil suit against him and the school district a message has to be sent loud and clear abuses like this can never be tolerated not sure who or what imbeciles allows this nitwit control over a school district no wonder these kids can’t read

  • Linda Wolfe

    07/23/2020 11:09 AM

    When baby lives start mattering to black men, the abortion of black babies will be greatly reduced.
    Lyndon Johnson is responsible for the break up of black families.

  • Bob Boynton

    07/23/2020 11:03 AM


  • Melinda Long

    07/23/2020 10:40 AM

    I am getting totally disgusted at how the American people are being lead around by the nose by all the politicians and media! Everyday I see Satan's work getting stronger and stronger..We MUST be praying for all and standing for what the Lord has for us to do!!

  • Jeanie Muegge

    07/23/2020 10:19 AM

    I know a lady who received an email from the upper management of her company telling her to take the Trump sign down at her home. Scary times when they can tell you what to do at your own home and get away with it.


    07/23/2020 10:07 AM

    This was the best newsletter to date. Conservatives better 'wake up' before the so-called "woke' people get their way from fear or complacency by those who disagree.